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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

First and foremost, congratulations on a great event, you obviously put a lot of work into it.

Melvisboy's Royal Rumble Feedback

The build-up at the start is pretty amazing, so giving us a little review of the build-up for the Raw and SmackDown Main Events. This was really useful for me as a first time reviewer of your work (though I did read one of your SmackDowns last week I think, before I came back) to help me understand a little of what had been happening in the main feuds on each brand. And while the opening commentary wasn't thrilling, nor was it the highlight of the show, obviously, it's still something that's integral to the heart of the show, and you did it excellently throughout the show - this opening commentary really hyped me up for the rest of the show, and I thought everyone was dead on in terms of how they would talk. Well done. It really added to the atmosphere, and you did it a lot better and with a lot more relevance that a lot of people do when they write their commentary in their shows. Wow, I talked a lot about something so small, haha, that's a compliment to your ability with the realism of your opening, I guess!

Cruiserweight Open = great stuff, I love the cruiserweight division, there's so much that can be done with them, cause there's lots of opportunity for great, high-flying matches. Again, the commentary here was really helpful to give an impression of what the match is going to be like. Anyway, my personal favourites are Jamie Noble and Super Crazy (hence why I brought them back in my BTB) so while I would like a win for them, I'm expecting Kid Kash to retain, then you'll have Juventud return and take it from him, I imagine. Ok, the match. Nice banners, btw. Nice to see Noble kick things off, showing his brawling prowess. I'm interested why everyone went straight for Kash though - just cause he's the Champion, or because no-one likes him after he beat up Juventud? Or some other reason? Doesn't matter that much, actually. I like the build-up of small moves with unsuccessful covers, then the more crazy stuff happens a bit later. Mexicools working together, nice, same with Kendrick and London, tag team partners stick together and stuff. Ah fantastic, first really good spot of the match, no surprises that Kash took advantage, it would've worked quite well as the finish I think, but obviously it's a bit early yet, nice thinking here, suits Kash's 'shit, I need to win this match and get the hell out of here' attitude he has in this match. I confess, I don't know what you mean by 'begging off', I'm guessing you mean he's begging for them not to attack him - blimey, he just gets wailed (spelling, :/) on here, classic 'crowd goes crazy' moment when everyone beats up the heel. Everyone suddenly turns on each other, not surprisingly. Loving Noble's reversal of the Sliced Bread, I can just imagine it happening, sounds lush. Nice combo of moves from Noble, he's been man of the match so far, dammit the man was so close. Blimey, lots of great moves, just adds to the excitement, still have a feeling Kash will steal it... there it is. Perfect that he'd steal the win from Juventud's friends, and I like how he leaves his title with the referee, so desperate is he to get the hell out of there. My favourite match so far... :P

Man, McMahon was good here - now that's an announcement, he really hates Shawn Michaels, then. He sounded like himself, especially in that last paragraph, when he kinda gets lost thinking about Wrestlemania, and how much it means to him. The challenge of eliminating Shawn Michaels makes the Rumble more exciting cause I want to find out who's gonna do it and get, essentially, a push. I doubt he'll win it, but I imagine he'll make it at least past the No. 20 participant. This promo was a really good way to hype up the Rumble later. Nice job.

Yeah, nice little promo, and while not overly necessary, it adds to the 'MICKIE YOU FREAK GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME FOR GOD'S SAKE' angle you're doing, at least that's what I gather. Correct me if I'm wrong. I imagine you'll turn Mickie heel (unless you're gonna surprise us all) and then there'll be a match for the title at Wrestlemania. So I'm predicting a Trish win. The match itself was actually very entertaining having read the whole of it, some good moves in there, particularly liking the sleeper hold moment, and I was impressed by the Spinebuster, I didn't know Trish did that kind of thing, but I like it, Divas need the credibility I think. The way Victoria stopped herself from hitting Mickie with the belt and the 'Mickie tells Victoria to put the gold down for some reason, yelling at her not to do it. Was she looking out for Trishís safety?' makes me think Mickie is a heel, I thought she was Trish's friend, so I don't understand why it would be strange that was looking out for her. OH! I (somehow) didn't see it coming, but Trish hitting Mickie is just screaming Wrestlemania. Hehe, you put Widow's Pear, oops. Victoria goes to win the match with her deadly fruit... haha that's so good. Anyway, back to the match. Good finish. After a great match between them, it's nice to see Trish finish it off so well. Mickie's not angry? Bet she is... If there's not a heel turn down the line, I will be very surprised.

