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Re: AMRocky25 Presents: WWE - The Future

Smackdown 10/2/09

WWE Signature Video shown

Recap video is shown from Smackdown last week. The video starts off with clips from Rey verses Khali. We see Khali catch Rey in the air and dump him to the outside. Khali beats up on Rey on the outside. The referee's count is at 7. Khali lifts Rey up and tosses him at one of the corner poles, but Rey is able to jump up grabbing onto the pole and swing himself back into the ring like a 619. The referee is at the count of 9. Khali tries to get into the ring but he doesn't make the 10 count. Rey runs up the ramp to avoid an enraged Khali. We then see Jericho and Edge interviewed. Jericho says, “Last week, we laid out the so called “Brothers of Destruction” and this week we will do the exact same thing.” Edge then says, “The ‘Brothers of Destruction’ don’t intimidate us at all. Tonight, we make examples out of Kane and Undertaker. Tonight they will feel the force of The Revolution.” We then see clips from the main event, Jericho & Edge verses Kane & Undertaker. We see Kane grab Jericho by the throat but Edge comes in. Kane tosses Jericho by his corner, boots Edge in the face and then lifts Edge up and tosses him over the top rope, to the floor. Kane goes by his corner and stalks Jericho for a Chokeslam. Undertaker gets on the apron and tags himself in. As Undertaker gets in the ring, Kane looks at him confused. Undertaker goes right after Jericho and hits him with the Tombstone Piledriver. The cover, 1…2…3 Undertaker and Kane win the match. Kane goes up to Undertaker confused and discusses the ending tag. Just then Edge and Khali get in the ring and attack Kane & Undertaker as they are talking. Rey Mysterio then comes down to the ring and starts attacking Edge. Undertaker and Kane perform a double Chokeslam on Khali. Jericho gets up and sees Undertaker and Kane surrounding him. Jericho quickly falls to the ground and rolls out of the ring. Rey sets Edge up on the second rope and connects with the 619. Jericho and Khali grab Edge from the outside and pull him out of the ring. Undertaker and Kane taunt in the ring. The video ends with Rey getting on the rope and signaling around his waist as Jericho and Khali carry Edge up the ramp and look back in disgust of what just happened.

Smackdown Opening Video is shown as “Let It Roll” by Divide The Day plays

Pyro goes off and the crowd goes wild

Grisham: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Friday Night Smackdown. We are just two days away from No Mercy and what a night we have in stored tonight.

JR: Last night on WWE Superstars we saw Jeff Hardy become the first man to qualify for the number one contenders match this Sunday. Tonight we will find out which three superstars will join him in that match. We will see the Undertaker verses Umaga, Kane verses Chris Jericho, and CM Punk verses Shelton Benjamin.

Grisham: Three huge qualifying matches there and all of them will impact the outlook of the pay per view this Sunday. Who will move onto the fatal four way number one contenders match at No Mercy? We’ll find out tonight.

“Smack Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays and the crowd boos

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Great Khali, Chris Jericho, and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge, The Revolution.

Grisham: And of course we start off the night with The Revolution coming out here.

JR: They can’t be too happy about what happened last week on Smackdown. The Great Khali lost to Rey Mysterio in the beginning of the night and then in the main event the Brothers of Destruction defeated The Revolution leaders Chris Jericho and Edge.

Grisham: Not to mention that after the match when they tried to beat down the Brothers of Destruction, Rey Mysterio came out and helped out Kane and Undertaker take control of The Revolution. Smackdown ended last week with a 619 to the World Heavyweight Champion. Could that be Edge’s fate this Sunday at No Mercy?

Edge, Chris Jericho, The Great Khali, and Ranjin Singh get in the ring. Jericho and Edge grab microphones.

Edge: Last week on Smackdown, The Revolution was a victim of circumstances and unfair treatment. Let’s start with Rey Mysterio’s “win” over The Great Khali. The Great Khali completely dominated Mysterio and could’ve ended the match anytime he wanted to. Somehow that little man was able to swing himself into the ring and all of a sudden the referee counts out The Great Khali. You shouldn’t be proud of that victory Rey. What kind of number one contender relies on count outs to win matches? Just to remind you Rey, at No Mercy a count out victory means nothing because I will still walk out as the World Heavyweight Champion. There are no shortcuts this Sunday. And just like every other time we’ve faced off for the World Title, I will end up victorious and walking out as the World Champion.

Jericho: And then we have our match against the “Brothers of Destruction” Kane and the Undertaker. First off that match shouldn’t have been made in the first place. But of course Theodore Long was too busy to hear us out. Teddy Long made that match for his own sick enjoyment. He wanted to see us involved in a brutal brawl and so did all of you germ invested parasites. And then as if the match wasn’t enough, after the match we get attacked by Kane, the Undertaker, and Rey Mysterio. We were in no condition to be fighting and the match was over. And what did our General Manager do about this? Nothing. He just allowed it to happen. Those three should be severely punished for their actions. We could have been injured if we weren’t smart enough to get out of the ring when we did. And with us injured, Smackdown is nothing and the whole show would fall apart. Teddy Long needs to stop pandering to all of you hypocrites and start taking care of his top superstars like us. But he won’t which is why we won’t stop until Theodore Long and his biased ways are gone from Smackdown forever.

Edge: And this Sunday at No Mercy, we will show everyone why we are the best in wrestling today when I retain my World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy and Chris Jericho becomes the new number one contender after he obviously qualifies tonight against Kane.

Jericho: At Unforgiven I was screwed out of my victory against Kane by the Undertaker, but tonight I get the victory that I deserve and should’ve had at Unforgiven. Last week was a minor setback for us due to luck and biased decisions. The Revolution is the most dominant force in the WWE today and everyone should take notice. We cannot be stopped and will not stop until we take over Smackdown.

