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Re: D-K-L Presents: WWE 2009 - Time to Shine

WWE News and Notes

Following his victory over The Miz via count out in his tryout match on Raw, Shelton Benjamin is now an official member of the Raw Roster, becoming the first former ECW Star to find a new home after ECW was disbanded. It is expected that the team of Ezekiel Jackson and Vladamir Kozlov will get a tag team tryout match next week on Raw after William Regal arranged it with Vince McMahon, and it is also thought that Sheamus will get his Raw Tryout Match next week on Raw too. As for ECW Champion Christian, after he was given a not-so-warm welcome by Mr McMahon on Raw, it is now expected that he will go to Smackdown.

Former TNA Manager James Mitchell is expected to appear on Smackdown this week. Mitchell is going to be put with a former ECW Star with the hope of eventually helping him become a star, and it is thought that Mitchell will hype the wrestler’s return on Smackdown.

As for the other wrestlers that the WWE signed recently, most are expected to be kept off TV for at least another month or so. Angel Williams has a lot of support backstage but she is learning the WWE style again for now, while Bryan Danielson and Sonjay Dutt are being kept off TV until the company finds something for them. Umaga, however, is expected to return in a matter of weeks, and it is thought that he will be involved in the Survivor Series PPV, as Vince McMahon in particular is a big fan of his still.

Vince McMahon announced on Raw that the guest host idea will continue for the time being, but it will be WWE Legends only hosting the shows. Shane McMahon was announced as next week’s Guest Host and his sister Stephanie has also expressed an interest in hosting a show. The company has also contacted some former employees over the possibility of hosting a show such as JBL and Ric Flair, as well as current employees such as the injured Edge. It is not thought that the Guest Host idea will continue for longer than a couple of months however as there are plans to appoint a permanent General Manager soon.

Speaking of Edge, his recovery from an Achilles injury is going well and it is thought that he could return at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View. It was thought at one point that he wouldn’t even make Wrestlemania, however Edge has made it clear that his target is The Royal Rumble and he will make it.


WWE Superstars Results - Recap
October 29th 2009


Match 1
Jamie Noble vs. Jack Swagger

This was a surprisingly competitive match as Jamie Noble managed to get in quite a bit of offence in, including a close near fall following a leg lariat. However just days removed from Monday Night Raw – during which Jack Swagger was unsuccessful in becoming the new number one contender – The All-American American had a lot of frustration built up and soon took control of the match. Swagger ended up dominating the final stages of the match and punished Noble with a variety of moves before finally finishing him off with the Gutwrench Powerbomb for the win.
Winner: Jack Swagger


Todd Grisham then caught up with WWE Champion John Cena backstage, with the crowd immediately cheering loudly. Cena looked in high spirits as Grisham asked him how it felt to be on Superstars once again and what sort of a challenge he expects from Smackdown’s Dolph Ziggler later tonight. Cena replied by saying how happy he was to compete on Superstars this week, saying that he didn’t get a chance to wrestle on Raw this week. He then went on to say that he knows Dolph Ziggler and he has been impressed with him whenever he’s watched Smackdown, saying that he expects a tough challenge from the kid later tonight. Cena however says that he won back his WWE Title last Sunday and he feels better than ever, so Dolph Ziggler better be prepared for a battle later tonight.

Match 2
Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Drew McIntyre

This match was another lively encounter as Jimmy Wang Yang started the match off really well, catching the Scotsman with a number of high-flying moves. However once Drew McIntyre took control of the match following a vicious big boot, it was all downhill for Yang from there. McIntyre ended up toying with his opponent and used the opportunity to show what he’s all about by connecting with some dangerous moves, before finally picking up the victory with the deadly snap double-underhook DDT.
Winner: Drew McIntyre


Raw Rebound:
• Vince McMahon announcing that from now on WWE Legends only will host the show, starting with himself tonight before making an eight-man battle royal to determine John Cena’s opponent for Survivor Series
• Kofi Kingston picking up a huge win by defeating Randy Orton, after Randy Orton accidently collided with Ted DiBiase and knocked him off the apron
• Vince McMahon on the phone to Teddy Long and telling him that he’s got a lot to say to him on Smackdown this week. We then see the WWE Chairman making a “Loser is Fired Match” between Chavo Guerrero and Hornswoggle for Raw next week
• Randy Orton shouting at Rhodes and DiBiase backstage and telling DiBiase in particular that he’s going to win the battle royal and go on to win the WWE Title from John Cena, so that he can pay Orton back by handing over the title. DiBiase then rejecting Orton’s plan and storming out with Orton in shock.
• Shelton Benjamin earning a Raw Roster spot by defeating The Miz via count out in his tryout match. Former ECW Star Sheamus then attacking Benjamin backstage and leaving him in a bad state ahead of the Battle Royal
• Triple H beating Chris Jericho via DQ after The Big Show got involved before a huge brawl ensued with DX eventually coming out on top
• Vince McMahon showing ECW Champion Christian the door after Captain Charisma attempted to take a look around with the possibility of getting a tryout match on the brand
• MVP winning the Over-the-top Battle Royal to win a shot against John Cena at Survivor Series, after eliminating his partner Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes to win the match. During the match Randy Orton distracted Ted DiBiase which allowed Cody Rhodes to eliminate him from behind.

Main Event – Interpromotional Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena (c)

This was a chance to shine for Dolph Ziggler and he certainly made a good impression in this non-title match against the WWE Champion. The match went on for quite a while and although Cena managed to connect with a lot of his signature moves, the youngster Ziggler always managed to stay in the game one way or another. Ziggler had his own period of dominance too and at one point came close to hitting the Zig Zag, however the experienced Cena managed to grab the ropes to make sure he didn’t fall victim to the move. That mistake proved costly for the youngster as Cena went on to hit his usual signature moves while full of adrenaline, hitting Ziggler with the five knuckle shuffle followed by a huge Attitude Adjustment. To make matters worse for Ziggler, the WWE Champ then applied the STF and despite a brave fight from Ziggler, he eventually tapped out.
Winner: John Cena

*** After the match The WWE Champion celebrated another win on WWE Superstars and raised his WWE Title aloft, possibly sending an early message to MVP, who won his title match against Cena just days before. The commentators also praised Ziggler for the performance he put in against the WWE Champion and said that he certainly has a bright future in the WWE. ***

*** END OF SHOW ***

A preview for Smackdown will be up over the next few days with the show up by the end of the week.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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