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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling


- "A New Day's Light" -
May 13, 2010
UIC Pavillion - Chicago, Illinois

The show begins without an entrance video, instead the camera slowly fades into picture. The Chicago crowd is buzzing in anticipation for what's going to go on tonight, and we're greeted to the show by our commentary team, Joey Styles and Mick Foley.

Joey Styles: Good evening everyone! I'm Joey Styles, here with Mick Foley, and we want to welcome you to the first-ever episode of NXG Vortex! It's gonna be a big night, isn't it, Mick?

Mick Foley: You bet, Joey! Here tonight, we've got three big match-ups for you all, including the third NXG International Tournament Qualifyer between Ace Steel, and Jimmy Yun! Should be a very exciting match up here, especially since we're here in Steel's hometown, Chicago!

Joey Styles: No doubt we'll have an eletric atmostphere for that match, but we can also guarantee one for this match: Team 3D vs. The Briscoe Brothers! Last week, the Motor City Machine Guns and The Hooliganz weren't able to secure their spot for Wrestlution, but will 3D or The Briscoes be able to do it in one shot?

Mick Foley: Excellent question there, and I'm definitely lookin' forward to findin' out! And we can't forget about our main event tonight, can we? It's one we've seen fought over the World Title in WWE, involving two of the ten men lookin' to become the first-ever NXG World Heavyweight Champ: Rey Mysterio, takes on Booker T!

The arena then goes dark, except with the stage shining in brilliant white as religious music that sounds of impending doom plays out, something similar to "Requiem for a Dream". Mist and fog flows down the opening of the stage, and after a moment, we see five persons in white trench coats and hoods step through, four men and a single woman, the same characters that were shown in a video during NeXus's main event, the ones that referred to themselves as "Archangels". They enters the ring, and keep the same formation as they had as they walked down, then lower their hoods.

The man on the far left is Hispanic and has short, curly black hair. Next to him is the woman, who is very beautiful and has caramel-colored hair. In the center is a man with long blond hair, as well as a blond goatee. To his left is the largest of the five, an African-American man also with a closely-shaved head. And the last closely resembles the other Hispanic man, as if they were brothers. All five wear stern expressions, void of positive emotion.

The man in the center reveals a microphone, and begins to address in a very formal manner the Chicago crowd, who hasn't been very receptive of the crowd, although some slight booes could be heard.

??? Allow us to introduce ourselves. This is Sariel, (gestures to the first Hispanic man) she is Gabrielle, (motions to the woman beside him) this is Raphael, (motions to the African-American man next to him) he is Remiel, (gestures to the second Hispanic man) and I am Michael... And we, are The Archangels.

The fans don't make much of a reaction, but again, some heat is audible.

Michael: We are here for one reason: to shine light in this poisoned world. Everywhere we go, everywhere we turn, we see humanity and their severe imperfections. And we also see, that they cannot. Society is blind to their faults, and even find merriment in them. Drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, you all immerse yourselves in it, and are too self-obsessed with your artificial pleasure to notice that this planet is in disrepair - causing all the more blame to be placed on your shoulders.

This gets the Chicago crowd booing.

Michael: You fail to see how people in some countries are left to fend for themselves in brutal conditions by their rulers. You fail to see how cruelly some animals are tortured by owners. You even fail to see a man on your very street mugged and beaten, all for whatever little money he has on me, to be used by his assailant on drugs and alcohol. And when you take notice of suffering, it's because of when you made fun of and insulted someone who looks or dresses differently than you. It's when one of your so-called friends attempts a ridiculous stunt under a substance's influence, and ends up needing to visit the hospital while you laugh at his injuries.

Again the fans disagree, and boo the group.