Just then Rey Mysterio’s music hits. Rey comes out on the titantron with a microphone as the crowd cheers.

Rey: You know, every single week we have to endure your speeches on how great you guys are and we’re all sick of it. Every week you guys come out here to complain about Teddy Long and say that the matches he puts you guys in are unfair. Let me tell you guys something. Theodore Long is not biased. All of this is in your heads. Edge, he treats you like he would treat any other World Champion. And Jericho, you get opportunities all the time. Two weeks ago you had the chance to become the number one contender, but unfortunately for you I beat you. Teddy Long had nothing to do with me beating you, I did. And both of your mouths get you two into more trouble than you should. You two talk about how you two are the best and feed your egos every week. And now this Revolution project. No one is going to join you guys and you know why? Because no one likes you guys and no one believes in your cause.

Edge: Listen here little man, you can’t talk to us like that. Chris Jericho and I are the best in the world today at what we do. And with the Great Khali by our side, we are unstoppable. Of course you don’t see Teddy Long’s biased ways. That’s because you’re one of his favorites that he protects. And opening up our mouths is the only way we avoid getting trampled on every week by Long and his biased stipulations. But this Sunday Rey when we face off for my World Title, Theodore Long can’t do anything. It’s all down to our abilities, which means that I will undoubtedly walk out still World Heavyweight Champion. But you think you’re such a big man right now, why don’t you come down to the ring and back your words up?

Just then CM Punk’s music hits. Punk comes out on the titantron with a microphone as the crowd cheers.

Punk: I couldn’t help overhearing your little discussion in the back and I thought I’d come out here and give my take on the situation. Edge, Jericho, every word Rey just said is true. Teddy Long is not a biased general manager. You two don’t care about anyone but yourselves. Everything that you two do is to make your lives easier and to ensure that you get what you want. It’s the reason why Khali is your body guard, right Edge? It isn’t to better his career. It’s so you had someone big at ringside who can fight your battles and help you retain your title, just like we saw at Unforgiven. If it wasn’t for Khali, you might not be champion right now. It’s the same reason why you two formed The Revolution. You want other to join your group so that they can make your lives that much easier and keep you at the top of the business. Isn’t that right? Well I came out here to put you guys in your place, and Rey if you don’t mind I’d like to take out the “Ego Trip” with you.

Jericho: Punk, what gives you the right to tell us what our motivations are for forming this group? This group isn’t like other groups where it will only benefit the leaders. This group is about helping out wrestlers who are kept down thanks to the biased and unfair ways of our General Manager Theodore Long. But you two wouldn’t know about that. You two along with others hide behind Theodore Long and do anything he says like the little puppets you are. You pander to all of these hypocrites and you strictly obey Theodore Long. And because people like Edge and I won’t stoop to that level we have to endure Long’s wrath of biased decisions towards us. So Punk, make all of the accusations you want but the fact is that unlike you guys, everything that we say is independent and factual.

Just then Jeff Hardy’s music hits. Jeff comes out on the titantron with a microphone as the crowd cheers.

Jeff: I couldn’t help but notice that it was two against three here, so I thought I’d come out here and even up the sides. Everything that Punk and Rey have said is true and exactly how many of us in the back feel about you guys. So since telling you guys doesn’t seem to get through to you, why don’t we beat it into you?

Jeff, Punk, and Rey start to walk to the ring when Theodore Long’s music plays. Long comes out on the titantron with a microphone.

Long: Hold on! Hold on! Stop right now. Now I’m not going to allow a free-for-all explode in that ring right now, especially with No Mercy being just two days away. Punk, Jericho, you two have qualifying matches tonight already, so I suggest you get in the back and get ready for them. Now as for the rest of you, since it looks like the four of you have issues and we don’t have a main event yet, I’m going to make a match. So tonight, in the main event, it will be The Great Khali and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge of The Revolution, taking on Jeff Hardy and the number one contender Rey Mysterio in a tag team match.

Jeff, Punk, and Rey seemed pleased with this and the three walk away pointing at The Revolution. In the ring, Edge looks furious at what Long just announced.

Edge: Are you kidding me? I’m two day away from defending my World Title. I shouldn’t be in a match tonight and I refuse to compete tonight.

Long: I don’t care what’s going down in two days. I need to give the Smackdown audience and great main event tonight and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. So Edge you will compete tonight whether you like it or not. Now please get out of the ring so we can start Smackdown.

Long walks backstage as The Revolution gets out of the ring pissed off.

Grisham: Edge is not happy about Long putting him in the main event tonight.

Umaga’s music plays and the crowd boos. Umaga makes his way down the ramp to the ring as The Revolution makes their way up the ramp.

JR: And here comes the Samoan Bulldozer, getting ready for our opening contest here on Smackdown.

Umaga stops as he passes The Revolution, which makes The Revolution stop. Umaga stares them down and then continues to walk to the ring.

Grisham: Umaga staring down The Revolution. I don’t know what to make of that. Well coming up next, it’s Umaga verses the Undertaker for a spot in the fatal four way number one contenders match this Sunday. We’ll be right back with more Friday Night Smackdown here on My Network TV.

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Umaga’s music is playing and the crowd boos him as he stands in the ring waiting

Justin: The following contest is a qualifying match for a spot in the number one contenders match at No Mercy. In the ring, from the Isle of Samoa, weighing in at 350 pounds, Umaga.

Grisham: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown. The “Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga in the ring right now getting ready for his qualifying match against the Undertaker.

JR: This could be a big opportunity for Umaga here. But will Umaga be able to take out the Dead Man?

Undertaker’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Justin: And his opponent, from Death Valley, weighing in at 299 pounds, the Undertaker.

