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Re: D-K-L Presents: WWE 2009 - Time to Shine

October 26th 2009 Ė LIVE from Buffalo, New York

*** Raw opens with a video highlights package from Bragging Rights last night. The video shows John Cena defeating Randy Orton in the Iron Man Match to win the WWE Title, as well as Team Raw losing against Team Smackdown due to The Big Show turning on his team. ďWanna be lovedĒ then plays and the usual opening video is shown, we then get the usual pyro with the camera panning around the arena. We end up seeing Cole and Jerry Lawler at ringside and they talk about Bragging Rights as well as whatís in store tonight for the WWE fans. ***

-- New WWE Champion John Cena speaks on his title win!
-- Evan Bourne and Primo Colon take on Carlito and Chris Masters!
-- Former ECW Star Shelton Benjamin fights for a Raw Roster Spot!


*** After a few seconds ďMy Time is NowĒ blasts out to a huge mixed reaction, mostly cheers. John Cena then walks out calmly onto the stage and is dressed in his usual merchandise with his title proudly placed over his shoulder, and he makes his way to the ring with a smile on his face, although not as excited as he usually is. Cena enters the ring and is given a microphone. ***

John Cena: Thank guys. Now as Iím sure youíll all know, last night at Bragging Rights I faced Randy Orton for the WWE Title in an Iron Man Match... and I won.

*** Pop from the crowd. ***

John Cena: This match had so much riding on it. Not only was the WWE Title on the line, but also on the line was Randy Ortonís right for a rematch.... and my right to stay on Raw. But also on the line last night was the final match of our epic rivalry, the pride, the honour, the bragging rights on our last ever match. And youíd think after winning that match with so much on the line Iíd be a bit different tonight. Maybe be a little happier, a little crazier, maybe do the whole ďThe Champ is here thingĒ...

*** Cena takes a second or two and feels his ribs, felling slight discomfort. ***

John Cena: But the truth is last night took a hell of a lot out of me. Randy and I fought long, we fought hard, I feel sore, I feel bruised, and Iím sure Randy does too. But Iíd be lying if I said I dominated that match last night, because the truth is I didnít.It was close, and for that I have to give props to Randy Orton. He really took me to the limit. But at the end of the night, when everything was all said and done I did what I promised you all I would do, I beat Randy Orton and became your WWE Champion once again... AND IíM STILL HERE ON RAW!!

*** Big pop. ***

John Cena: Cena versus Orton is finished! Itís done! That rivalry is in the past! We settled it with a match for the ages, and now itís time to move on. One of the things Iím known for is that I NEVER back down from a fight, I always want to challenge myself against the best and I always say that IF YOU WANT SOME... COME GET SOME!

Well thatís exactly what Iím saying right now, because it seems as of thereís a spot in the main event waiting to be filled. I need a new challenger, I see no point in waitiní, and I know thereís a lot of people waiting for that chance to step up, well guys.... nowís your chance. But while that may be, thereís one guy that Iíd like to join me out here right now. This is a guy who I just love to watch. This is a guy who goes out to the ring every week and entertains. This is a guy who I think deserves an opportunity to step up. Kofi Kingston! Kofi, can you join me out here please?

*** After a few seconds ďSOSĒ plays and Kofi Kingston himself walks out in his ring gear, looking slightly confused as to why heís been called out. He walks to the ring. ***

John Cena: Kofi, the reason why I called you out here is because of last night. Iíve always said that I never give up and I never need anyone to help me... but the truth is last night, I think I did. Randy Orton had Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase out there to help him, they were beating me down, they looked in control, until ONE MAN came out to my aid... you, Kofi Kingston.

Kofi, I donít know what wouldíve happened if you didnít chase Randyís group out of the arena, and for that Kofi, I thank you. And you know what Kofi? I live for challenges, I live for new competition, and as I said there is a spot to be filled! So how about this... at Survivor Series John Cena defends his WWE Title against someone new, someone exciting, and someone worthy of stepping up! How about it... JOHN CENA.... versus Rawís very own Jamaican Sensation... KOFI KINGSTON FOR THE WWE TITLE AT SURVIVOR SERIES!!?

*** Big pop with Kingston looking surprised. ***

Kofi Kingston: Wow, John, I donít know what to say. I mean I didnít expect anything after what happened last night in your match, all I was doing was stopping Rhodes and DiBiase from ruining that match, and Ė

John Cena: Whoa, what happened to you accent, man?

Kofi Kingston: Yeah, about that, itís like I said last week - all I was doing was paying tribute to my Jamaican heritage. But you know John, I would LOVE to make that step up and challenge you for the WWE Title, itís what Iíve always dreamed for... so John as for that challenge... I ACCĖ

*** Kofi is suddenly interrupted by ďGet on your KneesĒ with Jack Swagger then walking out, cheesy grin and all. Swagger walks to the ring and collects a mic. ***

Jack Swagger: Hold on, hold on. First of all John, if youíre handing out title matches around here you should at least give one to someone worthy...

*** Heat for Swagger. ***

Jack Swagger: I mean, there is absolutely nobody who deserves a title shot more than yours truly, The All-American American Jack Swagger! I posses far more talent than Kofi Kingston, more talent than the whole Raw roster, and most importantly more talent than you John Cena, so if youíre handing out title shots tonight and if you want a real challenge, I suggest you give a shot to me... Jack Swagger...

*** ďIím Comin Ē then plays to the surprise of everyone and MVP and Mark Henry walk to the ring with purpose carrying microphones. ***

MVP: Hold on a second. Big Mark and I were watchiní in the back, and we saw this sort of open challenge for a chance to face you, John Cena, for the title at Survivor Series, and we just couldnít let this opportunity pass. The big man and I, while we love tag team wrestling, we would love even more to have a shot at the WWE Title. So what weíre saying is, if youíre lookiní for a challenger John, you have to consider Mark Henry... and MVP!

*** MVP is then interrupted by ďRealityĒ and The United States Champion, The Miz, walks to the ring while laughing. Miz has a mic and enters the ring with the crowd booing him. ***

The Miz: Look at you all out here, youíre all pathetic. ďPlease John, can I have a title match?Ē ďPick me John, pick me!Ē. All this is laughable, because lets be honest... what have you people done to deserve a title match against John Cena? Huh? Oh thatís right, you people havenít done ANYTHING to deserve one.