Michael: Yes, the world is enveloped in evil. And we, we are born of this tainted planet. We were all like you once, we were all sinners. We drank, we fought, we stole, we took your drugs. We were on a road to self-destruction, but just before the final passage, we were saved, by a light. (Looks angry at what he's about to say, as if ashamed) For years, I was an alcoholic. At first, my drinking started as something innocent, something merely to be enjoyed. But as time went on, I drank heavier and heavier, trying to use alcohol as a remedy to my problems... but it only made everything worse. I lost everyone and everything I cared for, and the problems that I wanted to drink away doubled. But I didn't acknowledge this, and like an unceasing circle, I continued to drink, until I nearly died... but the light saved me. The light, it invigorated me, it gave me the strength to stand back up and mend all the wrongs I'd done. It helped me put my life back in order, but I felt that I had new life to live. I had a new mission on this earth, and that was to spread the light on the world that was harming itself just as I was. And that's how the five of us formed; I found these troubled men and women, and I showed them the light. They were saved from their evil vices, and felt the same desire to take upon my task in wanting to share the light, and that is why we are here, in NXG: to show the world their unseen evils, and purge them until the only shadows casted are caused by all standing in the light.

Chicago is now getting on The Archangels' case with louder heat, as they see no need to see the light.

Michael: The NXG locker room is full of men and women that you all adore, that you all look up to, cheer for. But they are just like you, full of evil elements that need correcting. You encourage their talents and abilities as wrestlers, but as humans, they drink, they take drugs, and they angrily and conceitedly disregard you fans when you come up to them and ask for autographs. And we, will make sure that they see the light. For over a year now, we have trained long and hard to enter the wrestling medium, to perfect this craft, and now, we are here, fine wrestlers with passion and resolve for our cause. We will resurrect the virtues lost by humanity. We will be unrelenting in our crusade for opening your eyes to the ideal, and we will do what we must to show you the light. We, The Archangels, bring a new day's light to wrestling, a new day's light to the world, and at last, you will all see.

The crowd heavily booes them, although the five look unphased. Michael lowers to a knee to carefully place the mic on the mat, then leads his group out of the ring, and up the stage. They enter the back without a single look back at the crowd, and we go our first break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, it's time for our first match, and out comes Jimmy Yun to an Oriental rock sounding production track, and a nice pop. He high-fives the fans on his way to the ring, and does some quick posing atop the turnbuckles before heading the center of the ring.

A moment later, a heavy metal production track plays, and Ace Steel comes out to a very good pop from Chicago, his hometown. He heads the ring, high-fiving the fans on his way, and rolls into the ring. He doesn't do much for theatrics, just raising his arm, looking ready to wrestle. The ref steps out of the way, and starts the match.

- NXG International Championship Tournament Qualfiying Match -
Jimmy Yun vs. Ace Steel

End: Jimmy tried to take the match to the air, using his high-flying prowess, but the pugnacious Steel tried to ground him. Now, Steel has an armbar locked in on the mat, while Jimmy slowly inches towards the ropes. Eventually, he takes ahold of the bottom rope, and Steel breaks the armbar at the ref's 4-count. He helps Yun to his feet, then throws him off the ropes. Jimmy rebounds, into a back elbow from Ace. Steel then hits the ropes, and springboards off the middle rope, turning around in mid-air to land a big leg drop across Yun's throat! He makes the pin, but Jimmy kicks out at 2. He gets up, grabbing Yun as well, and whips him off the ropes. Jimmy rebounds, ducks a clothesline, grabs ahold of the arm, and masterfully swings himself around Steel's body to nail a satellite DDT! He makes the cover, but Steel's able to get the shoulder up at 2.

Jimmy shakes the cobwebs, then picks himself up, along with Steel. He throws him off the ropes, and Steel charges back at Jimmy. He leapfrogs over him to evade, then rolls onto his back, legs poised. Steel returns, and Jimmy is able to press off his chest to flip him over. Steel gets up, a bit flustered, and runs into an armdrag from Yun. This repeats twice more, with Jimmy changing it up with a beautiful dropkick, backflipping off and onto Steel's body for another pin! Again Steel kicks out at 2, and makes it up. Yun's there in wait, and grabs him. He tries to whip him off the ropes, but Ace reverses it. Jimmy rebounds, and runs under a clothesline, but on his second return, Steel lands a big knee to the midsection, flipping him over! He holds his stomach on the mat, and Steel steps onto the apron, climbs the corner, and dives off with a headbutt!