Grisham: And here comes the Phemon himself, the Undertaker. Three weeks ago we saw the Undertaker return at Unforgiven when he took out Chris Jericho.

JR: Undertaker had returned from his absence after his amazing match against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. But now the Dead Man looks to once again become the World Champion.

Grisham: And win here tonight will send Undertaker in the direction of the World Title. But Undertaker cannot look past Umaga here tonight, even after his huge win last week in the main event.

Spot In The #1 Contendership Match at No Mercy
Undertaker vs. Umaga

-The match is a back and forth contest. Towards the end Umaga is in control. Umaga has Undertaker in the corner and is hammering away at him with right fists to the head. Umaga hits a nice trust uppercut on Undertaker which sends Undertaker to the floor, sitting in the corner. Umaga backs up and taunts. Umaga runs at Undertaker and goes for his running hip attack but Undertaker moves just in time. Undertaker connects with a boot to the face of Umaga which sends Umaga back into the corner. Undertaker connects with rapid fire body blows, finishing off with a blow to the head. Undertaker tosses Umaga in the opposite corner. Undertaker runs at Umaga and connects with a clothesline in the corner. Umaga stumbles out of the corner. Undertaker picks him up and delivers snake eyes to him. Undertaker runs off the ropes for a big boot but Umaga ducks. Undertaker turns around right into a thrust kick by Umaga. The cover, 1...2...Undertaker kicks out. Umaga lifts Undertaker up and tosses him off the ropes. As Undertaker comes back Umaga lifts him and hits a samoan drop. Umaga goes to the second rope, taunts, and then hits a diving headbutt. The cover, 1...2...Undertaker kicks out. Umaga grabs Undertaker on the ground by the throat and taunts for the Samoan Spike. Undertaker grabs Umaga's arm and goes for Hells Gates but Umaga is able to block it. Undertaker gets back to his feet and Umaga goes for a clothesline but Undertaker ducks. Umaga turns around into Undertaker grabbing him by the throat. Umaga quickly smashes down the arm of the Undertaker. Umaga headbutts Undertaker and then kicks him in the face. Undertaker stumbles backward off the ropes and then back to Umaga. Umaga goes for the Samoan Spike but Undertaker catches his arm. Undertaker lifts Umaga up for a Tombstone but Umaga quickly slides off the back. Umaga grabs Undertaker and goes for the Samoan Spike again but Undertaker ducks it. Umaga turns around into Undertaker grabbing him by the throat and delivering a Chokeslam. The cover, 1...2...3 Undertaker wins.
Winner: Undertaker

Justin: Here is your winner, the Undertaker.

JR: What a win by the Undertaker. He now joins Jeff Hardy at No Mercy in the number one contenders match. After his win last week, pinning Jericho in the main event tag match and this win here tonight, Undertaker has a lot of momentum going into No Mercy this Sunday.

Grisham: Don’t forget, we still have two more qualifying matches to come here tonight. Who will join Jeff Hardy and the Undertaker?

As Undertaker is walking up the ramp, he turns around and looks back at the ring and the fans. Just then Chris Jericho comes out and attacks Undertaker with a chair.

JR: What the hell is Chris Jericho doing?

Jericho hits Undertaker a few more times with the chair.

Grisham: Chris Jericho just took out the Undertaker with those vicious chair shots. Jericho’s gone too far.

Jericho stands on the titantron looking at the fallen Undertaker with a grin on his face.

JR: Look at him. Jericho is so proud of what he did. I hope he’s happy.

Grisham: But how smart was that? Now the Undertaker is even madder at Chris Jericho which is not a good thing for Jericho. Jericho better watch his back. Well still to come tonight, two more qualifying matches for the number one contenders match. We’ll see this man Chris Jericho take on the Undertaker’s brother Kane, and we’ll also see Mr. Money In The Bank CM Punk facing off against the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin.

JR: And don’t forget about our huge tag team main event. It’s The World Champion Edge and his body guard The Great Khali taking on the team of Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio. All of that and more still to come here on Friday Night Smackdown.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Backstage we see Chris Jericho walking back from the ring. A reporter catches up to him.

Reporter: Chris Jericho, moments ago we witnessed you assaulting the Undertaker with a steel chair on the ramp. Why did you do this?

Jericho: Why? Why? Why not? Ever since the Undertaker has made his return to Smackdown at Unforgiven, he’s made it his personal mission to make my life a living hell. For some reason he’s mad at me.

Reporter: I think he’s mad because of all the insults you directed at him.

Jericho: Who said you could talk? I didn’t ask for your opinion. Shut up and listen to me. Now tonight I have my qualifying match against Kane in a rematch from Unforgiven. And at Unforgiven the Undertaker cost me my match against his brother. Whether it was to help his brother or just against me it doesn’t matter. The fact is that I don’t want history to repeat itself. And since I know I can’t rely on Theodore Long doing something about it, I took matters into my own hands. I attacked the Undertaker so that he wouldn’t physically be able to come out and cost me my match. And now with Undertaker taken care of I can go into my match with a clear head, beat Kane like I should’ve at the last pay per view, and go onto No Mercy this Sunday to become the new number one contender for the World Title.

Jericho walks away

JR: Well at least we got a reason for his actions, but that still doesn’t excuse Jericho for attacking Undertaker like that.

Grisham: But it looks like Jericho will get his wish and have a match against Kane without having to worry about the Undertaker coming out.

Backstage we see Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy in the locker room getting ready for their match.

Rey: Ok so we’ve got our strategy down. Are you ready for this?

Jeff: Of course I am. Anytime I get to beat that punk Edge, I’m always ready.

John Morrison then comes in.

Rey: Hey John.

Morrison: Hey Rey. Hey Jeff.

Jeff: Hey man. Look, I hope there’s no hard feeling about last night’s match.

