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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

Vortex Feedback

I have to say that I am intrigued by the make up of The Archangels. It’s clear that you’ve spent a lot of time in creating a persona for them all, and the hype they got from the first show was strong. I’m not sure whether their debut should have waited until the next two hour show as it seemed a bit lost and not as important in the first segment here. It’s going to get lost in the mix of everything else. The promo however was well written and the darkness and menace of their characters came across well. It seemed a bit odd that the focus of their coming to NXG was based on drinking too much. Their mission was to expose everyone else’s evils sounds good and will undoubtedly lead to some very personal and heated feuds, which is only good news. It was a very good promo but it was put in a bad spot for me as I don’t think they got enough exposure as they deserved.

You’ve always liked your matches being competitive and you’ve given yourself a chance to write some crackers in this thread. The Yun/Steel one was no different, and despite not knowing Steel all that well, it was a great match to read. I don’t really think it mattered who won that much with no history behind it, as is going to be the case for a while with every match. Solid match to get things going.

I loved the intensity of the Team 3D promo, seriously hot. They’re at their best when they’re as aggressive as they are. I have no problems with the bullshit & assholes, but was there any need to use the ‘F’ word. Would your network allow that? I didn’t see the need to go there as they were hot enough without using the f’bomb. I loved the digs at The Guns, and characters who shoot are far more interesting as you just don’t know what they’re going to say next. Great promo, but the f-bomb did kind of stick out in that when it shouldn’t have considering it really wasn’t necessary.

You followed up the first promo of The Prophet well, hyping up his first match for NeXus. It was sensible to do that and make him look like more of a big deal. It looks like he’s going to be one of your pet projects, and so far the promos have hyped up very well.

Wow, close to making the time limit! Why wasn’t that hyped more? Anyway, Team 3D have been used very well on this show and look like ‘the team’ in NXG right now. I’m okay with that as they are the established pairing of the company, and with their heel personas, I think it’s the right decision. A dirty finish might have helped The Briscoes more in the long term, but they looked good in defeat I have to say.

There was some good interaction between Rey & Booker to hype their match later on as well as the all important elimination gauntlet. I hope Rey gets more chances to talk as he’s not that bad, and as you showed here, he comes across well as the underdog with confidence. Sharmell sounded good and used her well by throwing her in to the mix.

Dear lord, Ashton Kutcher again. Like Heyman said, I can see why you would want to have an A-list celebrity involved as it is great publicity for the company. It’s definitely a better idea than needlessly adding yourself in to it when you’ve got two of the best in Bischoff & Heyman in there. The promo was good in creating tension between Bischoff & Heyman, and this was far better in the direction of the balance of power as it’s all about them and not Mikey, well you. That’s how it should be if you ask me. No one in the wrestling business would be interested and tuning in to NXG for Mikey Alvarez. Sorry, but I just don’t see the point of it.

Great main event and it made up for the mind boggling decision not to have Mysterio on NeXus as he is the star of the company for me. The match was great and utilised Rey to his best, showing his fighting spirit and coming through against a bigger and tougher opponent. Enjoyed that one and please push Rey to the moon as he could be the poster boy. I’m a Punk fan, but Rey’s the man here.

Overall, I think this was a very good show and I enjoyed it far more than NeXus. You’ve created (well pushed) some big stars for the company in Rey & Team 3D tonight. The O’Haire promo hyped him even further, and aside from a couple of minor things in the positioning of The Archangels’ promo and the f-bomb, it was well booked.

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