He covers, but just gets 2. He picks Yun up, then throws him into the corner. He follows in, looking for a dropkick, but Jimmy managed to move away in time, and Steel hits the buckles! He has some difficulty standing, but once he does, he walks out at Yun, who nails a spinning heel kick! He gets up quickly in an adrenaline rush, and lifts Steel up. He hits a series of fast fists, then repeated kicks to the legs, then a spin kick to the jaw that takes Steel down! Jimmy then heads into the corner, and scales up to the second before jumping onto the top, and springboarding off with a moonsault! But Ace got the knees up, and Yun crashes stomach-first into them! He rolls around on the mat, as Steel climbs to his feet. He grabs and lifts Yun by the head, and hits a lifting swinging DDT, the Steel Spike! He makes the cover, 1... 2... 3! Steel's in contention!

- Winner -
Ace Steel

Joey Styles: Tremendous performance by both these men again, showcasing what NXG is all about: wrestling and competition! Jimmy Yun took Ace Steel to the limits, but it's the Chicago native that picks up the win!

Mick Foley: Ace Steel is a man who simply loves to go at it, and Jimmy Yun brought it! But now, it's Steel that moves up into the International Title Tournament, where he'll face off against Elijah Burke!

Steel celebrates his big win here by raising his arm and nodding at the crowd, who gives him a good pop. He leaves the ring the way he wanted, victorious after a good fight, and high-fives the fans on his way back. Meanwhile, Yun looks a little disappointed in his loss, but still content with himself for almost taking it.

- XXX -

We then cut to a backstage area, where we see Team 3D, Ray and Devon. A mixed reaction is heard in the background, and these two men look incredibly focused for their match later on tonight.

Ray: Team 3D is the greatest tag team of all time. We've been everywhere and done it all. We've won so many tag team championships, I've lost count. But for some reason, the so-called fans have no respect for us. All you punks out there, have no respect for what we've done for this business, and tag team wrestling. We've done insane things, we've bled buckets, and it was all for tag team titles. But what do you dumbasses say about us? That we're boring. That we're stale, that we're too old. No respect for what we've done! So you wanna know what we have to say about you? F*** you! We've never done what we do for anyone other than ourselves, but you backwards inbreds having no respect for the risks we've taken makes us sick! There are plenty of assh***s out there in this business that we can't stand, but we have respect for what they've done in their careers, 'cause that's what this business is founded on: respect!

Ray then moves back a little, allowing Devon to move up.

Devon: You people call yourselves true fans of wrestling? Bulls***. True fans are the ones that have respect for the greatest tag team in history. We don't give a damn if you like us or not, 'cause we're not out to please, but we demand respect! And you know what? Our opponents tonight, The Briscoes, they got respect. Those two are a hell of tag team that have respect for this business. They've worked harder than any tag team we've seen in this business in a long time to get where they at, and they got the scars and missin' teeth to prove it. Those two know respect, and they respect us, and it's a damn shame that we have to compete against them already, 'cause we'd rather face them for the Tag Titles at Wrestlution. Instead, we're gonna have to do it against either the Motor City Machine Guns, or The Hooliganz.

Devon moves back, with Ray taking the center again.