Morrison: Of course not. You were just trying to win. But just a little side note, you did pin Dolph Ziggler and not me. But anyway, congratulations Jeff and good luck on Sunday in the fatal four way. And good luck to you too Rey against Edge.

Rey: Thanks. Hopefully I can that that title off of him and show him and Jericho that I not only deserve to be number one contender but the World Champion.

Morrison: I know you can do it, but just watch out for The Great Khali. I know first hand how effective he can be in Edge’s title matches. But I heard what you guys said earlier tonight and saw how you stood up to The Revolution. I wanted to let you guys know that I’m with you guys one hundred percent against The Revolution and if you need help, I’ve got your back.

Jeff: Thanks John. We need all the help we can get to put an early end to this Revolution.

CM Punk then comes in.

Punk: I wouldn’t worry too much about The Revolution or the “Ego Trip.” They stand no chance against the rest of the Smackdown roster. No one on the roster likes them or can stand them and no one seems to believe in their cause. This is nothing more than those two inflating their egos even more and just complaining about every little thing that happens to them. With all of us along with the Undertaker and Kane wanting to tear apart Chris Jericho, I don’t foresee The Revolution lasting too long around here. Well I’d love to stay and talk but I have to go get ready for my qualifying match. I’ll see you guys later.

Rey: Ok Punk. See you later.

Punk leaves the locker room while Rey, Jeff, and Morrison sit their talking strategy.

JR: Well Punk seems quite confident that The Revolution won’t last much longer, but is he right?

Grisham: We’ll have to wait and find out. But up next we have Chris Jericho facing Kane in another qualifying match-up, when we return to Friday Night Smackdown here on My Network TV.

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Justin: The following contest is a qualifying match for a spot in the number one contenders match at No Mercy.

Chris Jericho’s music plays and the crowd boos

Justin: Introducing first, from Manhasset, New York, weighing in at 226 pounds, Chris Jericho.

Grisham: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and we are getting ready for another qualifying match. Chris Jericho walking down to the ring looking very confident.

JR: The reason for the confidence is because earlier tonight he took out the Undertaker by attacking him after his match with a steel chair. Jericho explained that he did this to prevent Undertaker from interfering like he did at Unforgiven in his match against Kane.

Grisham: Whether you agree with it or not it’s a smart strategy on the part of Jericho to make sure Undertaker can’t interfere, but I think he went about it in the wrong way. But Jericho shouldn’t be too confident because of course he’s facing the Big Red Machine Kane.

Kane’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Justin: And his opponent, weighing in at 323 pounds, Kane.

JR: And here’s the Big Red Monster now. Defeating Kane is no easy task, but Jericho just feels that without Undertaker as a factor he has this match in the bag.

Grisham: Jericho thinks that because at Unforgiven when these two first met, Jericho thought he had the win over Kane until the Undertaker turned the lights out on him. But Kane looks fired up and ready to go.

JR: These two have had a great rivalry over the past month or so. Last week we saw Kane and his brother the Undertaker defeat Chris Jericho and Edge in the main event. That could give Kane some extra momentum in this match.

Spot In The #1 Contendership Match at No Mercy
Kane vs. Chris Jericho

-The match is an even contest. Towards the end Kane is in control. Kane throws Jericho off the ropes and as Jericho comes back Kane hits him with a sidewalk slam. The cover, 1...2...Jericho kicks out. Kane lifts Jericho up and onto his shoulder. Jericho starts elbowing Kane in the head until he releases the grip and Jericho slides off his shoulder. Jericho kicks at the back of Kane's left leg. Jericho then ropes off the ropes and connects with a dropkick to Kane's left leg, which takes Kane down. Jericho kicks away at Kane's leg and then turns Kane over for a half boston crab. Kane crawls and makes his way to the ropes. Jericho slaps the head of Kane as he starts to get up. Kane gets angry by this and shoves Jericho off the ropes. Kane goes for a big boot but Jericho slides under it. Jericho gets back up and connects with a bulldog on Kane. Jericho springboards off the ropes and connects with the Lionsault on Kane. The cover, 1...2...Kane kicks out. Jericho stalks Kane as he gets back up. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker but Kane catches him and slams him into the corner turnbuckle. Jericho stumbles out and gets hit with a huge uppercut by Kane. Kane then goes up top and connects with a diving clothesline to Jericho. the cover, 1...2...Jericho kicks out. Kane lifts Jericho up and grabs him by the throat but Jericho kicks Kane's left leg again. Jericho trips Kane to the ground and goes for the Walls Of Jericho but Jericho can't turn Kane over. Kane is able to fight it and kicks Jericho off but Jericho hits into the referee and knocks him down. Kane gets up and Jericho connects quickly with an enzuguiri. Jericho looks down at the referee and then goes to the outside. Jericho gets a chair and brings it into the ring. Jericho goes to hit Kane with it but Kane grabs Jericho by the throat. Jericho low blows Kane, picks up the chair, and hits him with it in the head. Jericho goes to hit Kane again when all of a sudden the lights go out. The lights come back on and Undertaker is standing behind Jericho. Jericho turns around and Undertaker grabs Jericho by the throat. Undertaker brings and chokes Jericho in the corner with an evil look in his eyes. The referee starts to move, looks up and sees Undertaker choking Jericho so he rings the bell for the disqualification.
Winner: Chris Jericho (via DQ)

Justin: Here is your winner by Disqualification, Chris Jericho.

Undertaker hears the bell ring, turns around, and lets go of Jericho in shock.

JR: Undertaker looks to be in shock of the decision. I think he thought the referee was still down.

Grisham: That definitely caught Undertaker off guard, especially since he didn’t really do anything to Jericho yet.

Undertaker goes up to the referee but the referee runs out of the ring scared. Undertaker turns around and sees Jericho running up the ramp holding his arm up in victory.