Me on the other hand... I have. I mean, correct me if Iím wrong, but wasnít I the only one of us to win last night? I mean Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, you two lost last night at Bragging Rights, you two let Raw down, so you donít deserve a title match. MVP and Mark Henry, one of you lost last night, and one of you wasnít even on the pay-per-view last night! So what Iím saying is John, if you want a challenge, donít give a title shot to these four losers, give it to someone who won last night, someone who has a proven track record against you, someone who Ė like yourself Ė is a champion, give it to me! And if you need more reasons, well, itís simple: BECAUSE IíM THE MIZ... AND IíM... AWE Ė

*** The biggest surprise so far comes now as ďAinít no Stoppiní meĒ hits to a pop from the crowd. The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin Ė who is without a brand after ECW was cancelled Ė walks to the ring with a mic as the others look on in confusion. ***

Shelton Benjamin: I can see that youíre all surprised to see me on Raw, huh? Well as you all know, ECW was cancelled last night after Bragging Rights, which means we all have to find a new home. Now Iíve been informed that Iíve got my tryout match later tonight, and if I win, then Iím a member of the Raw roster. And I was watching in the back and I figured, why wait? Right now I can see thereís a place ready to be filled, and since Iím going to be an official member of raw after tonight, I want that shot!

Iíve been on Raw before, I got some big wins, showed a hell of a lot of potential, but I never had that one match to rise to a higher level. People have always said, ďShelton Benjamin Ė he has so much potentialĒ. But back here on Raw I want to turn that potential... into success. My last spell on ECW taught me a lot, and now I feel Iím ready to face Ė and beat Ė anyone, including you, Cena. So you guys better make room for the Gold Standard, because I want that shot too...

*** There is yet another interruption as ďVoicesĒ hits to the biggest amount of heat yet, with Legacy then walking out on the stage. Orton in particular looks fuming and storms to the ring, DiBiase and Rhodes in tow. ***

Randy Orton: What... in the HELL is going on out here!? I donít know who you people think you are but there is only ONE member of the Raw roster who deserves a match for the WWE Title... and that man is ME!!

*** Heat ***

Randy Orton: But unfortunately due to the stipulation of my match last night it seems that I wonít be getting that WWE Title match... But I suggest that you people get in line, because while I canít face John Cena for the WWE Title... Ted and Cody can, and thatís EXACTLY what they are going to do. Ted or Cody are going to win back MY WWE Title and then they are going to hand it back to me, so John if I were you Iíd get on with it and announce either Ted or Cody as your opponent for the WWE Title at Survivor Series...

John Cena: So let me get this straight... you all want a shot at my title? All eight of you? So let me just think about this... weíve got the not-so-Jamaican sensation Kofi Kingston, weíve got the All-American American American Jack (imitates lisp) S-S-S-Swagger, weíve got the downright AWFUL Miz, weíve got the Pay-Per-View dodger MVP and well, Iím just not gonna poke fun at Mark Henry... weíve got the bleached-blonde homeless golden boy Shelton Benjamin, and weíve got the oiled-up Randy Orton clones! Wow, such choice. But you know, I think Iíve made my decision. At Survivor Series I want to face...

*** Believe it or not there is another interruption, this time by the music ďNo ChanceĒ. A big mixed reaction is heard as the man himself, Vince McMahon, walks out on the stage in a fine suit, big grin on his face, he has a microphone in hand too. ***

Vince McMahon: Good evening everybody. John Cena, first of all I want to say congratulations on your title win last night, but John, Iím afraid I donít give a damn what youíve decided! Because in case youíve forgotten, youíre not the General Manager! ... But unfortunately there is no General Manager tonight, because I want to make something perfectly clear to everybody... CELEBRITY GUEST HOST Ė IS FINISHED!!

*** Mixed reaction. ***

Vince McMahon: And thatís why Iím here tonight. From now on the Guest Host idea will continue until I decide itís time to appoint a permanent General Manager, however from now on the Guest Hosts it will be WWE Legends, and WWE Legends only! So tonight on Raw there is going to be a WWE Legend taking control of the show... do you people want to meet him? (Pop). Well please welcome Rawís Guest Host here tonight....

... ME!!! IíM GUEST HOST TONIGHT!! IíM VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON DAMMIT, AND IF I WANT TO HOST MY OWN SHOW, THEN I WILL! (He calms down). So tonight Iím going to put on a great show, and I think Iíve found a big main event that I was looking for! Tonight weíre going to have ourselves a good old over-the-top BATTLE ROYAL! Itís going to include everybody in that ring right now with the exception of John Cena... oh, and of course Randy Orton wonít be involved too...

*** Pop and laughs from the crowd with Orton looking fuming. ***

Vince McMahon: We can call it ďMr. McMahonís Next Generation OpportunityĒ... because the winner will face John Cena at Survivor Series for the WWE Title! (Big Pop).

Oh and Randy, donít think youíre getting the night off, because youíre going to be in action next! Youíre going to face someone whoís very exciting to watch, someone who I think has a great future in this company, and somebody who Iím sure wonít mind wrestling twice in one night... youíre going to face KOFI KINGSTON!

*** The crowd cheers with Orton not looking very pleased whatsoever, especially after being involved in a 60-minute match last night, while Kofi smiles as we head to a break. ***


-- Over-the-top Battle Royal to determine New Number One Contender!
-- Shelton Benjaminís Raw Tryout Match: Benjamin vs. The Miz, tonight!


Match 1
Singles Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton
Final Minutes:

Randy Orton has teased and disrespected Kofi Kingston so far and presses him into the corner where he rocks him with a European uppercut, snapping Kofiís head back with force. Orton then pushes Kofi across the face disrespectfully before getting right in his face and shouting ďyouíre not even in my league!Ē... BUT GETS DROPPED BY A HUGE RIGHT! Orton scurries to his feet in shock but Kofi fires out of the corner and nails the former WWE Champion with a flurry of right hands to the face, he then grabs Orton by the arm and shoots him off the ropes.... AND THEN CONNECTS WITH A DROPKICK! Orton hits the mat but bounces back up quickly, where he is then met by Kingston again who strikes him with a few double hand chops to the chest, he then feeds Orton one of his legs.... AND THEN NAILS HIM WITH AN ENZUIGIRI! Orton looks in disarray as he stumbles around off balance and falls through the ropes to the outside. Orton tries to gather his senses on the outside but he turns around to see Kofi charging across the ring.... AND KOFI DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES AND TAKES ORTON DOWN WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! The Sensation gets to his feet and yells out in passion which gets a big pop from the crowd, who love Kofiís impressive showing tonight. He rolls the Legend Killer back into the ring and follows him in too, he then waits for Orton to get up before charging towards the ropes, where he springboards off the second rope and back towards Orton... LOOKING FOR A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY... BUT ORTON DUCKS!