Another 'Vince wants HBK out of the Rumble' promo. That's cool. You just keep hyping that Rumble, fine by me, you need to have some in-between promos cause there's no ad breaks. Triple H was really good here, I especially liked the 'I didnít actually see you there ...' 'Right, because I wasnít there. Go on ...' It was really good, very much the Game being all business, as was his thing about eliminating anyone who gets in his way. Good promo, length was fine too.

Ok, this should be a good match, despite Henry being in it, and he's not known for being entertaining, more just plain brutal, but Batista being there should make up for it, and I'm hoping for some good power moves. I would expect this start, the mind games and the strength contests. 'Batista absolutely peppers his face with some BIG right hands' I love this kind of language, much more entertaining than 'Batista punches Mark Henry a couple of times'. Thanks for that, you're making it interesting to read, rather than a chore, which it might be for some people. Actually, while I'm on the subject, this match has really highlighted how good your vocab is with this kind of thing, like 'caving in' and whatnot to give us a good impression of just how strong Henry is. Jesus, Henry is beating the hell of Tista here. Moving on a bit, that Spinebuster sounded beastly, nice one, I'm not surprised he kicked out, I'm still waiting for a Batista Bomb. ...World's Strongest Slam! This surprised me, come on, must be a Henry win... Ok, that surprised me more. Even more surprising is the DQ ending, which suggests you're gonna carry this forward to Mania. Brutal assault, ouch. Ok, this isn't over, then. Looking forward to next SmackDown. Good match, not amazing, but in terms of storytelling it was very good. A lot of the match belonged to Henry, which normally would be fine, but you did make the World Heavyweight Champion look a tad weak. Apart from that, it was good.

Wow, very meaningful promo - I like it. It highlights HBK's desire to win and whatnot, and he was spot on in how he spoke. Having not followed your BTB, I don't quite know about the whole Michaels vs McMahon angle, but obviously it's a pretty big thing, I see. This was the best promo so far, well done. I cannot wait for the Rumble.

Blimey, that match did its job - it annoyed the hell outta me. Not cause it was bad, it was great, the reason it pissed me off was cause Cena had that thing damn won! Well done, you got Edge and Lita over as heels perfectly, I was so nearly yelling at my screen for the pair of them being cheating scum, but I held back, cause, well, it's BTB. Great match, of course Edge was gonna win it, with Lita and the cheating and the fact that he just won it and whatnot. No offence... I'm getting kinda tired, I've been at this for ages, I'm gonna take a break, :P...

Ok, back, let's carry on. This Angle interview was pretty immense - it was emotional, it was intense, it had everything it needed to have to get across just how much Angle wants the WWE Championship. It was really good. Nothing more to say. Best promo of the night, beating the HBK one.