JR: Nonetheless the disqualification happened, causing Jericho to officially win the match. Jericho now will join Undertaker and Jeff Hardy at No Mercy in the number one contenders match.

Undertaker looks on at Jericho furious. Kane slowly gets up with a confused look on his face.

Grisham: Kane seems really confused about what just happened and why Undertaker is even out here.

JR: Kane kind of got screwed out of his chance to go to No Mercy by his brother, but Undertaker did save Kane from Jericho beating him with a chair. But it looks like Undertaker may be more concerned with taking out Jericho than saving his brother.

Grisham: I’m still surprised Undertaker is out here after the attack earlier by Chris Jericho. Jericho’s original plan backfired but he did end up with the win this time around. Well we know three of the men in the number one contenders match and now we have one more slot to fill. It will be CM Punk and Shelton Benjamin fighting for that final spot later on tonight. And also don’t forget our huge main event tonight. It’s Edge and The Great Khali verse Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio. Stay tuned for more Friday Night Smackdown here on My Network TV.

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Michelle McCool’s music plays and the crowd boos

Justin: The following divas tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Alicia Fox and Michelle McCool.

Grisham: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown as we get ready for diva action. Michelle McCool and her protégé Alicia Fox making their way to the ring.

JR: Michelle has an attitude that you don’t usually see from divas and that attitude has taken her to become the first ever Diva’s Champion. Michelle will bring it and does what she needs to do to succeed.

Grisham: We’ve seen Michelle make a huge impact here on Smackdown in the last few years and has taken Alicia under her wing to show her the ropes. And Michelle’s recent goal is to become the first diva to ever hold both the Women’s and Diva’s Championships and she’s still determined to do that.

Melina’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Justin: And their opponents, Maria and the Women’s Champion Melina.

JR: Speaking of the Women’s Champion here she comes along with her partner for tonight, the lovely Maria.

Grisham: Melina is determined to keep that Women’s Title and so far has been successful in retaining it in her title defenses against Michelle McCool. Do you think the losses can be getting to Michelle?

JR: Yes I think they definitely are, but not in a negative way. I think the losses are making Michelle angrier and hungrier for the Women’s Title which is not good for Melina.

Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox vs. Melina & Maria
-The match is an even tag match. Towards the end, Michelle and Maria are the two legal divas. Michelle is in control and is taking it to Maria. Michelle hits a scoop slam on Maria and then drops and elbow to her chest. Michelle drags Maria over to her corner and tags in Alicia. Alicia connects with a few forearm shots to Maria and tosses Maria off the ropes. Alicia catches Maria as she comes back off the ropes and connects with a tilt-a-whirl slam. The cover, 1…2…Maria kicks out. Alicia lifts Maria up and tosses her into a corner. Alicia runs at her, jumps up, and delivers a monkey flip to Maria. The cover, 1…2…Maria kicks out. Alicia stalks Maria as she gets up slowly. Alicia runs off the ropes and goes for the Scissors Kick, but Maria moves out of the way. Maria kicks Alicia in the gut and connects with a DDT. Maria crawls over to her corner and tags in Melina. Melina comes in and takes Alicia out with a few clotheslines. Melina goes over to Michelle and hits her with a punch that almost knocks her off the apron. Melina sizes up Alicia and connects with a kick to the head and ends with a split by Melina. The cover, 1…2…Michelle breaks up the pin. Maria then comes in and starts punching away at Michelle. Maria runs at Michelle but Michelle connects with a huge boot to the face of Maria. The referee yells at Michelle to get back on the apron so she does as Maria lies fallen in the ring. Melina tosses Alicia off the ropes and Michelle gets a blind tag that Melina doesn’t see. Melina catches Alicia as she comes back off the ropes and connects with a neckbreaker. Melina lifts Alicia up and sets up for the Primal Scream but Michelle comes in and decks her with a clothesline. Michelle lifts Melina up and connects with the Faith Breaker. The cover, 1…2…3 Michelle wins it for her and Alicia.
Winners: Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox

Justin: Here are your winners, Alicia Fox and Michelle McCool.

Grisham: Michelle and Alicia pick up the win here tonight. This is big for Michelle getting a win over the Women’s Champion.

JR: Any win, whether it be a tag team win or singles victory, against a champion is a huge deal. This could send Michelle on the path to another Women’s Title shot.

Alicia lifts Maria up and Michelle delivers a boot to her face.

Grisham: Oh my god. What a boot to Maria. But come on, the match is over.

Melina runs in and attacks Alicia from behind, but Michelle grabs Melina off of her and starts stomping on her.

JR: Melina trying to come to the rescue of her friend, but the numbers game catches up to her.

Michelle sets Melina up and delivers the Faith Breaker to her.

Grisham: And Michelle connects with the Faith Breaker to the Women’s Champion. This is enough now.

Alicia grabs the Women’s Championship and gives it to Michelle. Michelle holds the title high over her head as she stands over a fallen Melina.

JR: Michelle has sent a direct message to Melina that she wants that Women’s Title. I told you Todd, Michelle is getting angrier and more aggressive, which is not good for the Women’s Champion.

Grisham: Well with this impressive showing here tonight it may not be long before Michelle gets another shot at the Women’s Title. Still to come tonight is our main event. It’s The Great Khali and the World Champion Edge taking on Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio. We’ll be right back with more Friday Night Smackdown here on My Network TV.

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Backstage in a dark area we see Kane go up to the Undertaker

Kane: Undertaker. Why did you do what you just did? Why did you interfere in my match against Chris Jericho?

Undertaker: I was just trying to help out my brother and get some revenge on Chris Jericho like we both wanted.

