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Re: AMRocky25 Presents: WWE - The Future

Raw 9/28/09

WWE Signature Video is shown

A recap video is shown from last week on Raw. First, we see Batista coming out in the beginning of the night talking about Matt Hardy. Batista is shown saying, “Matt Hardy…at Unforgiven, we went one-on-one, and just when it seemed that I was about to put you away and win the match, you get yourself disqualified. You hit me with a steel chair…You finished your attack off with a Twist of Fate on the arena floor. You made your statement to the world. But you also made a big mistake…Now at No Mercy, when it’s me and you in a No Disqualification match, there will be nothing stopping me from giving you the beating you deserve. Unforgiven isn’t going to happen again. At No Mercy, I’m going to finish what I started.” Matt Hardy comes out and says “I couldn’t sit back there any longer…I want to teach you and everyone a lesson. I want to show everyone that I am the real deal and that I should be at the top and not you.” Batista then says “Why don’t you come down here and say that to my face.” Matt then tells Batista “You might want to know something… I was talking to Vickie Guerrero earlier… she made it official that if you touch me before No Mercy, then you are immediately suspended.” Vickie Guerrero comes out and says “Hold on Matt… if you hit Batista, then you will also be immediately suspended.” Next, clips are shown from the match between Matt and Cena. At the end, Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Cena pushes him off. Matt goes to kick Cena in the gut but Cena catches his foot and performs a dragon screw to Matt. Cena locks in the STF on Matt. Matt struggles for the ropes but Cena pulls him back to the center of the ring and Matt finally taps out. Then clips from the main event between Orton and Batista are shown. Batista lifts Orton up on his shoulder but Orton slides off and hits a quick RKO on Batista. The cover, 1...2...Batista's foot is under the bottom rope for a rope break. Orton starts yelling at the referee and then goes to the outside and grabs the ring bell. The referee tries to take it from Orton but Orton resists the referee. Orton runs at Batista to hit him with the ring bell, but Batista ducks it, runs off the ropes, and connects with a Spear on Orton. Batista taunts and then grabs Orton and delivers the Batista Bomb. The cover, 1...2...3. The video ends with Batista standing tall.

Raw Opening Video is shown as “…To Be Loved” by Papa Roach plays

Pyro goes off and the crowd goes wild

Cole: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Raw. We are just six days away from No Mercy and what a night we have for you tonight.

King: That’s right Michael. Just six days before facing Triple H and his mystery partner, Priceless will defend their Tag Team Titles against the former champions The Colons. Will Priceless enter No Mercy with their gold?

Cole: Speaking of Triple H, last week we saw The Game trying to find a partner. Will we find out tonight who his partner will be if he even found one?

King: For Triple H’s sake let’s hope he does find a partner. But Triple H has other things to worry about tonight as he will be in our main event.

Cole: That’s right King. Triple H will take on the number one contender Randy Orton in our main event tonight. Last week, Orton loss to Batista, whereas Orton’s opponent this Sunday, the WWE Champion, won his match. With his title shot just six days away, can Orton gain some momentum? We’ll find out all of that and more later tonight.

John Cena’s music plays and the crowd goes wild

Lilian: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WWE Champion, John Cena.

King: The Champ is here and is kicking off tonight’s Raw.

Cole: What’s on the mind of John Cena right now with just six days to go before he defends that WWE Championship against Randy Orton?

King: Knowing John Cena he’s most likely prepared for this Sunday and can’t wait to show Orton why he’s the Champ.

Cena gets in the ring and grabs a microphone

Cena: At Unforgiven, I was involved in the WWE Championship Scramble Match, one of the most unpredictable matches in the WWE. Despite all the odds, I was able to get the final fall with three seconds left and walked out the new WWE Champion. The next night on Raw should have been a night for me to celebrate my title victory, but one man put a stop to all of that. Randy Orton, the former WWE Champion. Randy comes out here and complains about how Kennedy shouldn’t have been in the match and that I got lucky winning. I won Randy because you were careless. You thought I was out of the ring, but I wasn’t. You thought you had the match won, but you didn’t. So you come out and argue as always about how you should be the champion. Then you announce that you’re using your rematch clause at the next pay per view, No Mercy. That’s fine with me because this time when I beat you, there will be no excuses and no rematches. I will walk in as WWE Champion and I guarantee that I will walk out still WWE Champion.