Kingston hits the mat with force and it allows Orton to shake off a few cobwebs, and once Kofi staggers back up to his feet Orton moves in from behind, hooking his head under his arm, AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER! Ortonís face is full of rage, he is obviously angry that he hasnít managed to put away his opponent yet, but he looks to do it now as he gets into position for the deadly RKO! The Viper slivers around the canvas behind Kingston who is slowly getting back up despite the crowdís desperate cries of ďstay downĒ, and soon Kofi gets all the way up and turns around... AND ORTON GOES FOR THE RKO... BUT IS PUSHED OFF INTO THE ROPES BY KOFI! Orton hits the ropes and comes back right into a flying forearm smash from Kingston! Orton climbs back up only to see Kofi springboard off the second rope in front of him, TAKING ORTON DOWN WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY! 1 . . . 2 . . . Orton pushes him off! The two race to their feet and Orton goes for a big time clothesline, but Kofi ducks underneath and grabs his opponent, TAKING HIM DOWN WITH A RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!

With Orton down Kofiís eyes light up and he bounces off the ropes, he does the theatrics with the crowd shouting along, AND NAILS ORTON WITH THE BOOM LEG DROP! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Orton kicks out, just! Kofi knows that an upset is within his grasp and signals that he is going to go for the Trouble in Paradise! The crowd cheer but suddenly Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase dash down the ramp to boos from the crowd! Cody Rhodes attempts to help out his mentor and jumps onto the apron, only to be sent flying to the floor from a Kingston right hand! Ted DiBiase then jumps onto the apron too and Kofi moves towards him, but the referee gets in between the two to stop a collision! Kofi and DiBiase stand on either side of the ropes with the ref in between them, both looking into each otherís eyes ready to fight, but Randy Orton gets up behind Kofi and attempts to capitalise on the distraction! The Viper runs in on Kofi from behind... but Kingston sees it on the big screen and grabs the ref, meaning he and the ref move to the side just in time... AND ORTON KNOCKS DIBIASE OFF THE APRON BY ACCIDENT! The crowd cheers with Orton looking down at DiBiase in shock, but he then turns back around.... INTO THE TROUBLE IN PARADISE FROM KINGSTON! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3! Kofiís done it, heís beaten Randy Orton!

Winner: Kofi Kingston!

*** After the match the fans go crazy for Kofi who jumps around in excitement, delighted with his big victory tonight. Orton however sits up and looks fuming, looking to the outside of the ring where DiBiase is getting up too, and Orton doesnít look too happy with his Legacy team-mate after their collision. ***

ďHere Comes the MoneyĒ
Voiceover: Next week Monday Night Raw keeps it in the family with the second WWE Legend hosting the show Ė none other than Shane McMahon!
Shane OíMac will host the show in his final night in the WWE before he leaves for his new career, donít miss his last show next week Raw! ***

*** We then switch backstage and to the office of Mr. McMahon, who is on his cell phone in the middle of a conversation. ***

Vince McMahon: You see Teddy? I told you to watch the show tonight because itíll show you how to run a show properly. You have to have a HUGE main event, you have to make a BIG statement, but most importantly Teddy..... you canít screw over your main star!

*** He pauses, Teddy Long is obviously saying something. ***

Vince McMahon: You know what? Iím sick of your excuses! Iíll see you on Friday Night, and you better be ready because Iíve got a few things to say to you regarding your show. Oh and Teddy, remember, youíre still on probation....

*** Vince shuts his phone but then hears a knock on the door, with former ECW stars William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladamir Kozlov then walking in. ***

Vince McMahon: Ah! William Regal! Long time! What can I do for you, William?

William Regal: Well Mister McMahon itís nice to see you once again. But as you know sir, after ECW was disbanded by yourself, myself and the two gentlemen behind me are now without a brand. You see the reason I am here sir, is that I would like you to give Vladamir and Ezekiel here a Raw tryout match next week on Raw.

Vince McMahon: These guys want a tryout on Raw, huh? Well what makes me think I want these two men on Monday Night Raw? Did someone tell you I like big athletes, William? Because you shouldnít believe them. I enjoy watching an Evan Bourne or a Rey Mysterio just as much as a big guy.

*** Vince looks at the two monsters in awe ***

Vince McMahon: Who am I kidding? LOOK AT THESE MEN! These men are MONSTERS! Sheer power, brute strength, ruthless aggression! You know what William? Next week these two monsters of yours are going to get their Raw Tryout Match, I assure you of that.

William Regal: Thank you, Mister McMahon. But I think you should warn all the tag team wrestlers in the back, because these two gentlemen are going to make it very unpleasant for them starting next week...

*** Regal and his followers leave the room but after a couple of seconds Hornswoggle, with Chavo Guerrero chasing him, runs into the room. Hornswoggle uses Vince as a shield from Chavo who is trying to catch him, and they then begin to run circles around the WWE Chairman who doesnít look amused. ***

Vince McMahon: Stop it. (They continue) Stop it right now. (They still continue)... DAMMIT CUT IT OUT RIGHT NOW!!!

*** They stop dead and drop their heads in shame, while still looking towards each other slightly. ***

Vince McMahon: I see youíre having fun on Raw, Hornswoggle. Itís cute. Remember when we all thought you were my son? Yeah - horrible time.

Chavo Guerrero! Itís been a long time. Youíre a great wrestler, do you know that? Youíve got that great heritage too, part of the great Guerrero family...

*** Chavo looks proud and smiles. ***

Vince McMahon: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU, HUH!? Youíre an embarrassment! All Iíve seen over the last few months is a member of a legendary wrestling family... reduced to chasing around a midget like a fool! You should be ashamed of yourself, Chavo.

But you know what, Hornswoggle? You know what, little guy? Youíre not my son, and youíre starting to annoy me. Youíre making a mockery out of the show that I created, the flagship show of the WWE, and I donít like it. To be honest I find this whole thing a pain in the ass!

You know what Iím going to do? Iím going to end this once and for all. Next week, here on Raw Ė the same night that my real son hosts Raw Ė the two of you are going to face each other in one last match. Yeah. Itís not gonna be any ordinary match though, no, itís going to be a good old BELFAST BRAWL!! Oh, and the loser... will be FFFIIIIIRRREEEEDDDD!!! Go on, GET!!

*** Chavo smiles and leaves with Hornswoggle leaving looking sad. ***

Vince McMahon: Vincent Kennedy McMahon... laying down the law. Man, Iím a good guest host.

*** Vince smiles and brushes his suit. Back to ringside. ***

Match 2
Fatal Four-Way Ė Title Shot on the Line
Eve vs. Gail Kim vs. Jillian vs. Alicia Fox
Final Minutes:

Right now Rawís newest diva Eve is putting on a good impression, she strikes Jillian with some forearm shots to the face before sending her flying with an arm drag! Jillian gets up and runs back at her only for Eve to leap up AND CONNECT WITH A DROPKICK! The crowd pops with Eve climbing to her feet, she sees Alicia Fox moving towards her and decides to run at her... but Fox lifts her off the mat and swings her around RIGHT INTO A TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER! Fox smiles but she is turned around by Gail Kim, who nails her with some forearms before leaping into the air... AND SENDS HER FLYING WITH A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! Gail Kim immediately heads onto the apron and then climbs to the top rope, and once Fox gets up Kim dives off LOOKING FOR THE FRONT MISSILE DROPKICK... but Fox dodges it and Kim crashes into the mat! Gail Kim sits up holding her lower back but Jillian re-enters the ring and runs across the ring... NAILING KIM IN THE FACE WITH A SEATED DROPKICK!

