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Re: Apocalypse Mafia Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by Postage View Post
I can definitely see him choosing to talk like that. Unless you're being sarcastic.
Why would I be sarcastic? And nah, he really, really wouldn't. I'm pretty sure he detests it. JUST A PERSONAL CHARACTERISTIC FOR INVINCIBLE YA KNOW?

Originally Posted by Kantos View Post
Yo tim dat ain't no answer where I come from.
Keeping the question in the quote would make it easier to know waht you're talking about too.

Yo tim dat ain't no answer where I come from. Outguessing the mod = wrong k.
I didn't quote it b/c I didn't see the need to, obviously.
Why is it wrong, tim?

quote ure meta plz. and >I WANTED HIM DEADDEADEAD

My first post = first chance I got after reading the thread. U guies kinda already hammered him by then.

I do say TAngel is a fucking retard but his play didn't warrant a quicklynch without him getting in another post of defense.
He would have lol'd around and said what? Lol oops I didn't have a PR. He had a chance to respond to me asking him about his PR and chose to ignore it. HAMMAH WORTHY.

Originally Posted by Wesson View Post
Mafia also stay off wagons and proceed to scold the town. To look innocent and all but it's cool leaving that out.
If I was a dayvig I'd shoot you in the fucking face for this post alone.

Originally Posted by Ultimoron View Post
I'd be up for a Mister X lynch next day, sounds good
Yo Ulti I'm really...never mind, stop setting up lynches son. It be a scummy trait.
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