Ray: The Motor City Machine Guns and The Hooliganz are two teams of idiots who believe that just 'cause they can do a few cool-lookin' moves, they deserve to be champions. Well those four have no respect for those that've come before them. Everyone knows the Guns are two punk jackasses that only like to have a good time, and the name "Hooliganz" describes London and Kendrick perfectly, 'cause those two are absolute idiots. So to know that one of those teams is gettin' a chance at the titles when a team that actually has respect for the business like The Briscoes is gettin' knocked outta the running in the first shot, it's stupid. So Briscoes, just know that you've got our respect, but we're still gonna do exactly what we came to NXG for, and Guns and Hooliganz, know that we're gonna beat some respect into you at Wrestlution, and get the sole reason for us bein' here: the Tag Team Titles.

With that, the two give the camera another focused frown, and we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, we get a video, taking place in a dark room, with golden light shining on two figures - Sean O'Haire, and the cloaked Prophet. The Prophet is standing in front, as O'Haire is a few steps back.

Prophet: The path of destiny is marked with the footsteps of some of the greatest men to ever compete in this business, and now, the gates have opened to allow "The Chosen One", Sean O'Haire, to mark the trail himself, in his ascent to the top of the wrestling world.

The camera then moves in to focus on O'Haire, leaving the Prophet out of the picture. The shot of O'Haire is at an angle, so mostly the left side of his face is shown, and he is giving the same ultra-confident grin we saw him wear previously, with the camera at an angle. However, it's the Prophet that continues to speak.

Prophet: They say the journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step. Now, the time has arrived for that first step, and you will all bear witness to it, on NeXus. The Chosen One's first match, will be your first glimpse at destiny's work.

- XXX -

We then cut to the arena, with "Bombshell" by Powerman 5000 hitting, and Team 3D comes out to heat from the crowd. They hold up the 3D signs as they look out at the crowd with snarls, and head to the ring. They taunt the fans along the way, then climb into the ring, and pose more as they wait for their opponents.

A moment later, a metal production track with a country flair plays, and the fans let out a big pop when Jay and Mark, The Briscoes walk out. They're dressed in their signature ring gear, and casually high-five the fans on their way to the ring. Once inside, they take their gear off, and offer handshakes to 3D, which are accepted with a nod. The ref then calls for the bell, starting us off for potentially ten minutes.

- NXG Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match -
- 10-Minute Time Limit -
Team 3D vs. The Briscoes

End: The four men showed great team ability in a vie for control, taking us through a break, and now, Mark Briscoe has it against Devon, chopping away at his chest. The crowd "WOOOs" with each chop, then Mark grabs Devon by the head, and pulls him to his corner. Jay tags in, and the The Briscoes double-whip Devon off the ropes. They get in a three-point stance, then ram the rebounding Devon with an impactful double shoulder block! Jay covers, but a kick-out. He lifts him up, then starts a series of forearms, driving him to the ropes. He whips him off, and Devon comes back, to jump on Jay with a Lou Thesz press! He starts hammering away with punches on Briscoe, but Jay manages to reverse their positions, and fire off a few rounds as well! Devon then reverses their positions again, but now they rolled under the ropes, and the ref makes them stand up!

The two men stand and share a look of disdain and respect as they head back to the center, but Devon backs off and tags in Ray! He enters and steps up to Jay, immediately going into a battle of rights! The heavier hitter Ray takes control, and whips Jay across the ring. Jay ducks a clothesline the first time around, but the second, Ray catches him with a Samoan drop! He gets up, holding up the 3D sign, then looks at Devon with a crazed look. He grabs Jay's legs and opens them, as Devon climbs up the top. Ray yells out "Whassup!?", but before Devon dives off, Mark charges in, and clubs at Ray, saving his brother! Ray falls forward, but Devon dives off with a clothesline for Mark! Devon gets up, amped after the move, but he turns around, into a big boot from Jay! But right afterwards, Ray comes from behind, and nails a sitout full Nelson atomic drop on Jay!