Jillian and Alicia Fox then starting hitting each other in the middle of the ring while Eve jumps onto the apron and climbs onto the top rope. Fox and Jillian are unaware and keep trading forearm shots, but Eve then dives off the top rope... AND TAKES THEM BOTH DOWN WITH A DIVING CORSSBODY! She climbs to her feet and positions herself in front of Fox and turns her back, PREPARING FOR A STANDING MOONSAULT... but Gail Kim gets up AND SENDS EVE FLYING OUT OF THE RING WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Gail Kim then drags Alicia Fox up and grabs her in position for a neck breaker, but once she spins her around Jillian gets up and races at her... but Kim dives to the side so Jillian crashes into the back of Fox, sending her out of the ring! Jillian turns around in shock into a kick in the gut from Kim, who then grabs her arms and spins her around... AND PLANTS HER WITH THE STRAIGHT JACKET NECKBREAKER! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!

Winner and New No.1 Contender for Womenís Title: Gail Kim!

*** After the match Kim celebrates her win, and we get a quick shot of Womenís Champ Melina watching the TV with her title over her shoulder. Melina looks impressed and is seemingly looking forward to the challenge. ***


*** We now switch to the locker room of The Legacy. There is a lot of tension in the room with Ted and Cody sat on the bench looking down, while Orton paces the room in front of them looking frustrated. ***

Randy Orton: Let me make this clear to you guys,especially you, Ted, I am NOT HAPPY! First of all I lose my WWE Title to John Cena in an absolute travesty of a match, and then to make things even worse... I lose... to Kofi Kingston.

I had just been through a sixty-minute minute match. SIXTY Ė MINUTES! Do you even know what that feelís like? In fact, do you two even know what itís like to wrestle for thirty minutes? Thatís right Ė you donít. This meant that it was up to you two to help me out earlier tonight against Kofi... but you failed me. You both failed me tonight, especially you Ted, I mean, you did absolutely NOTHING out there except for colliding with me and causing a distraction!

*** DiBiase looks up and doesnít look happy with what Orton just said. ***

Randy Orton: So, do you know what that means, Ted? That means that you owe me. Thatís right. You owe me, and youíre going to pay me back by winning back my WWE Title and handing it back to me. So tonight Ted, Iím making you the chosen one. That means that you are the one whoís going to win the battle royal, and Cody here is going to help you do that. Now youíre probably proud of yourself being the chosen one by me, arenít ya? Well let me make this clear... Iím not picking you because I trust you more than I do Cody, oh no, far from it. Iím choosing you because you owe me, BIG TIME!

So do you understand what Iím saying to you, Ted?

*** DiBiase stands up and almost squares up to his leader Randy Orton. ***

Ted DiBiase: Oh I understand what youíre saying, but let me make something clear to you... as for this little plan... you can forget it.

Randy Orton: What did you say to me?

Ted DiBiase: I said no. What, Iím supposed to be happy that Iím your ďchosen oneĒ? I mean, anyone with a brain can see that Iím not the one who cost you your match with Kofi earlier tonight, you cost yourself the win when you ran into me. And it wasnít too long ago when you RKOíd me in the middle of that ring and embarrassed me in front of the whole world.

So yeah, I will win this battle royal tonight, and I will go on to face John Cena for the WWE Title at Survivor Series. And you know what Randy? Iíll win that match too. But I wonít do it for you, no, Iíll do it... for me. And thereís nothing that you, or Cody, can do about it...

*** DiBiase storms out of the room with Orton looking almost speechless. ***


*** Rhodes darts out of the room after DiBiase while Orton sits down and smacks the bench in anger. Back to ringside. ***

Match 3
Shelton Benjaminís Raw Tryout Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. The Miz (c)
Final Minutes:

After a bright start to the match the Gold Standard is starting to fade, with the United States Champion beginning to take control of the match. Miz strikes Shelton with a series of left hands to the skull before grabbing him by the arm and tossing him into the corner of the ring. The Chick Magnet then charges in on the corner... AND CONNECTS WITH THE JUMPING CORNER CLOTHESLINE! Miz chucks Benjamin back towards the centre of the ring and steps onto the apron himself, where he grabs the top rope while his opponent attempts to get up. With Shelton Benjamin unaware, Miz spring boards onto the top rope from the apron... AND PLANTS BENJAMIN WITH THE SPRINGBOARD BULLDOG! Shelton is in pain while The US Champ gets up and poses for the crowd, full of confidence following his big win over Morrison last night. Miz goes for a cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Shelton wants his spot on Raw and wonít give up that easily. The Miz applies a rear face lock with the knee in the back however with the crowd on his side, itís not long before Shelton fights his way to his feet, he then nails his opponent with some elbow shots to the gut which break the hold, Shelton then turns and feeds him one leg which Miz catches and throws to the side... BUT BENJAMIN CATCHES HIM WITH THE DRAGON WHIP KICK! Miz looks off balance and stumbles around unsteadily, Shelton then follows up by shooting Miz off into the ropes... AND THEN HITS AN OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY THROW!

The Miz hits the mat hard but is up again quickly albeit holding his back in pain, The Gold Standard then Irish Whips him into the corner, before charging in himself AND NAILING MIZ WITH THE STINGER SPLASH... Miz comes stumbling out of the corner now... BUT GETS TAKEN DOWN BY A VICIOUS SUPERKICK! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Miz gets a shoulder up! Shelton Benjamin quickly steps onto the apron now, possibly preparing for his own springboard attack. Once Miz gets up Shelton indeed springs onto the top rope and dives off... LOOKING FOR A SPRINGBOARD ATTACK... but Miz sees it coming and sidesteps, only for Shelton to acrobatically adapt and land on his feet! Miz however takes advantage and grabs The Gold Standard from the side... IN POSITION FOR THE SKULL CRUSHING FINALE... but Shelton is able to wriggle free and slips behind Miz... AND SENDS HIM FLYING WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Shelton looks in firm control and begins to stalk the US Champion for his finisher. Miz is unsteady and takes his time getting to his feet, but once he does and turns around, Benjamin charges towards him... LOOKING FOR THE PAYDIRT... but Miz rolls out of the ring before he can hit it! The Miz grabs his title belt from ringside and then rushes around the ring and up the ramp, wanting no more of Benjamin! The Gold Standard looks angry and the crowd boo, but Miz doesnít care and keeps going until he disappears through the curtain. Eventually the ref reaches ten and hands the win to the disappointed Gold Standard.

Winner via Count out Ė Earning a Raw Roster Spot: Shelton Benjamin!

