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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

L-OSU Vortez Review

The opening promo created a little mystery which is always great, the Archangels group is interesting. I've very interested to see who they are as I"m going to try and figure out as you go on instead of looking at your roster page ir they are even on it. I think some of the comments were over the top and really the promo lasted a little too long. It kind of dragged on a bit.

I haven't seen much of Ace Steel but I get a feeling for him through your writing. I like him winning over Jimmy because he is unknown to me and Jimmy isn't somebody I like very much.

The Dudleys promo was typical, they want the titles and are better then everybody else. I like when writers allow their characters to play off the past instead of just ignoring it like they to in the WWE. I just worry about the size differential between the Dudleys and the other teams, although the Dudleys are good in the ring against constant high flyers it could be the same match over and over.

I'm a big fan of O'Haire but I don't know about this character. The whole Chosen One and Prophet, I think is too similar to the Angels group. For me the names themselves no matter what they do, would be confusing.But I"m interesed on who the Prophet is.

I;m a big fan of the Briscoes and figured Team 3D would beat them especially after their earlier promo. I think maybe it would have been better to have this match first then the Dudleys promo as the result wouldn't have been so predictable.

Rey and Booker promo, I liked because of the statment earlier about them not ignoring their pasts, especially the one they have had together. Booker is kind of an mystery to me on what is the proper way to use him, I see Rey Mysterio taking the match later.

The main event was solid but nothing to go wild about. Rey winning wasn't a surprise because of what I personally think of Booker.
I'm also glad their wasn't no kind of after match antics as it was refreshing to have a show void of that.

Overall-A solid show which I come to expect out of ya. There is a few things, I would have switched around like the Dudleys promo but each segement served its purpose. I'm a little bit worried about the similar gimmicks between the Angels and O'Haire. The set up is fine and you did a good job with usage of colors and italics making it easier to read. I'll give a solid 7 out of 10.
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