Kane: I didn’t need help. I had Jericho under control by myself. And now thanks to you causing the disqualification I’m not in the number one contenders match at No Mercy with you.

Undertaker: Don’t worry. We’ll get back at Jericho and the Revolution soon enough and we’ll beat him just like we did last week.

Kane: Did you even just hear what I said? And speaking of last week, why did you tag yourself in the match at end when I had everything under control and the match won?

Undertaker: Look, I was dazed getting back to the corner and I just got caught up in the moment. I saw Jericho was just about finished and I wanted to make him suffer myself. Don’t forget, I want to take out Jericho just as much as you do. He disrespected the both of us and for that I’ll make him Rest…In…Peace!

Undertaker walks away as Kane stares off at his brother.

Grisham: Not exactly the answer Kane was looking for. He’s not too happy about that DQ ending.

JR: No but I think he realizes that Undertaker was just trying to help and didn’t mean to cost him the match.

Backstage we see Edge, Chris Jericho, The Great Khali, and Ranjin Singh in the locker room. Edge is pacing around looking worried and angry.

Jericho: Take it easy Edge.

Edge: I can’t. You heard Teddy Long. I have to compete tonight in the main event just two nights away from defending my World Title. Two nights! You know things like this make be glad we started this group and I can’t wait until we take over Smackdown and kick Theodore Long out for good.

Jericho: Look Edge, you know as well as I do that Teddy Long isn’t going to change the match for tonight, so we have to make due with what we’ve got. Now I already won my qualifying match tonight against Kane which means I’m in the number one contenders match at No Mercy, which is exactly what we wanted. Now as far as tonight goes, just let Khali here take care of everything. I’m sure this giant dominating force can handle the unstable Jeff Hardy and the puny little pest known as Rey Mysterio. So clear you head and go out there and show Teddy Long that we can beat his system.

Jericho goes over to Edge and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Jericho: And as far as No Mercy goes, it’s going to be the pay per view where The Revolution shows what it can really do. I have a good feeling about this Sunday. Now let’s go take care of some business now.

Edge: You’re right Chris. This Sunday will be our night. After No Mercy, everyone will see how big of a threat we are and that we’re not a joke. Now let’s go.

They all start to leave the locker room.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Justin: The following contest is a qualifying match for a spot in the number one contenders match at No Mercy.

Shelton Benjamin’s music plays and the crowd boos

Justin: Introducing first, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at 248 pounds, he is the Intercontinental Champion, The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin.

Grisham: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and it’s time for our final qualifying match for the number one contenders match at No Mercy. The Gold Standard makes his way to the ring and this could be a big opportunity for Shelton Benjamin.

JR: Every since he gained a new found attitude last month, Shelton has been more impressive each week and has improved so much. And after he won the Intercontinental Title from Rey Mysterio, Shelton has been just that much better and is getting so close to the spot light.

Grisham: I have to agree with you there. I think beating Rey at Unforgiven and learning respect has really put Shelton on the map as a star. Let’s see if he can keep things rolling and move onto the number one contenders match.

CM Punk’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Justin: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 222 pounds, Mr. Money In The Bank, CM Punk.

JR: But first Shelton is going to have to beat this man. The two time Money In The Bank winner and former World Champion, CM Punk.

Grisham: This will not be an easy task for the Intercontinental Champion. Last week we saw CM Punk and Jeff Hardy pick up the victory over Shelton Benjamin and Umaga. Will that loss have any effect on Shelton Benjamin mentally for this match?

JR: It just may, but Shelton needs to forget about last week and stay focused on tonight as does CM Punk. Who will be the final competitor in the fatal four way at No Mercy? We’re about to find out now.

Spot In The #1 Contendership Match at No Mercy
CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin

-The match is and evenly matched contest with many moves and reversals. Towards the end Punk is in control. Punk connects with a few forearms to Shelton and then tosses him in a corner. Punk at him and connects with a knee to the face. Punk grabs Shelton for a bulldog but Shelton pushes Punk off. Punk turns around and charges at Shelton with a clothesline but Shelton ducks under the clothesline, grabs Punk, and delivers a backbreaker. Shelton lifts Punk up and connects with a northern lights suplex with the bridge. The cover, 1...2...Punk kicks out. Shelton lifts Punk up for a powerbomb in the corner but Punk is able to drop down from the powerbomb position. Punk grabs Shelton's head and connects with a few knee shots. Punk then slaps Shelton with his left hand, then right hand, and then a spinning back hand slap. Punk then goes for a roundhouse kick but Shelton ducks, grabs Punk from behind, and connects with a german suplex with the bridge. The cover, 1...2...Punk kicks out. Shelton lifts Punk up and tosses him into a corner. Shelton hits a corner body splash which leaves Punk stumbling out of the corner. Shelton goes for a kick but Punk catches it and spins Shelton around. Shelton goes for the Dragon Whip but Punk ducks it. Punk grabs Shelton and connects with a double underhook backbreaker. The cover, 1...2...Shelton kicks out. Punk then locks in the Anaconda Vice on Shelton. Shelton squirms and grabs the nearby ropes to break the hold. Punk hits Shelton with a quick leg drop. The cover, 1...2...Shelton kicks out. Punk gets up and goes to the top rope. Once Punk gets set on the top rope, Shelton springs to his feet, runs up the corner, and tosses Punk off with a super arm drag. Shelton rolls out to the apron as Punk slowly gets up. Shelton gets up on the apron and waits for Punk to get up. Shelton goes for a springboard clothesline but Punk counters with a mid-air dropkick to Shelton. Both men are down and the referee starts his count. At the count of 4, both men are using the ropes to get to their feet. They meet in the center of the ring and exchange punches and kicks. Shelton blocks one of Punk's kicks, grabs him, and connects with a T-bone suplex. The cover, 1...2...Punk kicks out. Shelton stalks Punk as he slowly gets up. Shelton goes for Pay Dirt but Punk pushes Shelton off of him and connects with a roundhouse kick to the head. Shelton stands there dazed and Punk quickly lifts Shelton on his shoulders. Punk goes for the GTS but Shelton is able to reverse it into a sunset flip. Punk rolls through and quickly grabs Shelton's legs and flips over into a pin of his own with a bridge. The cover, 1...2...3 Punk wins.
Winner: CM Punk

Justin: Here is your winner, CM Punk.