*** After the bell Shelton Benjaminís arm is raised but he doesnít celebrate much. He smiles and points to the Raw logo on the stage, pointing out that he is now an official member of the Raw roster, before leaving the ring looking frustrated over The Mizís decision to leave the match. ***


*** We return in the back where we see a sweating Shelton Benjamin walking through the back after his match, when Todd Grisham runs up to him with a microphone. ***

Todd Grisham:
Shelton, Shelton! If I could just have a few words.... how do you feel after earning a spot on the Raw roster?

Shelton Benjamin: You know what Todd, despite how it just went down, I feel fantastic. Iíve been on Raw before and I had some great moments on this brand, and Iím glad to be here once again. But what you just saw is just the start, Shelton Benjamin is going nowhere but upwards from here....

*** The Miz then walks up to Shelton looking a bit angry, while Shelton shakes his head at the sight of The Miz, not impressed with him after what just happened. ***

The Miz: Look at you. Youíre actually on the top of the world right now, arenít you? Up on your high horse. But let me remind you that you didnít beat me, okay? I just wasnít feeliní like a long match tonight, not after my amazing victory over John Morrison last night at Bragging Rights, and with the opportunity of a lifetime coming up later tonight. I just want you to know that when iím in the mood for a match, I just donít get beaten... BECAUSE IíM THE MIZ... AND IíM... AAAAWWWEEESSSSOOOMMMEEEEE!!!

*** Miz smirks and walks off with Shelton shaking his head, not very convinced at all. ***

Shelton Benjamin: Whatever...

*** BAM!!! FORMER ECW STAR SHEAMUS TAKES BENJAMIN DOWN FROM BEHIND! Grisham scarpers! Benjamin crashes hard to the floor and the Celtic Warrior puts the boots to him several times, he then lifts Shelton up and grabs him around the head.... AND FLINGS HIM AGAINST THE CONCRETE WALL! Benjamin looks ready to drop but Sheamus grabs his arm and drags him towards him.... DROPPING HIM WITH A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE! Shelton looks out cold now on the floor and Sheamus finally stops the attack, smiling as he looks down at Benjamin. ***

Sheamus: You thought youíd escaped me by coming to Raw, didnít ya!? Well sorry Shelton lad, but you can never escape The Celtic Warrior! And you know what? Next week on Raw Iíve got me own tryout match, and after that, Iíll be a member of Raw too. And then Shelton lad.... we can settle our problem for good. Sorry to ruin the party.

*** The Celtic Warrior walks off smiling, leaving Todd Grisham to check on a clearly injured Benjamin, who has a possibly life-changing battle royal set for later tonight. ***

*** Back to ringside and ďBreak the Walls DownĒ hits to massive amount of heat, and after a few seconds Chris Jericho and The Big Show emerge from the back. Both have their titles over their shoulders while Jericho has the big Bragging Rights trophy in his other hand, grinning broadly. Big Show is given a lot of abuse by the Raw fans due to his actions last night but they both ignore it. Jericho is handed a mic but soon changes his mood when he hears the sheer amount of boos for him and his partner. ***

Chris Jericho: Look at all you hypocrites and parasites in the crowd. You all make me sick. Youíd think that New York would appreciate winners, but I guess not, as here I am Ė the best in the world at what I do Ė stood here with not only the Unified Tag Team Titles, but also this trophy which proves that Smackdown, my brand, is the superior brand, yet you boo me.

But I donít even care that youíre booing because I know itís because youíre jealous. Youíre all jealous of my superiority, youíre all jealous that you people donít have championship belts, that you donít have big trophies like this one, that you donít have a giant destroyer at your side willing to do anything you want...

Thatís right. The Big Show doesnít care about Monday Night Raw. The Big Show doesnít care about all your hypocrites and parasites. The Big Show knows that he is part of a team with the best in the world, so what I want, is what he wants. You all booed, you all cried when The Big Show chokeslammed Kofi Kingston last night, but I thought it was brilliant! We had a plan and it worked perfectly. It was an example of pure wisdom, which is exactly what you should come to expect from a genius like myself. So Ė

*** Jericho is interrupted ďBreak it DownĒ and the building erupts as Triple H and Shawn Michaels, D-Generation X, walk out on the stage. HHH has a microphone and he and HBK are putting on tired faces. ***

Triple H: Sorry Chris but we thought weíd come out and save this part of the show, because lets face it, everything you say is sssssoooo boring!

*** Pop. ***

Triple H: I thought I found the most boring guy on the planet when I met Randy Orton, but man, youíd certainly give Randy a run for his money!But in all seriousness Chris, we didnít find what happened last night very funny at all. In fact, what happened last night made Shawn and I very, very angry...Because I donít think you wouldíve won that match last night if it werenít for The Big Show turning on Kofi. In fact, we know you wouldnít have won that match just looking at who was on your team...
You won that match not because of your genius, not because youíre the ďbest in the world at what you doĒ Chris, you won that match simply because The Big Show... IS A TRAITOR!

*** Boos with Big Show shrugging his shoulders. ***

Triple H: And here on Raw, I donít think we take too kindly to traitors, isnít that right, Shawn?

Shawn Michaels: That is EXACTLY right, Hunter!

Triple H: And do you know what we do to traitors here on Raw?

... Well... WEíLL SHOW YOU!

*** The Game and HBK drop their microphones and storm down the ramp to a huge pop from the crowd, the fight is on! They slide in the ring and take it to Jerishow, Triple H takes on Big Show and knocks him back with big time right hands, while HBK takes it to Jericho and nails him with a mixture of rights to the skull and chops to the chest! They continue to brawl with Jericho and Show also getting some shots in, but HBK soon knocks Jericho back into the ropes... AND CLOTHESLINES HIM TO THE OUTSIDE! The Big Show fights back against the Game but HBK gets involved now and DX double team him, knocking him backwards into the ropes with right hands and chops, they then grab each otherís arm... AND SEND SHOW TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!! Jericho helps his partner up and the Tag Champs retreat up the ramp, with Jericho picking up his trophy and title on the way, but as they get halfway up the ramp ďNo ChanceĒ blasts out with Vince McMahon walking to the top of the stage, mic in hand. ***

Vince McMahon: If I were you Jericho, Iíd get your ass back to that ring right now, because I feel like seeing a match right here tonight!

*** Pop. ***

Vince McMahon: D-Generation X, as for your problems with The Big Show, Iím afraid thatís going to have to wait for now because I feel like seeing something different tonight...
Tonight I feel like seeing the best in the world at what he does, CHRIS JERICHO... one-on-one... with my son-in law ďThe GameĒ... TRIPLE H!

And that match... IS NEXT!

