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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

WCW Rules' Review of Rated R Champ's Vortex

Here we go, buddy boi. A New Day's Light, eh? Interesting.

First off, this is refreshing. This archangel stable, from first impression, is beautiful and the manner in which you're writing 'em gives 'em such a flavor that it's hard to dismiss this group. Love the names as well - some Christian references there, and it gives the group a solid identity from the get-go. While I write this, I'm listening to a melancholic song with some latin chants, and as I read the promo, I'm seeing these characters. You know how I love characters like this, and it's a great aid. You've written this Michael character wonderfully, might I add. No major issues at all. This character also seems like a honest but holier than thou kind of persona, which I'm digging. However, this is nothing new. This promo, although captivating, gives me nothing I haven't seen before. It's perhaps a revelation from the man speaking, but it doesn't scream new. He also sounded too... CM Punk-ish, which detracted a little bit. However, if this is where you want your character to go, who am I to differ? Brilliant promo, but nothing to get ecstatic about. I'd liken it to a favorite meal - it's something you love and enjoy time and time again, but the taste is too familiar.

Yun, aka Jimmy Wang Yang battles Ace Steel? Odd choice of opponents, but opponents don't have to fit in order to get a good match out of one another. I'd imagine Steel would pull off the victory in his hometown, and I was right. 'Twas quite a bland match, if I will be frank. The moves seemed crisp, but I can't say as I was reading it that I was immersed in Steel's plight to win in his hometown. Nevertheless, it is a good booking decision to have him win. There's a good feeling aura about it, even if it feels a slight contrived and forced because it is his hometown.

Meh, Team 3D are past their prime, however, they're not beyond uselessness yet. Hehe, what he says is EXACTLY how I feel about 'em. Good job immersing the reader, champ. On a more serious note, it appears they're heel. I did have quite a laugh at the MCMG/Hooligan insults, and Bubba described 'em in a manner I found close to heart, meaning I agree with him. 'Twas an average promo, nothing 3D said was out of place, but nothing that was said was special either. Somewhat of a generic "Respect us because we're legends" kind of schtick.

When I first read the bolded name, I MARKED. I marked the f*** out. Looks like you're taking my "Chosen One" moniker for Sean O'Haire to use. I don't mind - in fact, I'm quite flattered. The Prophet and the Chosen One would be a GREAT pair, whomever this Prophet is. These gimmicks are making me quite giddy. The statements about destiny seemed spot on, and you're marketing O'Haire as the real deal, as he should be. Good job on the hype. I hope it's not all for naught. Such impeccable and methodical promotion should be replicated nowadays, as you don't see it very much. Nice touch, man.

I'm not too familiar with the Briscoes, but the offense in this match was solid. Back and forth, it seemed like a good TV tag team match. No real rest periods, all fast-paced action - glad to read something like this. The Briscoes gave a good effort, even with Team 3D winning. Regardless of their defeat, they came out looking like a million bucks, and I commend you on makin' this match competitive. Team 3D advances, and although it wouldn't be a mistake to put the tag belts on 'em, it does get old seeing 'em as Tag Champs. Just a small anecdote.

The man of the hour, Rey Rey! I love the fact we're seeing Rey Rey Vs. Booker T tonight for the Main Event, brings me back. As good as Rey is in the ring, on the stick he is lackluster, and it showed here. Although he was somewhat in character (could be I'm used to WWE PG, but the man from the 619 seemed too arrogant for my tastes. Usually, he's more humble), it was still an unexciting promo, and very short as well. Booker kinda saved this promo, being his arrogant self, and his ebonic speech makes him a little more entertaining. Some minor grammar issues with commas were apparent, but nothing major. You have improved, however, so kudos. Just a little more refinement. Overall, this promo was decent. Again, nothing out of the blue but nothing exciting either.

Ashton Kutcher? You gotta be kidding me. I hope he doesn't become another David Arquette. He repeated awesome twice, but it could be because he knows no other word. I don't like having this "booking and creative" side of the equation on national TV. IMO, it's what TNA is doing wrong and what WCW did wrong. Call me a traditionalist, but I prefer kayfabe with some shoot, but nothing too direct. Also, I'm surprised HEYMAN is the one in favor of getting Kutcher in with the promotion, as Bischoff was always the TV guy and LOVED celebrities. Just seems out of character. Was not a big fan of this promo, but we'll see what happens before I judge.

The first paragraph or so of this match was nonstop, but seemed kinda similar to their bouts during their 2006 Smackdown feud. I did like the story of the match however - it seemed like Booker fell into Rey's traps one too many times. If a feud springs out of this, I'd like to see Booker learn from it the next time they meet. 'Twas a worthy Main Event, full of action and some great character moments I believe, both from Booker and Rey Rey. However, there was a lack of selling I found that hurt the match (mainly the leg), and the match just seemed to go from spot A to spot B without much in between. Just a little heads up. A solid main event to close out the show, and Rey Rey winning could only mean big things for the biggest little man. From a booking standpoint, Booker has the most mileage of the two and doesn't seemed primed to give some of the other guys a run for their money like Rey Rey would, so it's all good.

A decent, if somewhat bland, show. The beginning of the show (The Archangel promo) and the end (Main Event) were the best parts, with the middle of the show suffering from generic personalities and okay matches. I'm also not a fan of the Ashton Kutcher thing, but it's whatever. It's YOUR show. What pointers I'll give you is attempt to add a little variety to all facets of your show - it seemed too formulaic and predictable. This is the first Vortex show, and should've been a little more than what it was. Here's hoping you shape it later on to become an integral and exciting piece of programming.
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