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Re: Apocalypse Mafia Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by Lostfap View Post
Vote ThunderAngel for his first 3 posts.
Didn't comment on ThunderAngel posting until after you got your role. Theory that you got a non-innocent role preceding his posts and using his idiotic posting as an excuse to get an easy lynch.

ThunderAngel seems to have posted these before he received his role since dan said he was going down the order and ThunderAngel is at the bottom.

That would mean Lostfap would have gotten his role first but he claims he didn't a while after dan said he was sending them out, so idk. That's the only inconsistency but whatever it's the first post lets not get to involved.

Originally Posted by yottsu View Post

Originally Posted by Mr. Lawls View Post
Stop being mean to Yottsu LF

Vote Thunderangel
Bandwaggoner/Lostfap sheep follower.

Originally Posted by Invincible View Post
hw's da gam goin guiz. :/

hurd i'm ur ldr

Originally Posted by DHitler View Post

Fuckin' moron.

Originally Posted by Stone Cold 4life View Post
ThunderAngel's posts have been the most suss. That's all we have to go on.
Enjoying your activity but your posts have been a bit random. Not a bad thing but just had to quote you since you are a top contributor thus far. ;D

Originally Posted by Certs View Post
You have all sinned, and I must die for you
My character is pretty random. So, yeh this is a game like my Super Wat game where the characters are just anyone/thing in pop culture.

Jesus Christ? Is this a pr or are you just breadcrumbing your character for no apparent reason? Too many pr's for my liking.

considering a Dhitler lynch IF deadline approaches; useless and unnecessary posts from him anyway. For now it's scum hunting time. ;D

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