*** Big pop. ***


Match 4
Singles Match
Triple H (w/ Shawn Michaels) vs. Chris Jericho (c) (w/ The Big Show)
Final Minutes:

This has been one hell of a contest so far and right now itís Jericho whoís in control, playfully kicking the grounded Triple H in the back of the head, but The Game fights back! He strikes Jericho in the midsection with right hands and begins to climb to his feet, striking Jericho with more right hands that knock him off balance, The Game then turns and runs off the ropes however Jericho does the same behind Triple H.... CATCHING UP AND PLANTING HHH WITH THE BULLDOG! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Jericho drags HHH to his feet and attempts to send him into the ropes, however The Game reverses it and sends Jericho into the ropes instead, and before he even has chance to react he runs in AND CLOTHESLINE JERICHO OVER TO THE OUTSIDE! The crowd cheers with HHH sliding outside and going on the attack, he sends the head of his opponent into the guardrail and then into the steel steps before tossing him back into the ring. Triple H jumps onto the apron and tries to step through the ropes, but The Big Show grabs his boot! Itís only for a couple of seconds but itís enough to distract The Game who turns around and looks down at Big Show, who acts like heís done nothing wrong, but Jericho takes advantage and runs over to the side of the ring.... KNOCKING HIM OFF THE APRON WITH THE SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK!

The crowd boos while Jericho lets out a sly grin in the ring. After a while The Game starts to climb to his feet on the outside with the aid of the barricade, but with Jericho moving to distract the referee The Big Show moves forward AND DROPS TRIPLE H WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE! HBK goes mental at ringside but the ref stops him from going after Show, with Jericho using the time to get HHH back into the ring. With Triple H on his back he runs into the ropes and flies back.... CONNECTING WITH THE LOINSAULT! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Shoulder up! Jericho looks frustrated and drags an unsteady Triple H back up to his feet, where he disrespectfully slaps him across the face to boos from the crowd, Jericho then turns and runs off the ropes for momentum.... BUT TRIPLE H EXPLODES WITH A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE! The crowd cheers and it looks like The Game is coming back into this, he drags Jericho up and tries to whip him into the ropes, itís reversed though with HHH coming back off the ropes towards Jericho who goes for a back body drop.... BUT HHH COUNTERS WITH THE KNEE FACEBUSTER!

Jericho wobbles around like crazy with The Game sending him off the ropes and back AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER! Triple H does his usual taunt before dragging Jericho up, HE THEN SETS JERICHO UP FOR A PEDIGREE.... the crowd cheers but Jericho thinks fast and hits a double leg takedown.... AND SPINS TO LOCK IN THE WALLS OF JERICHO! The crowd jeers with The Game looking in real pain, but with the referee temporarily on the wrong side of things HBK REACHES IN AND DRAGS TRIPLE H TO THE ROPES! The crowd cheers like crazy with HBK letting out a sly grin, revenge for The Big Showís attack on The Game earlier. Jericho drags Triple H right back up and gets right in his face, talking trash to Triple H, but he gets a quick kick to the gut from Triple H WHO SETS UP FOR THE PEDIGREE ONCE AGAIN.... but before he can hit it The Big Show storms into the ring AND CLUBS HIM IN THE BACK! The ref calls for the bell!

Winner via DQ: Triple H!

*** The Big Show grabs Triple H around the throat... IN POSITION FOR THE CHOKESLAM... but HBK slides into the ring and shuffles across the ring... NAILING BIG SHOW WITH SOME SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Show falls backwards through the ropes to the floor with the crowd cheering like crazy! HBK makes sure that Triple H is okay and they then turn to Jericho, who is just getting up! They corner him into one side of the ring and Jericho looks scared! DX look at the fans who cheer, clearly wanting them to get Jericho as well, but as they move towards him, Jericho dives through the ropes to safety! The crowd boos with Jericho grabbing his titles and trophy, he then runs up the aisle to safety with the crowd booing. The Big Show also walks slowly up the ramp with his hand over his jaw, while DX stand against the ropes and stare out the Unified Tag Champions. It ends with Jericho and a hurt Big Show stood at the top of the ramp, with DX staring them out from the ring. ***

*** We cut to the back and we see Kofi Kingston walking through the halls, looking in a great mood after the biggest win of his career against Randy Orton earlier on. He is in his ring gear with the Battle Royal coming up and he walks through the corridors towards the drinks table, passing several WWE Workers on the way. ***

WWE Worker #1: Congratulations, Kofi!

WWE Worker #2:
Yeah well done, man,

Kofi Kingston: Thanks, guys.

*** Kofi reaches the drinks table and pours himself some water, but he soon sees Cody Rhodes walk up to him. Rhodes smirks slightly as he stands in front of Kofi. ***

Cody Rhodes: Hey, Kofi. You um, you seem like youíre in a pretty good mood right now, huh? I mean that victory over Randy earlier was a big win for you, right? Possibly the biggest win of your career so far?

*** Kingston doesnít say anything and doesnít look impressed, clearly sensing insincerity from Rhodes. ***

Cody Rhodes: Well done for that, seriously. I mean, it takes a lot to beat a guy whoís just come out of a sixty-minute violent brawl, right? A man whose sole focus is on winning back the WWE Title? But seriously, you should be proud because a moment like that wonít come around again.

But Kofi, I mean what I said last night at Bragging Rights, Team Rawís loss last night, our loss... itís all your fault. I mean we couldíve cemented ourselves as the superior brand, people like myself, people like Jack Swagger, we couldíve cemented our future legacy in this business. But thanks to you Ė turn or no turn from the Big Show Ė we lost. And Kofi, Iím not gonna forget it. So for that Kofi, over the next few weeks Iím gonna do something that I just canít wait to do, something that even Randy couldnít do... and thatís beat you. And as for the Battle Royal later on, Iíd watch your back...

*** Rhodes smirks again and walks off, leaving Kingston to shake his head. ***

*** We switch elsewhere to a locker room where The Masterpiece, Chris Masters, is getting ready. Carlito then enters the room, apple in hand. ***

Carlito: Hey Chris, ju ready for our match?

Chris Masters: Damn right. Itís about time guys like us made a statement...

Carlito: Yeah. Chris Masters and Carlito on the same team again? Das cool.

Chris Masters: Letís go.

