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Re: D-K-L Presents: WWE 2009 - Time to Shine

Dan Does WWE Again Feedback!

That has to be your thread name you know that!

Anyways, the opening promo was all over the place, not in the way you wrote it but because so many people came out. Thereís only a few situations that would be acceptable for a clusterfuck of a promo, and this was one. It was set up well with Cena picking his own challenger to allow everyone an excuse to come out, so that was fine. I was going to say that Cena didnít seem himself in the first line, yet you cleared that up right away and explained it well enough as to why that was the case. I thought the characterisation was all very good, and Cenaís in particular as it went on was very good, as was The Mizís. They were the standout ones until Vince came out, and man he was awesome. He was everything he should be, strong and forceful, leaving you in no doubt that he is the man in charge and not to be messed with. The Battle Royal sounds like a very fair way to determine a number one contender, and I hope to god itís someone new. I bet you were fuming when you saw or heard about the Raw main event on Monday as itís infuriating when you plan something only for it to happen IRL just as youíre about to post your own show. Iím not too keen on Kofi facing Orton as it makes it slightly unfair on Kofi going in to the Battle Royal. Miz is a good choice of opponent too for Shelton as I could imagine them putting on some good matches, and Miz could drag the better wrestler to a decent feud with his mic skills.

The Kofi/Orton match was an awesome way to start the show off. There were some great spots like the springboard counter in to the headlock backbreaker. I also had to mark for the suicide dive, and you did a grand job of having Kofi hang with Orton. You had to bring Legacy down, and with that it gives Kofi more credibility by having them out there. Weíre used to seeing them come to Randyís aid no matter what, so it didnít affect Orton that much. The ending was great as I didnít know what to expect. I thought a DQ was possible, and I was praying that Kofi wouldnít lose clean with the Battle Royal coming up later on. The finish with Orton & DiBiase colliding will surely prove to be a sign of things to come, and itís developed well straight away. Really liked this a lot Dan. Kofiís rising up the ladder!

Shane as guest host is fine by me. I wouldnít sure if they would acknowledge his departure on TV, but I think itís a good idea to have him sign off with a bang.

Man, this was Vince at his absolute best yet again. Youíve got his character down to a tee. He really does leave you in no uncertain terms that heís the boss and not to be messed with. I also liked the comedy portions with his mention of Bourne & Mysterio, that was very well done to hype up Jackson & Kozlov. Using them as a team on Raw makes sense, and also itís brilliant that youíre ending the whole Chavo/Hornswoggle nonsense once and for all. Great end line too from Vince to finish a brilliant promo. He is a great guest host. With the job youíve done so far, I wouldnít mind it becoming a full time thing as you write his character brilliantly.

Out of the divas, only Gail could cut it in the ring with Melina, so you chose the right one to win, and you made look strong in doing it. Also you made her look better by not putting in any of her botches that we saw a while ago. Gailís awesome and showing Melina taking note was a nice touch to set things up for their battle for the gold.

Oh hell yeah, DiBiase was brilliant here. I donít think you did Orton justice when he said he wasnít happy as thatís an understatement given he lost the title and to Kofi in 24 hours. Iím digging the idea he had of Ted becoming the chosen one and handing the title over to him as thatís going to give Orton a reason to be pissed with Ted even more and lead to the turn. What was even better was Ted standing up for himself and telling Orton exactly how he feels. The turnís going to be great.

Great outing for Benjamin and you certainly put the emphasis on his performance. That kind of impacted on Miz looking like a bit weak in his walk out, and since heís the United States Champion, Iím not a big fan of that decision. It does give Benjamin his spot, which was a given and does keep Miz away from a clean defeat I guess.

Well it got worked out with a decent explanation from Miz. I can see why you went with count out now, but I didnít see the Sheamus attack coming. It looked like you were leading towards a Shelton/Miz feud for the title. Thatís clearly not the case. Seeing Sheamus stamp his authority on Raw from the word go is important and shows him to be a very dangerous man. I guess that keeping his feud going with Shelton makes sense, but Iíd forgotten all about it and not many people watch ECW.

The promo with Jerishow & DX was rather short but effective. It was the typical speech you expect from Jericho and was well written. Triple Hís portion was good too and also in the way that you went from it being funny to serious. It wasnít forced either as it transcended perfectly. The comments about Orton being boring were funny, and the dressing down of Jericho was also good. The brawl wasnít expected but it set up the Vince announcement well with Jericho scarpering away.

The match was very good and ended in the right way with Show saving Jericho. We donít want to see Jericho lose clean on TV, and fortunately we didnít. It was great to see Jericho get away again and save himself, showing that he doesnít really care about anyone but himself while frustrating DX at the same time.

I very much liked that you had Cody try and be something more than just Ortonís bitch as he was left out really earlier on. The promo wasnít just about Orton which helped for sure.

The Carlito/Masters promo seemed a bit random as it came out of nowhere with no mention of the match theyíre supposedly going to be in. Thatís not a bad thing as it prevents them from looking too much like a random team. I donít think youíll have done this just to hype up the next match. It looks like weíll be seeing them become a team again, and if thatís the case, showing them together in the back is a good idea to make everyone wise to that.

As like the rest of the matches so far, thereís been great deal and theyíve been entertaining for sure. This was surprisingly so, and having Carlito in at the end ensured that. What was more important was that they looked like a dangerous team when they were looked to carry it on until Bourne made sure they couldnít get at Primo. Given that Jackson & Kozlov will be coming to Raw, Iím surprised youíre setting up two heel teams at the same time when you have Jerishow too and no real face team. Iím very happy that you didnít make Bourne look like a bitch either when you could have.

Vince did a better job of selling Swagger than Jack did himself. Thatís not down to what Swagger said, itís just that when Vince says someoneís talented, it stands out. That will do Swagger some good, I think! The Christian part was very interesting as I was intrigued as to what would happen to him and the ECW title. Iíd forgotten all about that and just assumed it would be vacated. Doing something like this helps Christian and creates a lot of interest in what is going to happen with the title. It does look as if heís going to Smackdown. His character was good too in that he didnít bow down to Vince and showed some personality too.

I didnít really see too much point in the MVP/Henry promo unless thereís going to be a turn. It did hype the match being next too to be fair, and itís definitely like one of the filler reminiscent on Raw these days that generally donít add anything. Iím sensing thereís a reason behind it though with the intention of splitting them up.

The Battle Royal was good and more eventful than I imagined. I certainly didnít bank on Orton getting involved, and for me that stole the show ahead of MVP winning the match. Ortonís role DiBiaseís elimination were booked brilliantly in favour of Orton. It has made DiBiaseís eventual turn less predictable and shocking, which I think would have been better. This favours Orton more, and I donít think it needed to. Anyway, I genuinely thought Swagger or Kofi would take this down. I didnít bank on MVP taking it at all, which made it an exciting ending. Getting him away from Henry is a good idea though as heís better than that. You can now get the best out of him, and putting him with Cena is only going to help.

Iím so happy youíre back and doing WWE. I need a WWE thread to get in to, and I have to say that I thought the promos in particular were brilliant. Vince was sensational all night long, he really was. The matches were very good too, as was the booking. There was nothing weak about the show and youíve already set up some feuds while some have potential to get going. It was a great first show and is already my favourite WWE thread by far. Great job Dan.

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