Just then Randy Orton’s music plays and the crowd boos. Orton makes his way down to the ring.

Cole: And here comes the man that John Cena will defend his title against in just six days at No Mercy.

King: I’m sure Orton didn’t like what he heard in the back by John Cena. We all know Orton’s side of the story from Unforgiven.

Cole: Yeah but Unforgiven passed. There’s nothing Orton can do about it. Orton must be focused on this Sunday if he wants to get his title back.

Orton gets in the ring and grabs a microphone

Cena: Well, well, well. I’m surprised it took you so long to come out. Now we get to listen to the same old complaining, monotone speech…

Orton: Shut up! I couldn’t sit back there any longer hearing you spew this crap. You know damn well that if that injury prone, overrated Kennedy wasn’t in that match, you never would have made someone tap that easily and I would still be the WWE Champion. That is not a scenario, that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. It seems the past few years we’ve crossed paths with the WWE Title on the line. A do you remember what happened each time? Well let me remind you. Two years ago in 2007, after a single RKO on the announce table I took you out and put you on the shelf, forcing you to forfeit the WWE Championship to me. Last year at WrestleMania 24 we met in a triple threat match with Triple H in the main event for the WWE Championship. And what happened? I pinned you in the middle of the ring to retain the WWE Championship. And this Sunday history will repeat when I beat you for the WWE Title once again. I will stop at nothing…NOTHING to get MY WWE Championship back! If I have to take you out like I took out Mr. Kennedy then I will not hesitate to do so. After this Sunday at No Mercy, I will get back what is rightfully mine, the WWE Championship.

Cena: Randy this Sunday you want a fight? You’ll get the fight of your life because nothing is going to stop me from keeping this title. I will never back down and I’ll never surrender. This Sunday I will show you no mercy! But why wait till Sunday.

Cena drops the microphone and gets up in the face of Orton. The two stare each other down until Vickie Guerrero comes out on the titantron.

Vickie: Excuse me! Cena, Orton, this is not going to happen here tonight. I’m not going to let this fight happen six days before No Mercy. You two have to wait until the pay per view to get your hands on each other. Now tonight, Randy Orton, you already have a match against Triple H in the main event, so I suggest you get ready and not overlook the Game. As for you Cena, since you seem to want to fight so badly I have just the match for you. Tonight you will face off against Batista and Matt Hardy. But there’s a problem here. You see Batista and Matt Hardy are not allowed to touch each other until this Sunday. So instead of a triple threat match you will face the two of them in a two on one handicap match. Good luck.

Cole: Wow what a match our General Manager just made. With his big title defense just six days away, John Cena now has to face both Batista and Matt Hardy in a handicap match.

King: Cena’s going to have to watch out if he wants to make it to No Mercy injury free. I’m sure Orton is loving this decision right now.

Cole: But how are Batista and Matt going to work together with the rivalry they’ve had? And of course we have Randy Orton verses Triple H in our main event tonight. Two huge matches plus much more here tonight on Monday Night Raw.

*-----Commercial Break------*

As we come back from commercial break, a video package is shown from last week’s Raw. It shows Priceless backstage talking to a reporter. We see Rhodes saying, “Triple H…We’re challenging you and a partner of your choosing to face us at No Mercy... But just know that no matter who you get to be your partner, you will fall to the Legacy.” DiBiase then says, “We are the single greatest tag team today. Being the Tag Team Champions only solidifies that fact.” Rhodes finishes the interview by saying, “We are simply Priceless!” Clips from the match between Rhodes and Triple H are shown. We see Rhodes springboards off the second rope for a cross body, but Triple H kicks him in the gut as he comes down. Triple H sets up for the Pedigree, but DiBiase gets on the apron and starts yelling at Triple H. Triple H gets distracted which allows Rhodes to get out of the Pedigree and chop block Triple H's leg. Rhodes then quickly grabs Triple H and hits the Cross Rhodes. The cover, 1...2...3 Rhodes wins. We see Priceless walking off victorious as Triple H is down in the ring. Then we see a reporter backstage later with Triple H. The video ends with Triple H saying, “Rhodes. DiBiase. You want a fight, you’ve got a fight. At No Mercy, it’s payback for everything you’ve done to me.”