Now, the moment we have all been waiting for. Michaels is No. 1. Jordan is No. 2. Let's get underway, I'll just comment on stuff that needs commenting on, I'll try not to just narrate. Michaels only comes up against relative jobbers at first, takes them all out, Helms is a breath of fresh air, though I don't seem him lasting long, though he'll do better than HBK's first lot of opponents. It's good to see the number of participants rising without anyone leaving, just so there's more action. Finlay gets some credibility by kicking some ass with the shillelagh, which I love... Ah, that's why you let the numbers get up, so you could have Lashley unleash... Spearcity, as you called it. Nice. Rey with the traditional Rey elimination, of Tomko, whose held his own in this one, actually. Obviously, as soons as Kane arrives there's gonna be some eliminations, so naturally we see two in quick succession. Perfect heel antics from Kennedy, and hitting Mysterio of all people with the mic adds to their feud nicely. Hm, it's just occured to me that Helms is still in there... in for a nice push maybe? Anyway... wow, I was expecting Benoit to outlast Helms, shock me why don't you, plus by Masters as well... intriguing. RVD... woohoo! Man, I'm really getting into this match. Having RVD on a roll as he gets in is good, show that he's back on form. Wow, now I just went crazy. Kane AND the Big Show? Hell yeah. That was amazing, Lashley is on fire. Beautiful. As you said - fuck off, Goldust. Ooh, revenge for RVD, gets rid of 'Lito, I would guess there's gonna be a feud between them after this, even just a short 'you sidelined me, I'm gonna kick your ass' one. Same with Rey and Kennedy, feud to continue after this one with that elimination. Oh yeah, btw, Orton's RKO session was very good indeed. It reminded me that HBK's still in it, which I'd forgotten. Somebody attacked Angle? Looks like he won't be winning it. Oh man, talking of Helms having more guts than brains, it's Angle who's bleeding and still trying to take part in the Royal Rumble... Oh, I just realised that's exactly what Joey Styles then said, my bad. We're so alike, me and Stylesy. Mystery attacker? Angle did mock Cena before, but it wouldn't be him, he'd just endured 25 minutes of having Edge and Lita screw him over. Right, Angle kicks some ass despite being essentially half-dead, good to hear , and then more big guns come in, Flair, Taker - I think I can guess who's No. 30. Anyway, Taker beats the living crap out of everyone, unsurprisingly, and then eliminates JBL, (I did say I wouldn't narrate but I'm a liar :P) blimey, Helms, at No. 6, is still in it? Wow. I don't think he's made a single elimination, and on most occasions he's been totally dominated, but fair play, you obviously want to give him a push. No surprises on No. 30, and it looks like the Game is living up to his word... Helms gets planted... Out with Flair! Wow, Triple H gets rid of Flair, dunno if you're gonna go somewhere with that, but still it surprised me. Oh my god, the Shane bit was great, misses HBK, hits the Game, he goes out, that's so good, I love it. SHIT. Oh my god. HELMS? THAT'S why you were keeping him in? Jesus. Well, he really is getting a push. Wow. That's such a buzzkill, as you said. I'm gobsmacked. Flabbergasted. <insert shocked synonym here>. Wow. Ok, back to the match, goodbye RVD... shame, would have been nice to see him win, but now I know Helms is winning, so... :P Anyway - oh man. Great elimination. Mid-air RKO off the ropes, beautiful thinking to come up with that. Haven't seen Lashley in a while, he's kinda cooled down now, shame. Good fighting with Orton... oh that figures. Royal Rumble winner 2006 Gregory Helms eliminates the best man all night, Bobby Lashley. Blimey, bet no-one put Helms in the 'final four' predictions template, did they? :P Can't really pick out anything stunning in that long passage of action, but Angle gets rid of Helms... hm. Ok then. Angle has surprised me, considering he was attacked and whatnot. Still, he was many people's pick to win, and he needs to look good, even if he's not going to. I didn't expect Taker to win, so Orton eliminating him is fine. Wow. An epic passage of action here. Really amazing. And what an ending. That Ankle Lock was intense - even I felt sorry for Orton - and the writing really made me feel I was there. I applaud you. This was a really stunning match. Especially that last passage. Really great.

Overall, this event was quite something. It goes without saying that my favourite match was the Rumble, and this review has taken me ages, but you need to know that it was a fantastic read. Well done. Honestly. The Cruiserweight Open had some great spots, and a solid ending. The women's match featured some great action, and Mickie's involvement was priceless. I'm slightly disappointed with the ending to the World Heavyweight Championship match, on pay-per-view I was expecting a clean finish, but nonetheless it was a good match. I'm sorry I didn't say more about Cena/Edge, but it was very good regardless. The Rumble was the best, I couldn't have asked for more in that one. Really, really, well done. I was very impressed. Congrats on a great event.
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