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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Raw Review

Well first let me say thank you for reviewing my show, and like you have on the bottom of your sig, I am someone who does review for review because it is only right anyway lets kick things off shall we?

Cena/Orton/Swagger: Well I must say a typical in character promo from both Orton and Cena which is fine, because it was in character. I didn't realize you changed the Survivor Series results a bit, so whn Randy said he was all alone I was confused till I read your first post. Anyway I love the idea of Swagger getting in between Swagger. I always been very high on Swagger and truly think that he deserves this shot. Huge match announced by Shane, and with Kofi coming out and interfering with the attack on Cena and Swagger, I really think Swagger is going to win this.

Diva Match: I'm never a fan of the divas match but you wrote it very well. The one thing I really don't like is the fact that Maryse turns on her own team. I get she is supposed to be "egotistical" but I can't really see her charcter going that over the edge.

Orton/Rhodes/Dibiase backstage: Everyone in their threads is hinting at Legacy parting ways, and your no different but that is fine, because when you have Randy toss some huge disses at Legacy, Dibiase and Rhodes stand up for themselves. I thought both sides have very strong arguements, so I really liked this promo.

Noble Promo: I always loved Noble so yeah man this is awesome that you are giving him a new attitude and trying to help him become more than just a jobber. I really hope you use him well in this thread.

Miz/Bourne Backstage: Interesting that you picked Bourne and I like it as someone IRL plays a jobber of some sorts I really hope you don't have him job to Miz. Ii like the comebacks from Bourne with the six fingers then only holding on up to hold true. Bourne seems to have a new attitude just like Noble. Like it alot.

VIP Lounge/MVP v. Rhodes: VIP Lounge reminded me of what happen on Raw a few weeks ago on Raw. It pretty much was the same thing so that turned me off a bit but the match was fine, and I'm glad that after Legacy stood up to Orton, they do pick up a nice little win, to prove that yes they do have careers too.

Swagger Backstage: I'm starting to get weary with all these promos because there seems to be alot of them so far.... anyway this was another good promo, and I really think you are hyping Swagger well.

Miz/Bourne: You said the crowd erupted. I'm interested because that seems like a pop to me, meanwhile Carlito heading into Survivor Series while we didn't see him was a heel, but it seems you made a transition to face espcially with him interfering with the Miz match and screwing him out of the match. I'm surprised that Carlito has had a revival of some sort, but now it seems like all the focus is on Lito, when I really thought Bourne was going to get the nic push. Maybe Triple Threat possibly???

Chavo Promo: I like the idea, but all the homes, made me feel that Chavo was a bit gangster..... that was the only thing that bothered me, but I hope this means he gets some real competition.

DX Promo and Match: Promo was excellently reading, and up to this point you have really used the tag team division well, as there seems to be a bunch of contenders. When I saw in your preview DX against the Highlanders.... I knew this would kind of me a mini squash match however the attack by Legacy, and the World Strongest Team coming in really helped making this a good segment after a really meaning less match to me.

Sheamus Promo: Okay this promo I really didn't feel was necessary. It could be the fact that I have read like 6 promos/backstage things before it, but honestly I think you could of waited till next week to showcase this interview right before the match. It was a good promo, but I felt you could of really waited till next week to do this promo.

Main Event: Wow excellent main event. Swagger blocking the Punt..... really is a good feat, and it makes me think you have huge plans for Swagger. I also like Kofi having the top rope boom drop rather then it just coming from it bouncing off the ropes. Anyway it was a great main event, and now something different Swagger v. Cena.

Overall: Really good show, maybe a bit too many promos. I would of maybe cut out the Sheamus promo like I said and DX/Highlanders was a squash match really to me, but other than that I thought the show was really good. Maybe as a suggestion maybe put quick results at the end, so people can get a summary of what happened in case they forget. Anyway good first show man. 9/10

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