Backstage a reporter is with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

Reporter: I am here with the Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Priceless. Now guys, this Sunday you have a big match against Triple H and a partner of his choosing. But before you can look ahead to No Mercy, tonight you have to defend those Tag Team Titles against the team you won it against, the Colons. What are your thoughts?

DiBiase: The Colons? Are we supposed to be intimidated by them? This title defense is a minor stepping stone towards No Mercy. Two weeks ago we defeated the Colons easily and tonight will be no different. There is no question that we will walk into No Mercy as the Tag Team Champions and we will walk out of the pay per view leaving Triple H and his partner laid out in the middle of the ring. We took out Triple H twice so far and there is no doubt that we can do it again. Triple H is just mad that Randy Orton took his spotlight a few years ago and has moved on to create the greatest faction of all time, Legacy. Who cares who his partner is. Has Triple H even found a partner yet?

Rhodes: No he hasn’t and you know why? No one wants to team with him because they know that they are going to lose to us. But it doesn’t matter who Triple H picks because there is no team that is better than us. Last week I pinned Triple H in the middle of that ring, 1…2…3, which is exactly what will happen this Sunday. Tonight we prove why we deserve to have these Tag Team Titles around our waists. And this Sunday at No Mercy, we will show everyone how dominant of a team we are and that we are the greatest team in the WWE today.

Rhodes and DiBiase leave for the ring

Cole: Rhodes and DiBiase defend the Tag Team Titles next against the former champions the Colons, when we return to Monday Night Raw.

*-----Commercial Break------*

As we come back from commercial break, a video package is shown recapping the Tag Team Title match from two weeks ago on Raw. A few clips from the match are shown. We then see Rhodes ducks from a crossbody from Primo. Primo goes over the top rope and to the floor on the outside. Carlito goes for the Backstabber on DiBiase, but Rhodes runs over and grabs DiBiase’s arms, preventing him from falling back into the Backstabber. DiBiase lifts Carlito up and hits him with Dream Street. The cover, 1…2…3 DiBiase gets the pin. The video ends with DiBiase and Rhodes holding the Tag Team Titles up high as they walk up the ramp.

Lilian: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Tag Team Championship.

The Colons’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Lilian: Introducing first, the challengers, at a combined weight of 438 pounds, Carlito and Primo, The Colons.

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and we are ready for Tag Team Title action as the former Tag Team Champions make their way down to the ring.

King: Last week on WWE Superstars we saw Carlito and Primo officially announce that they were using their rematch clause for here tonight. Let’s hope for their sake that they don’t repeat what happened two weeks ago.

Cole: Well as we saw when we came back from the commercial break, two weeks ago the Colons lost the Tag Team Titles to Priceless. Priceless has been on a roll lately, but the Colons look to stop that here tonight and take back their titles.

Legacy’s music plays and the crowd boos

Lilian: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 454 pounds, the Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Priceless.

Cole: And here come the cocky Tag Team Champions now. Earlier we heard from DiBiase and Rhodes and they said that this is going to be an easy match for them.

King: Priceless was very confident about retaining their titles tonight and said this match was a minor stepping stone towards No Mercy. It seems like they are looking past the Colons tonight and looking ahead towards their match against Triple H and his mystery opponent.

Cole: Well that might come back to haunt them. They do not want to take the Colons lightly here tonight. The Colons were the first ever Unified Tag Team Champions. If they want to walk into No Mercy with the Tag Titles and momentum they’re going to need to get their head in the game for this match.