Grisham: And CM Punk picks up the win and the last spot in the number one contenders match.

JR: Punk will now join Jeff Hardy, the Undertaker, and Chris Jericho this Sunday in a fatal four way match to determine who will become the new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Grisham: But what a great match. Both men so evenly matched that it took a pin attempt from out of no where for Punk to win. Shelton has nothing to be ashamed of.

Shelton slowly gets to his feet and goes up to Punk.

Grisham: Uh oh. How’s Shelton going to react to this loss?

Shelton looks at Punk and then slowly extends his hand to Punk.

JR: It looks like Shelton wants Punk to shake his hand.

Punk looks confused and apprehensive at first but then goes in and shakes Shelton’s hand. Punk lifts Shelton’s arm up and pats him on the back before leaving the ring.

JR: Wow what a sign of respect showed by both men. We saw Shelton shake Rey’s hand after their match at Unforgiven and said it was a sign of respect for the match they had. That’s exactly what happened here and it shows not only the sportsmanship of Shelton but also his growth as a person.

Grisham: It’s always nice to see two superstars show that kind of respect, especially after a great match like we just saw. Well still to come tonight is out main event match where we will see Edge and The Great Khali take on the team of Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio. Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back with more Friday Night Smackdown here on My Network TV.

*-----Commercial Break------*

“Scream” by Adelitas Way plays in the background as the album cover is shown on the screen.

Grisham: Welcome back to Smackdown and you are listening to “Scream” by Adelitas Way off their new self-titled debut album, available now. We’d like to thank Adelitas Way for the official theme song for No Mercy, and speaking of No Mercy it’s just two days away.

JR: That’s right Todd and what a night it’s going to be this Sunday. We’ll see a fatal four way match for the number one contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship. Last week on Smackdown, General Manager Theodore Long announced this match would take place at No Mercy and made four qualifying matches between the Smackdown superstars to see who would fight in this huge match. We’ve had all four qualifying matches and we now know all four competitors. It will be Jeff Hardy verses the Undertaker verses Chris Jericho verses CM Punk for the World Title shot at Cyber Sunday. Who will walk out this Sunday as the new number one contender?

Grisham: And that’s not all. This Sunday we will see Edge defend his World Heavyweight Championship against the number one contender Rey Mysterio. Two weeks ago on Smackdown, Theodore Long made two battle royals and had the winners face off in the main event for the number one contendership. Rey Mysterio ended up beating Chris Jericho and earned his title shot. And in the past two weeks we’ve seen so much from these two men. Two weeks ago we saw Edge take out Rey with a Spear and last week Rey sent Edge flying with a 619 to end the night.

JR: And don’t forget the formation of The Revolution. That has been a major factor in this feud and could be a major factor this Sunday in the World Title match. Rey needs to watch his back at all times. Will Rey fulfill his goal of once again becoming World Champion or will Edge keep his title reign going? We’ll find out this Sunday at No Mercy, live on pay per view.

Backstage we see Edge, The Great Khali, and Ranjin Singh outside the locker room.

Edge: Alright, are you ready?

Ranjin: The Great Khali says he’s ready for tonight.

Just then Chris Jericho comes out of the locker room and walks up to them.

Edge: So?

Jericho: It’s looking good right now.

Edge: Perfect. Guys, this is the start of something great. The Revolution will succeed. I guarantee it. Now let’s go.

JR: What was that all about? And what was Jericho doing in that locker room?

Grisham: I have no idea but hopefully we find out soon. They seem to have something up their sleeve. Anyway, our main event is up next. It’s The Great Khali and the World Champion Edge taking on Jeff Hardy and the number one contender Rey Mysterio when we return to Friday Night Smackdown here on My Network TV.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Jeff Hardy’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Justin: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 225 pounds, Jeff Hardy.

Grisham: welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and it’s time for our main event. The Extreme Enigma Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring and Jeff has to be looking forward to this Sunday.

JR: Jeff Hardy was the first man to qualify for the number one contenders match last night on WWE Superstars and he will get a huge opportunity this Sunday. We saw Jeff Hardy come out in the beginning of the night to back up Rey and Punk against The Revolution, leading this match here tonight.

Grisham: Jeff has had his issues with Edge in the past and wanted to shut him and Jericho up just as badly as Punk and Rey did.

Rey Mysterio’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Justin: His partner, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 175 pounds, Rey Mysterio.

Grisham: And here’s the man who started the whole trend tonight, Rey Mysterio. Rey had heard enough and had to come out to set The Revolution straight. Punk and Jeff soon followed and it would have led to a brawl if Theodore Long didn’t stop them.

JR: And we also saw backstage that John Morrison is with those three as well on taking out The Revolution. But this Sunday, Rey may not be thinking about taking out The Revolution when he faces Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Grisham: Two weeks ago on Smackdown, Rey had a whole new set of goals. He got off to a good start by becoming the number one contender that night and now looks to win the World Title for the second time at No Mercy in two days. Can Rey do it?

“Smack Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays and the crowd boos

Justin: And their opponents, being accompanied by Ranjin Singh, at a combined weight of 670 pounds, The Great Khali and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge, The Revolution.

JR: And here come the cocky World Champion now with his massive body guard. We saw Edge was furious earlier about this match, but Chris Jericho seemed to have calmed him down now and got his head back in the game.

