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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

It's no full-scale review, but damnit, it has to be said.

This was a highly-enjoyable show all-round, with great characterization and booking in general. In this one-show you've turned Jack Swagger into a credible main-eventer and thus set-up an awesome match in prospect, which is what I've been crying out for someone to do for too long. Raw is lacking main-eventers and you've now got one more on your hands to make things interesting. Swagger's promo and interview with Todd earlier were excellent and really captured the young-heelish character. The way he won was perfect as it helped the Orton and Cena's feuds come along nicely. I'm no fan of Kofi Kingston, and hopefully you have Orton decimate him, but you got him dead-on in how he went about his business.

More impressive though - you've done something that personally I'm marking for in bringing Jamie Noble back and giving him a meaningful feud. If only the WWE had done this before elevating him to the title-picture then it would be a hell of a lot better. I fully expect and hope for Shamus to come out on top from all of this, but it doesn't look like Noble will be what he referred to as 'lion food', which is good.

In other news you also managed to make the tag-title division interesting, and actually did a very smart thing by having both DX and MVP/Henry fight. I liked this as usually the WWE steers clear of face/face violence, so once again you've given me a welcome change. Bringing in The Highlanders is great for the division, as while I don't expect them to be front-runners in the tag-team title race, it's another team to keep the matches fresh.

What you did with Chavo was fantastic too, and it gives you the option of either having him as a serious-competitor or having him off of the show. I don't know what's going to happen, but I actually expect him to lose as there's really no one on the show who (kayfabe, at this moment in time) he looks like being able to beat.

If ever there was a way to kick-off a modern-day WWE project - this was really it. It didn't stray too far for the norm, but it laid down the foundations for gradual distancing from the product. My only concern is, like with most WWE projects, you'll get burnt out with writing Raw and Smackdown. Personally, I'd rather you only wrote Raw as you'd be posting shows more frequently and the product would become your own. While I'm at it I would like to praise your use of italics for emphasis in dialogue. As minor as it may seem, it goes a long, long way to making a promo.

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