*** They leave the room looking focussed. ***


Match 5
Tag Team Match
Evan Bourne and Primo vs. Carlito and Chris Masters
Final Minutes:

The high-flying duo of Bourne and Primo has taken their cocky opponents by surprise so far and itís continuing here, with Bourne building momentum. Bourne strikes the big man Chris Masters with some martial arts style kicks to the legs and midsection, before leaping up TO SEND HIM FLYING WITH A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! Masters scurries to his feet unsteadily but Bourne follows up with some more kicks followed by an ENZUIGIRI! Masters crumbles to the canvas with Bourne then turning around TO NAIL A STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . Masters throws him off with relative ease. Bourne tags his partner in now and Primo immediately heads to the top rope, and once Masters turns around and gets to his feet... HE GETS TAKEN OFF HIS FEET BY A MISSILE DROPKICK! He helps Masters to his feet and strikes him with some punches over and over again, he then turns and runs off the ropes for momentum, but Carlito swipes at him from behind as he hits the ropes! Primo stops and confronts his brother on the apron who acts like he did nothing, but Primo warns his brother only to turn around INTO A DECAPITATING CLOTHESLINE FROM THE MASTERPIECE! Masters angry! Chris Masters tags in Carlito and they go on the attack, they drag Primo up to his feet BEFORE TAKING HIM DOWN WITH A HIGH-LOW ATTACK! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Kick out from Primo! Carlito looks annoyed at his brotherís resilience and drags him right back up, nailing him with vicious lefts, Carlito then runs to the ropes and bounces off the second rope... COMING BACK WITH A SPRINGBOARD BACK ELBOW SMASH!

Primo looks in trouble and Bourne desperately wants a tag in. Carlito drags his brother up , who at this point looks lifeless, and begins to tease Bourne by holding Primoís hand out. Carlito regrets it though as Primo shows signs of life by striking his brother with left hands, over and over again with the Cool Caribbean stumbling backwards, Primo then slips behind Carlito and take him down with a neck breaker! Primo then encourages Bourne to go for the Shooting Star Press, with Bourne then climbing right up to the top rope, despite not tagging in. The crowd rises in anticipation with Bourne all set to hit it, but Chris Masters enters and charges across the ring... KNOCKING BOURNE OFF THE TOP TO THE FLOOR! The crowd boos like crazy after Masters stopped it from happening, with the ref forcing him back to his corner, but Masters justifies his actions by making it clear Bourne didnít tag in. Carlito tags Masters though and the Masterpiece immediately lifts Primo up, APPLYING A BEAR HUG! After a few seconds of excruciating pain being applied to Primo, Carlito moves in from behind. With Carlito stood in front of him, Masters releases Primo from the bear hug... ALLOWING CARLITO TO BRING PRIMO DOWN INTO THE BACKSTABBER! Cover from Carlito! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!

Winners: Carlito and Chris Masters!

*** After the match the team of Carlito and Masters celebrate their victory, but they donít look like they are finished. Carlito picks up his apple from ringside and takes a big bite, before walking towards his defenceless brother who lies in the middle of the ring. Carlito looks set to spit some more apple in his brotherís face... but Evan Bourne slides back into the ring!

Bourne runs to Primo and steps in between the duo and Primo, defending his partner with his fists up ready to fight! Carlito and Masters look taken aback by Bourneís intensity and bravery, and soon back off and leave the ring. Bourne doesnít let his guard down until they are a safe distance away and then checks on Primo, with Masters and Carlito smirking slightly as they back up the aisle, now satisfied with what theyíve done. ***

*** We then cut to the interview set where Todd Grisham is stood with Jack Swagger. The crowd boos as the sight of the All-American American, who has a big grin on his face. ***

Todd Grisham: Jack Swagger, up next itís the Battle Royal featuring Eight Superstars who are waiting for the chance to step up, are you confident that you can be the man to earn the WWE Title shot here tonight?

Jack Swagger: Absolutely. You see Todd, you just said that there are eight guys wanting to step up and face John Cena at Survivor Series, but the truth is there is only one man that is ready to step up, and that man is me. Iím the All-American American, I posses more talent than anybody else in the battle royal tonight, and Iím going to go out there right now... and prove it.

*** Swagger smiles, but Vince McMahon then walks into the shot which surprises Todd Grisham. Vince smiles at Swagger and shakes his hand. ***

Vince McMahon: Nice to meet you Jack, Iíve been impressed with you here on Raw. Keep it up, and good luck for the match next...

*** Swagger smiles and walks off, with Vince then looking at Grisham. ***

Vince McMahon: Heís a talented kid...

*** Vinceís attention is then diverted and he looks down the corridor in horror, the camera then turns around to reveal ECW Champion Christian walking down the corridor with a smile on his face. Christian has his title over his shoulder and stops to shake hands with some workers, until Vince McMahon walks up to him, not looking to happy. ***

Vince McMahon: What do you think youíre doing?

Christian: Wow, you look a little stressed out, Vinnie. Bad night?

Vince McMahon: I said what are you doing?

Christian: Well since you cancelled my show last week for Ė letís face it Ė no good reason, I need a new brand. So Iím just here to check out Raw you know, I wanna make sure that me and my title end up on the right brand...

Vince McMahon: The right brand, huh? Well let me make this easy for you Christian... you and your title, you wonít be coming to Raw.

*** Massive heat is heard from ringside. ***

Vince McMahon: I cancelled ECW for a reason, and quite frankly Iím not sure if I want that title around on my shows anymore, especially not Raw. So Christian, if you want to come to Raw without that title, then by all means do so, but as long as youíre holding that title, thereís no place for you here on Raw. In fact, why donít I just take that title of yours now, and then Iíll make a tryout match for you on Raw next week...

*** Vince reaches for Christianís belt but Captain Charisma shockingly grabs his wrist before he can grab it, causing the crowd to cheer from ringside. ***

Christian: You know what, Vince? Maybe Raw isnít right for me after all. But let me tell you something: if you want to take this title away from me Ė the title that I worked so hard for and fought so hard to defend Ė then youíre going to have to get yourself an army... because Iím not giving it up easily. Iíll see you around, Boss.

*** Christian smiles slightly and walks back towards the exit, with Vince looking on in total shock. ***

*** We cut to the back and to the locker room of Mark Henry. Henry puts his second boot on and is now ready when MVP enters the room. ***

MVP: You ready, man?

Mark Henry: Yeah, Iím ready.

MVP: Hey, I just wanna tell you somethiní. Listen, while I love teaminí wití you and everythiní, Iíve been waitiní for a chance to step up for a long, long time. And tonight, I hope you know that itís gonna be every man for himself out there, Ďcause I want that title shot badly...

Mark Henry: Oh I understand, donít you worry Ďbout that. But if I were you, Iíd watch out too, because Iím gonna do some serious ass kickiní out there and put myself exactly where I belong... in the main event.

MVP: Aíight man, see you out there.