The ref's being leniant with the rules, and a clock appears to show ninety seconds remaining. Team 3D is on their feet, and look at The Briscoes, trying to figure which is legal. They half-lift Jay, and stalk him for the 3D. But Mark turns Ray around, and showing impressive strength, lifts him in a fireman's carry! But Ray battles free, and slips behind. He shoves him off, Mark stopping himself next to Jay, allowing Devon to jumping shoulder-block them both! The Briscoes get up at the same time next to the ropes, but Team 3D is there to clothesline them over the ropes! Jay manages to hang on, and springboards back inside, landing on Ray's shoulders, and snaps off a hurricanrana! He gets up, but Devon's there, to hit a Russian legsweep! Jay shakes it off, rising up, but Devon lifts him with a flapjack, and Ray completes the 3D! Ray covers, 1... 2... 3! Team 3D wins with seconds to spare!

- Winners -
Team 3D

Joey Styles: Oh, man, what a tag team match between these four men! They pulled out all the stops, and The Briscoes came very close to winning, but in the end, the 3D was hit, and put and end to the match just four seconds left on the clock!

Mick Foley: I have to say, Joey, I very much respect The Briscoes and their great talents, but I can't say I was surprised by the results of this match. Team 3D is one of if not the greatest tag teams of all time, and now, they have the chance to add the NXG Tag Team Titles to their impressive résumé at Wrestlution!

Ray and Devon celebrate their win, throwing up the 3D sign, but the Chicago crowd doesn't take too well to it, with mostly jeers being heard. Ray and Devon don't care too much, giving each other a quick man hug before holding each other's arms in victory. The Briscoes regroup on the outside, looking angry at their loss, but they take it like men, and walk up the ramp to cheers as we get one last look at Team 3D before cutting away.

- XXX -

We then cut to the interviewing area, with Leticia Cline. She's standing by with a smile.

Leticia Cline: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Rey Mysterio!

True to her words, Rey Mysterio walks into picture, with the Chicago crowd roaring in the background. He's ready to compete, wearing a green mask to match Vortex's color scheme.

Leticia Cline: Rey, tonight, you have your first NXG match against Booker T, a man that'll also be involved in the same match you'll be in at Wrestlution, the 10-Man Elimination Guantlet for the World Title. Can you give us your thoughts on these matches?

Rey Mysterio: Well, Leticia, first, I want to say that I'm very proud to be a part of NXG, and I'm very proud to be given the opportunity to be the first-ever World Champion here. I heard what Christian Cage said about me and the match at Wrestlution on NeXus, and lemme tell ya, I had a good laugh at that. It's ignorance like that that makes winning so much better against guys who underestimate me. Yeah, I'm short, but I'll still kick your ass, and that's what I plan on doing in the Elimination Guantlet: kick ass, and be the last man in the ring, to become, the World Heavyweight Champion.

Rey smiles and nods for a second, at the thought of himself as the champion, then proceeds to answer the second part of Leticia's question.

Rey Mysterio: Now, as far as my match with Booker T later tonight, I'm lookin' forward to it. Booker and myself, we have a bit of history goin' back to our days in the WWE, and -

???: (In a mocking tone) "A bit of history"?

The owner of that voice is none other than Booker T, Mysterio's opponent later on. He walks into the picture, ready to go, accompanied by his smug wife Sharmell. He himself gives Rey a cocky grin.

Booker T: "A bit of history?" Man, Rey Mysterio, we had more than just a lil' bit of history in the WWE. We made big-time history, when the five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time WCW Champion, beatchu to win my sixth World Title. Don't sell yoself short, dawg.

Booker and Sharmell share a snicker at his joke, while Rey also has a less-than-pleasant smile.

Rey Mysterio: Yeah, good one, Booker; it's not like I've heard that one before. (Smile disappears) But, I guess you're right about us having more than just a bit of history together. I haven't forgotten that you were the one that beat me for the World Title, and I don't think I ever gotchu back properly for that.

Sharmell: (Gets in Mysterio's face) Well you gotcho chance tonight, Rey Rey, but I'm afraid that it's gonna be the same result as it was that night when Booker won the World Title from you.

