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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

Vortex Feedback

Mmm, pretty nice card you’ve got here for Vortex, as shown in the opening commentary. Opening the show up with The Archangels? Would have liked maybe a little more hype, or for them to at least make their real debut on NeXus, since it’s your flagship show. I also wouldn’t mind knowing who they are, with my guess atm being Chris Hero, Big ‘Zeke, The Maximos (although I doubt it. I’m drawing a blank here) and Lacey? Not sure. The start of this promo kind of reminded me of current CM Punk mixed maybe with Age of the Fall in a religious way at the same time. Using personal experience as a way to bring the guiding light of religion is fine, although saying they’ve come to NXG to bring back the virtues of humanity is alright, although I think it’d work much better if they came in at a later date with this type of gimmick, after seeing that there were sinners in NXG, rather than debuting on the first show. Not a huge fan of the gimmick really (no one bar Jimmy Jacobs has made a crusade type gimmick work, imo), nor the generic names, although this wasn’t a bad promo in terms of introducing the new faction.

Ace Steel vs. Jimmy Yang/Yun is certainly a very good way to kick things off. A petty basic formula to the matchup to begin with, although I would have preferred to have seen Yun get more offense in before Steel came back with the old knee. Apart from that, solid match with a nice basic finish. Steel picking up the win took me off guard a little with your love for Yun, however, with Steel being in his hometown and as such, popular, it does make sense to make him prominent. Nice first match to kick things off.

Another one of those promos to introduce an act to your promotion, confirming 3D will be heels. While I like them bringing up that they’re stale and boring, them saying “fuck you” seems a little far, even if bleeped out. I would have also liked to have seen a promo to introduce The Briscoe Bros, but since you have 3D talking about how they respect them I’m assuming they’re heels. Aggressive promo from 3D here, which is I guess the way you were going for. Not sure about 3D talking about flashy moves for Londrick and The Guns since that’s pretty much all they are, but I’m not too fussed. Nice way to establish 3D as heels.

O’Haire debuting already? Would have liked a few weeks promos to hype him up personally, although at least these promos show promise for you plans with him.

Much like I said in my NeXus feedback, people like The Briscoes wouldn’t be getting big pops, because they’re new on the national/global scene. I also would have expected them to be heels after what 3D said in their promo about actually respecting them, but whatever. Maybe that’s a hint at The Briscoes turning at some point. The match again was fine, with a good use of the ten minute time limit you gave yourself to make things exciting. I’m actually a fan of this result in a way, because as long as 3D are doing the job, using an established team to establish a top one of your own promotion is the right move. Then again, if 3D go on to win gold, I really don’t think it suits the whole point of the created fed. As Eric Bischoff has said time and time again, to be successful you can’t do the same as the opposition, and giving 3D the gold would be the same as the opposition.

Decent enough stuff from Rey here. A bit bland, but that’s Rey, and I thought you did pretty well considering he’s not the most interesting guy in the world. Booker was pretty good here too, as was Sharmell, who imo, you’ve used pretty well thus far both on NeXus and here. Nice little confrontation to not only hype the main event, but give it some real meaning too. Good stuff.

I wonder who this person who the three owners are talking about is. Would like to see a lot more tension between Heyman and Bischoff, personally, although at least there was some at the end of the promo. As far as Kutcher goes, I’ll wait to see where this is headed.

Booker’s a heel? He chummed up with Goldberg on NeXus, and only Sharmell appeared partially heelish. And even though tonight he had a little confrontation from Rey, I still thought he was a face. The match started pretty nicely here, although I would have liked to have seen Booker sell the leg kicks, rather than after absorbing them just hit a kick then a leg drop himself, making them look incredibly weak. The counters from then on seemed pretty nice though, and selling the leg injuries at the end was a smart way to finish, although like I said, if one of Rey’s kicks could hurt, the ones earlier should have. Regardless, a nice main event and a pretty good way to top the show off.

As a whole, Mikey, this show was alright, without being anything spectacular. You had solid wrestling throughout and some decent promos, which made for a solid show. Nothing standing out too much, but some progression along to your first Pay-Per-View. Hopefully we see some actual storylines form before then, as we don’t have any really yet, but you still have some time to go. Solid stuff.

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