*** They slap hands and leave the room. ***

*** We then see a shot of WWE Champion John Cena walking through the corridors on his way out to ringside for commentary. ***



Main Event
Eight-Man Over-the-Top Battle Royal
Mark Henry, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Shelton Benjamin, The Miz, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger
Winner Gets Title Shot at Survivor Series
* WWE Champ John Cena on Commentary *
Final Minutes:
All eight guys have been giving it their absolute best to eliminate each other, but so far no one has been eliminated with them all so intent on staying in. John Cena has been praising all of them on commentary by pointing out each guyís strengths, but itís clear that Shelton Benjamin is struggling following his assault at the hands of Sheamus earlier. Also, itís clear that Ted DiBiase still feels the same as he did earlier as he has so far refused to go along with Cody Rhodesí plans. Right now big Mark Henry grabs the arm of Cody Rhodes and sends him into the corner, he then charges in AND HITS HIM WITH A HUGE RUNNING SPLASH! Rhodes slumps down and Henry turns around, only for the All-American American Jack Swagger to stomp him in the gut... AND HE PLANTS THE BIG MAN WITH A DDT! Swagger climbs to his feet but is met by Henryís partner MVP who strikes his former rival Swagger with a series of right hands before CONNECTING WITH THE KNEE-FACEBUSTER! MVP is then turned around by Ted DiBiase however who shoots MVP off into the ropes... AND THEN HITS HIM WITH A SCOOP POWERSLAM! DiBiase is then confronted by Kofi Kingston who nails him with a series of right hands over and over again, Kofi looks set to connect with a move however The Miz runs in from behind AND PUSHES KOFI WITH FORCE INTO DIBIASE! The two clash heads and drop to the mat, with Miz then turning to see the only other man on his feet, Shelton Benjamin!

Miz moves towards Benjamin Ė who is clutching his neck after Sheamusí assault Ė and strikes the Gold Standard with a series of left hands, HE THENS SETS UP FOR THE SKULL CRUSHING FINALE... there is fight left in Benjamin though as he escapes the move and hits Miz with right hands and kicks to the gut, he then takes a few steps back for a run-up before charging in... LOOKING FOR THE PAYDIRT... but Miz thinks fast and grabs the top rope to stay upright... SO SHELTON CRASHES HARD INTO THE MAT! Miz smirks and drags him up quickly, and then tosses him over the top rope and to the floor with ease! Shelton Benjamin has been eliminated by The Miz. John Cena says that Shelton never stood a chance after the backstage assault from Sheamus, but the show must go on. The Miz is suddenly attacked by Jack Swagger and the two begin to trade right hands near the ropes, over and over again with very little give, but suddenly MVP charges across the ring... AND STRIKES MIZ WITH ONE HELL OF A BIG BOOT Ė SENDING HIM OVER THE TOP WITH FORCE! The Miz has been eliminated by MVP.

MVP attempts to eliminate Jack Swagger too but the All-American American overcomes MVP and knocks him to the canvas with a clothesline. Swagger then walks over to Kofi and the two begin to fight it out. Swagger comes out on top in the punching battle and quickly sets up for the powerbomb, HE THEN LIFTS KOFI INTO THE AIR FOR THE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB... but Kofi counters with a hurricanrana, sending Swagger over the top rope! The All-American American is able to cling on however and remains on the apron, but once he turns around he sees Kingston swivel and dive at him... KNOCKING SWAGGER TO THE FLOOR WITH THE TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Jack Swagger has been eliminated by Kofi Kingston. Swagger is livid on the outside and shouts at Kofi who smiles, but Cody Rhodes runs up from behind and dumps Kingston over the top rope in a flash! What a cheap tactic! Kofi Kingston has been eliminated by Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes immediately picks off the scraps, stomping down onto the fallen Henry and MVP to make them stay down, before returning to a corner where Ted DiBiase sits. Rhodes helps DiBiase up and makes it clear that itís down to two teams: Mark Henry/MVP, and Rhodes/DiBiase. Rhodes tells DiBiase that they should work together, but DiBiase shakes his head! The crowd cheers for the show of defiance, while Cody Rhodes pushes DiBiase in the chest and shouts at him; telling him that itís what Randy Orton wants, to which DiBiase replies ďI meant what I said earlierĒ. Rhodes looks angry and pushes DiBiase again in frustration... BUT DIBIASE TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A HUGE RIGHT! Rhodes jumps to his feet holding his jaw in shock, asking DiBiase what heís doing, but DiBiase takes him down with a clothesline! Ted then lifts Rhodes up and sends him off the ropes.... AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A DROPKICK!

The crowd is loving it when DiBiase lifts Rhodes up again, AND PREPARES TO TOSS RHODES TO THE OUTSIDE... but Randy Ortondashes down the ramp and gets DiBiaseís attention! DiBiase lets go of Rhodes and looks at Orton, who shouts at DiBiase to do what he told him to do, but DiBiase shakes his head and shouts ďIím doing this for myselfĒ to Orton. They continue to argue it out, but Rhodes suddenly sneaks up behind DiBiase AND THROWS HIM TO THE OUTSIDE!!! Ted DiBiase has been eliminated by Cody Rhodes. Orton looks down at DiBiase who lies next to him almost with a trance-like look, with his evil eyes looking down at the man who defied him. Orton then looks up at Cody Rhodes, and smirks at him! Rhodes smirks too with Orton then walking up the ramp and through the curtain.

Rhodes is taken aback however when he sees Mark Henry directly behind him, full of intensity! Cody Rhodes tries to reason with the big man to no avail... AND IS TAKEN DOWN BY A FULL BODY BLOCK FROM THE BRICK WALL THAT IS HENRY! The Worldís Strongest Man then picks Rhodes off the mat like heís nothing, he has him across his chest in the same position heíd hold someone for the Worldís Strongest Slam, and moves to the ropes to try and toss Rhodes out. Henry has trouble though from the resilient Rhodes, and even though Henry has Rhodes held on top of the top rope, Rhodes clings on with his dear life! Rhodes is slipping down however he is bringing Henry with him, as the big man is only on his tip-toes in the ring as Rhodes is pulling him over the top rope with him, but suddenly MVP runs in from behind and grabs the tree-trunk like leg of his partner, AND MANAGES TO THROW HENRY AND THEREFORE RHODES TOO OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH THEM TUMBLING TO THE FLOOR! Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry have been eliminated by MVP. MVP HAS DONE IT!!!

Winner Ė Earning a Title Shot Against John Cena at SS: MVP!

*** After the match the crowd cheers for MVP who celebrates in the ring. MVP gets up onto the ropes and does his ďBalliníĒ with the crowd still cheering, but Mark Henry doesnít look happy as he sits down on the floor. MVP soon turns his attention to John Cena at the announce table, and Cena then stands up and lifts his title into the air. The two men then stare at each other, both smiling and looking forward to the competition as Raw comes to a close. ***

*** END OF SHOW ***

Quick Results:
- Kofi Kingston df. Randy Orton
- Gail Kim df. Eve, Alicia Fox and Jillian to earn a title shot
- Shelton Benjamin df. The Miz via count out to earn a Raw Roster Spot
- Triple H df. Chris Jericho via DQ
- MVP won the eight-man Battle Royal to earn a Title Shot at Survivor Series


Verizon Center in Washington, DC Ė 22nd November 2009

John Cena (c) vs. MVP




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