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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

The Archangels

So hopefully, after reading my first two shows, you've wondered about which wrestlers are portraying The Archangels characters I've introduced. Well, the answer's simple: no one. The Archangels are a group of fictional characters, not played by actual people. Now, I know what you're thinking: "What a stupid idea, it won't work, no one'll get into them because we don't know who they are," etc. Well, nay-sayers, I say nay to your discouragement. I'm aware that these created characters have never been a success, but I'm willing to try my hand at changing that. And, to better introduce you to the characters, I've given you an NXG.com-style background on them.

- Michael -

The leader of The Archangels. Michael Clark was a former alcoholic whose drinking exiled him from his loved ones, costing him his girlfriend, his job, and the support from his family and friends. Eventually, his vice took him to the brink of death until he saw a light, a light that gave him the vision of beginning anew, and help cleanse the world of all that is untrue. He traveled throughout to shine this light, speaking to all that would listen to his words, and over time, amassed a group of followers that he had saved from themselves, joining him on his mission. Michael, who is the namesake of the archangel, renamed all his followers in the image of the divine beings, and named their collective The Archangels. Now, after over a year of wrestling training, they have come to NeX Generation Wrestling to purge the roster of the unseen evils, exposing who they truly are to the loyal fandom.

Standing at 6 ft. 1 in. and weighing 223 lbs., Michael is an imposing man with power and speed on his side to aid him on his quest. His combat style is mostly ground-based, but can also unleash aerial offense as well. He wears his hair blond and shoulder-length, with same-color goatee. His wrestling attire consists of a pair of white trunks emblazoned with The Archangels' emblem, and his finishing maneuver is a TKO known as the "Requiem".

A good model-visual for Michael might be Chris Jericho, when he had long hair.

- Raphael -

The second-in-command of The Archangels. Tyrone Johnson grew up in a very rough neighborhood, adapting to the mentality of anger and fighting. He was involved in several fights during his life, and a little after graduating high school, he was in an altercation that left a boy in the hospital. He was sentenced to several months in prison, as well as anger management courses. Early on into his sentence, a man in white visited his prison to speak to the inmates of a light that could help reshape their lives. None listened, except Johnson, who took a great interest in this light. He followed Michael's teachings, and was released early for good behavior. He was renamed "Raphael", and joined Michael in his travels to spread their light's glow.

Standing at 6 ft. 4 in. and weighing 248 pounds, Raphael is physically the biggest and strongest of The Archangels. His anger never truly subsided, and is visible in his aggressive wrestling style, which consists of mostly power moves. Raphael is of African-American descent, and wears his black hair short, with no facial hair. His wrestling attire is a white pair of trunks with The Archangels' emblem on the back, and his finishing maneuvor is a sit-out suplex powerbomb called "Perdition".

A good model-visual for Raphael might be Monty Brown.

- Sariel & Remiel -

Brothers Carlos and Fernando DeSantos make up the tag team of The Archangels. Growing up in an LA neighborhood overrun with gangs, they eventually fell into that lifestyle as a young teenagers, with Carlos joining in the jumping of his younger brother into the gang. The DeSantos quickly excelled at becoming a thieving tandem, whether it be causing distractions at a store, or breaking into someone's house. The two were caught during a gang fight, and after a short sentence, they were sent to halfway house. There, two men in white came to speak to the inhabitants, but only the slowly-reforming DeSantos brothers listened with intruige about the light. After being released, they joined Michael and Raphael, and Carlos was renamed "Sariel", and Fernando "Remiel", to shine the saving light.

They are physically the smallest men of the group, both at 5 ft. 10 and 5 ft. 9, and 195 and 192 lbs., respectively. Paying tribute to their heritage, they wrestle the fast-paced lucha style, taking high-flying risks for their mission. Both men wear their curly black hair short, although they do keep length, and the two are the only Archangels to use tights as their attire, presenting their logo. Sariel's finishing move is a Ranhei he calls "Deliverance", while Remiel uses a snapmare driver he named "Penitence". Together, their tandem finisher is a doomsday crossbody named "Viaticum".

Good model-visuals for Sariel and Remiel might be Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis, without tattooes and shorter hair.

- Gabrielle -

The sole female member of The Archangels. Misty Alexander, during her time in high school and college, grew a reputation of being a wild party girl. She frequently attented festivities, and participated in consumption of alcohol, drugs, and throws behind closed doors. Eventually, these reckless outgoings saw her fail at college, and lose her job, leaving her with no source of education or income. After a month of living out of her car, she was desperate for a change - and she found it when she met four men in white, who showed her a light, with promises of being able to help her better herself. Invigorated with this, Alexander joined the men - Michael, Raphael, Sariel, and Remiel - and was renamed "Gabrielle", after the archangel of the male version of the name.

Standing at 5 ft. 7 in. and weighing 119 lbs., Gabrielle is a calculating competitor that makes the most of her light frame, using her speed to off-set opponents. She also posses considerable strength for a woman of her stature, as she can also use hard-hitting power moves as well. She has long caremel-colored hair, and her attire consists of a white midriff-exposing top, as well as white trunks displaying the The Archangels' symbol. Her finishing move is an Emerald Flowsion she calls the "Rapture".

A good model-visual for Gabrielle might be Lacey.

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