Booker T: Yeah. And who knows, Rey? Maybe you could be a big part at givin' me number seven at Wrestlution, too.

Rey Mysterio: (Smirking confidently again) We'll see.

Booker and Sharmell then back off, as Rey and Leticia watch, and we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, we're in a coxy office, with the heads of NXG inside, talking with big smiles on their faces. Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff sit on a black leather couch, as Mikey Alvarez sits on a chair behind a desk, feet kicked up on top, looking very relaxed.

Paul Heyman: - so I'm not sure what happened with negotiations with him. Haven't heard anything from him.

Eric Bischoff: That's a shame, he had potential. But, I think we'll be able to do without him - NeXus did incredibly well in the ratings, and that was just the beginning.

Mikey Alvarez: I guess, but I still think he would've been a great addition to the roster. Maybe we could call him or something again in a -

Alvarez is cut off by a knock on their door. He quickly takes his feet off the desk, and the door opens to reveal Ashton Kutcher. He walks in to the surprise of the three men.

Ashton Kutcher: (Offers hand to Heyman) Hey, guys. Um, can I talk to you?

Eric Bischoff: (Shakes hand with Kutcher) About what?

Ashton Kutcher: Well, NeXus was really awesome. I hadn't watched or been to a wrestling show in a long time, and NeXus was really awesome. So was meeting AJ Styles - great guy, I'd seen him wrestle before I stopped following, and thought he really was phenominal. But anyway, (Shakes hands with Alvarez) being here in Chicago with fans that are truly passionate about wrestling, and seeing the start of something great, it really brought back the fan in me.

Mikey Alvarez: Well, glad we could make a fan out of you again, Ashton.

Ashton Kutcher: Yeah, but actually, what I really wanted to talk to you guys about was maybe joining you guys in the creative department of the company. (All three look up at him with surprise) Y'know, booking matches and stuff. I mean, I used to always want to have this guy wrestle that guy when I was a kid, and I personally think that maybe, I could help out around here.

The three men continue to look up at him in shock, as Ashton looks back at them, eager for an answer.

Mikey Alvarez: ...Well, I'm not sure. That's a pretty big request, Ashton, and -

Paul Heyman: I'll tell ya what, Mr. Kutcher. Come back and see us on NeXus. The three of us'll talk it over, and we'll give you an answer then. How's that sound?

Ashton Kutcher: Really? Great, thanks, guys! I'll see you on Tuesday.

Kutcher leaves the room, while Bischoff and Alvarez look a little angrily at Heyman.

Eric Bischoff: Really, Heyman? You pretty much gave that idiot a job, without consulting with us. Did you forget our two-thirds vote system of running things in this company?

Paul Heyman: Really, Bischoff? Do you not see the benefits of having "that idiot" working for NXG? Ashton Kutcher is an A-list celebrity, and has done plenty of creative work on a variety of shows.

Bischoff takes this into consideration, while Alvarez rubs his chin.

Mikey Alvarez: Well, we'll talk it over. After the main event, though.

- XXX -

We then cut to the arena, where a rap production track starts playing, and Booker T and Sharmell walk out to heat from the Chicago audience. They look out at the fans with disdain, but then hold their heads up proudly as they head to the ring, arms linked. They enter the ring, and Booker poses atop the corner, as Sharmell claps for her man with a big grin. He comes down, and the two stand in the center, waiting for his opponent, looking ready and focused.

After a moment, another rap track starts playing, and Rey Mysterio walks out to a big pop. The commentators note the song is called "Águila Azteca", and is performed by Mysterio, "The Aztec Eagle" himself. Rey walks down the ramp, high-fiving his eager fans, then enters the ring. He too poses from the buckles, doing his pre-match ritual of crossing himself before battle. He comes down, and eyes Booker, the two sharing smirks of confidence as the ref rings the opening bell for the main event.