Grisham: Edge was pissed that Theodore Long put him in a match two days away from his title defense, but I think it’s fair since Rey Mysterio is also in the match. But don’t be surprised if you see Khali in this match most of the time or some trickery by The Revolution.

JR: Well you know what I want to know? What were Jericho and Edge talking about before the commercial break? We still have no idea.

Grisham: Knowing those two it could be anything at all. They always have something up their sleeve.

Edge & The Great Khali vs. Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy
-The match is a back and forth tag team contest. Towards the end, Edge and Rey are the two legal men. Edge tosses Rey off the ropes, but Rey comes back with a headscissors takedown. Edge rolls over towards his corner quickly and tags in Khali. Rey runs at Khali, but Khali just shoves Rey away. Rey comes back and dropkicks Khali’s leg, which takes him down to a knee. Rey runs off the ropes and at Khali, but Khali gets up and delivers a huge chop to the head of Rey. Khali lifts Rey up and tosses him into the corner. Khali goes over to Rey in the corner and delivers a huge chop to the chest of Rey. Khali lifts Rey up and delivers a delayed scoop slam to him. Khali grabs Rey, lifts him in the air and delivers a massive headbutt. The cover, 1…2…Rey kicks out. Khali lifts Rey up and has him by the throat. In the corner, Edge is telling Khali that he wants the tag. Khali tosses Rey over to their corner and tags in Edge. Edge gets in and starts to punch away at Rey. Edge grabs Rey and delivers a suplex. Edge gets up and taunts around, acting so proud of himself. Edge goes back to Rey and goes to lift him up but Rey starts punching away at the mid-section of Edge. Rey goes for a kick, but Edge catches his foot. Rey then kicks Edge in the head with the other foot for an enzuguiri. Rey crawls to Jeff, but Edge grabs Rey’s foot right before he’s about to get the tag and pulls him back. Edge pulls Rey to his corner and tags in Khali. Khali grabs Rey’s foot as Rey stands up. Khali shoves Rey off the ropes by his foot. Khali goes for a spin kick to Rey, but Rey ducks and then takes out the other leg of Khali. Rey crawls over to his corner and finally tags in Jeff. Jeff gets in and starts kicking away at the legs of Khali. Jeff runs off the ropes and connects with a dropkick to the chest of Khali, which make Khali stumble a bit backwards. Jeff goes for a crossbody but Khali catches him and then tosses him to the ground. Khali goes over to Jeff to pick him up, but Jeff chops away at his legs again. Jeff then runs up the nearby corner and connects with the Whisper In The Wind which manages to knock Khali down. Jeff taunts and then starts to go to the top rope. Jeff sets up but Edge comes in the ring and knocks Jeff off the ropes. Rey then runs in and starts attacking Edge with a flurry of punches and kicks. Jeff and Khali then start to brawl as well in the ring. The referee tries to separate all of them and restore order in the match, but he has no luck in doing so. The referee has no choice but to ring the bell and rule this match a no contest.
Winner: No Contest

JR: And it looks like the referee has called this to a no contest due to him losing control.

Grisham: I think that was the right move but it’s not going to stop this brawl.

Rey and Jeff get Khali caught in the ropes and then turn their attention to Edge.

JR: Oh no. Khali’s trapped in the ropes and Edge has no one out there to protect him right now from Mysterio and Hardy.

Rey gets Edge with a drop toehold which sets Edge up on the second rope.

Grisham: Could we see a 619 on Edge two weeks in a row?

Rey looks like he’s about to go for the 619, but Chris Jericho comes out and attacks him before he can.

JR: And of course here comes Chris Jericho to save his partner.

Jericho then attacks Jeff as Edge gets up and attacks Rey. Jericho and Edge get Khali out of the ropes and the three of them attack Rey and Jeff.

Grisham: And now the numbers game catches up to Rey and Jeff as The Revolution takes control.

Just then, CM Punk and John Morrison run down to the ring and attack The Revolution.

JR: Wait a minute. It looks like the tables are about to turn on The Revolution.

Grisham: Morrison and Punk coming out to help their friends and turn the odds in their favor.

Punk and Morrison clothesline Khali out of the ring, Jeff dropkicks Jericho out of the ring, and Rey delivers a hurricanrana to Edge that sends him out of the ring.

JR: And there goes The Revolution, right out of the ring.

Punk, Morrison, Rey, and Jeff tell The Revolution to bring it but they just walk backwards up the ramp.

Grisham: And they’re not done. Punk, Morrison, Rey, and Jeff want more of The Revolution.

JR: But The Revolution wants nothing to do with them.

Just then, the lights go out and fire goes off on the titantron. The Revolution turns around and sees the Undertaker and Kane standing on the titantron waiting for them.

Grisham: Well it looks like they’re not going to escape that easily.

JR: Undertaker and Kane cut The Revolution off. There’s no where to go for them.

The Revolution goes over to the barricade and escapes through the crowd.

Grisham: The Revolution finds a way to escape but this thing is far from over.

The Revolution escapes looking surprised and scared as the rest of them look on at them ready to fight.

JR: That’s right. All six men are ready to tear them apart. Can The Revolution possibly overcome this huge obstacle?

Grisham: Thank you for joining us tonight for Friday Night Smackdown here on My Network TV. Don’t forget to order No Mercy this Sunday live on pay per view. Goodnight everyone.


No Mercy 10/4/09

Official Theme Song: Adelitas Way – “Scream”

Match Card:

WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Rey Mysterio

ECW Championship
Christian vs. Paul Burchill

#1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk

Priceless vs. Triple H & Mystery Partner

No DQ Match
Batista vs. Matt Hardy

United States Championship
MVP vs. Big Show

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