- Singles Match -
Booker T (w/ Sharmell) vs. Rey Mysterio

End: With a break early on, the two used their tried and tested styles, with Rey dazing and amazing Booker with his speed, and Booker using his height advantage to good use. Now, Rey wears Booker's legs with hard kicks, then tries one to the midsection. Booker catches his leg, and pulls him in for a clothesline! He then hits the ropes, to hit a leg drop across his throat! Booker then grabs Rey by the arm, pulling him up, and twists under him before nailing a hook kick! He covers, but just 2. He lifts Mysterio, and chops him repeatedly into a corner. He then throws him across the ring, but Rey's able to elevate himself over the following Booker with the ropes' aid! But Booker manages to catch him, but before he can slam him, Rey slips behind him! Booker tries a clothesline, but Rey rushes past him, off the ropes, and returns with a headscissors takedown!

Booker heads out of the ring after that, catching a breather as Sharmell talks to her man. They turn to the ring, and see Mysterio charging! Booker flinches as Sharmell shrieks, but Rey tiger-feints through the ropes! He smirks at Booker, who angrily gets back into the ring. He falls into Rey's trap, who nails a leg drop to the back of his neck! He rolls him over for a pin, but Booker kicks out. Rey picks him up, and hits the ropes, rebounding into a superkick from Booker! The two collapse, and Booker gets up first, helping Rey up as well. He throws a few rights, then throws Rey off the ropes, catching him with a spinebuster! He covers again, but another 2. He snarls, and picks him up. He hits a big knee to the gut, then hits the ropes, looking for the axe kick! But Rey moves away, and kicks in Booker's knee! He hits the ropes for momentum, but runs into Booker's arms, and a Book End!

Booker damaged the knee Rey kicked with that move, but it doesn't stop him from doing the spinaroonie! He then crawls to Rey for a pin, but he kicks out at 2! He can't believe it, and gets up, yelling at Rey to do the same. As he does, Booker hits the ropes, again trying the axe kick! But Rey moves again, and Booker hurts the knee again, allowing Rey to hit an enzuigiri! Booker stumbles across the ring before falling, draping himself across the ropes! Rey dials it up, hits the ropes, 619! No! Booker just moved away, and Rey flips through. Booker gets up, and chops Rey's chest! He backpedals, rebounds off the ropes, and ducks a hook kick from Booker, who again hurts the knee! Rey dropkicks his butt, putting him in perfect position on the ropes! The Aztec Eagle hits the ropes, and nails the 619! He then springboards for a big splash, followed by a pin, 1... 2.. 3! Mysterio wins it!

- Winner -
Rey Mysterio

Joey Styles: A great match between these two former and possibly future World Champions, and it was "The Aztec Eagle" Rey Mysterio who picked up the win here on the first episode of Vortex!

Mick Foley: A hard-earned "W" for Mysterio, but Booker could also be held responsible for his loss. A veteran of the business, he knew what he was doing when he tried those kicks with that hurt knee, and unfortunately for him, it didn't pay off, costing him the match to Rey Mysterio!

Rey celebrates his historic win as the crowd roars for him. On the outside, Sharmell is screaming madly at her man losing, as he rolls out of the ring. Rey poses atop the turnbuckles, pointing up, Chicago giving him a loud ovation. We get a shot of Booker sitting on the floor, looking angrily at Rey with Sharmell kneeling beside him, and a final shot of a grinning Rey as Vortex ends.

- Finale -

- Quick Results -
- Ace Steel df. Jimmy Yun -
- Team 3D df. The Briscoes -
- Rey Mysterio df. Booker T (w/ Sharmell) -

- XXX -

Ah, the one-hour show. This'll definitely help me out in getting to PPVs faster, as know, I've cut my Reimagined workload by a quarter. So, hope you enjoyed the debut of Vortex. I know there's a certain result that some or all of you will disagree with, but I've got plans. Yeah, plans. Anywho, my dear friends and readers, until next time,

Your Humble Booker, Mikey

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