Tag Team Championship
Priceless vs. The Colons

-The match is a back and forth tag match with many tags. Towards the end, Carlito and DiBiase are the legal. Carlito goes to toss DiBiase off the ropes but DiBiase reverses it and tosses Carlito off the ropes. Carlito springboards off and hits DiBiase with a back elbow. Carlito picks DiBiase up and scoop slams him by a corner. Carlito goes out on the apron and springboards off one rope to the other and flips onto DiBiase. The cover, 1…2…DiBiase kicks out. Carlito stalks DiBiase as DiBiase uses the ropes to get up. Carlito goes for the Backstabber but DiBiase holds onto the ropes, preventing the move. DiBiase kicks Carlito in the head, keeping him down. DiBiase drags Carlito over to his corner and tags Rhodes in. They wait for Carlito to get to his feet and they hit him with a High-Low. Rhodes goes for the cover, 1…2…Carlito kicks out. Rhodes waits for Carlito to get up and hits a running swinging neckbreaker. The cover, 1…2…Carlito kicks out. Rhodes picks Carlito up in the corner and starts punching him, but Carlito ducks and gets out of the corner. Carlito goes to punch Rhodes in the corner, but Rhodes kicks Carlito in the gut, sending him stumbling backwards. Rhodes springboards out of the corner for a crossbody but Carlito counters with a dropkick to Rhodes in mid-air. Both men crawl to their corners. Carlito tags in Primo and Rhodes tags in DiBiase. Primo runs in and clotheslines DiBiase twice. Primo does his cartwheel taunt as DiBiase gets up. Primo runs off the ropes and hits a running jumping back elbow on DiBiase. The cover, 1…2…DiBiase kicks out. Primo picks up DiBiase and goes for a tornado DDT, but DiBiase pushes Primo off. Primo goes for a clothesline, but DiBiase ducks and turns it into a Russian Leg Sweep. DiBiase drags Primo over to the corner and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes measures up and delivers a high knee drop to Primo. The cover, 1…2…Primo kicks out. Rhodes stalks Primo as he gets up slowly. Rhodes goes for the Cross Rhodes but Primo is too close to the ropes and grabs onto the ropes to prevent the move. Primo elbows Rhodes to get out of the hold and then connects with a springboard clothesline. Primo crawls to his corner and tags in Carlito. Carlito comes in and dropkicks Rhodes. As Rhodes gets up, Carlito connects with a high knee lift right into a clothesline. The cover, 1…2…DiBiase breaks up the pin. Primo then comes in and clotheslines DiBiase to the outside taking himself with him over the top rope. Carlito picks Rhodes up and hits Rhodes with a DDT. On the outside, DiBiase grabs Primo and tosses him into the steel steps. Carlito dropkicks Rhodes, sending him back into his corner. DiBiase sneaks up on the apron and tags himself in. Rhodes gets up slowly and Carlito hits him with the Backstabber. Carlito goes for the cover but the referee doesn’t count since Rhodes isn’t the legal man. DiBiase runs in, picks Carlito up from behind, and delivers Dream Street. The cover, 1…2…3 Priceless wins and retains their titles.
Winners: Priceless

Lilian: Here are your winners and still the Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Priceless.

Cole: Priceless picks up the win and retains the Tag Team Titles after a hard fought battle.

King: I think the Colons put up more of a fight than Priceless had anticipated. That was not as easy of a victory as Priceless thought.

Cole: But now that this is over, DiBiase and Rhodes can look toward their match this Sunday at No Mercy. Priceless has been undefeated for four weeks in a row. Can Triple H find the perfect partner to help put an end to that?

King: Triple H better get looking because Priceless is ready to go for Sunday.

Cole: Speaking of Triple H, he will be in action tonight against Legacy leader Randy Orton in our main event tonight. We’ll be right back with more Monday Night Raw here on the USA Network.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Backstage we see Triple H in the locker room on his cell phone talking to someone

Triple H: Hey, it’s Hunter. How’ve you been?

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: That’s great. Listen, this Sunday at No Mercy I have a match against DiBiase and Rhodes. Now I need a partner and I was wondering if you wanted to lace up your boots and join me.

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: Are you really going to give me that “retired” excuse? Come on, I know you want to teach these guys a lesson just as much as I do.

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: So there’s no hope in convincing you to be my partner?

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: Alright. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

Triple H hangs up his phone

Triple H: Ok, let’s try someone else.

Triple H looks through his contacts on his cell phone as we cut away.

King: Looks like Triple H is still searching for a partner.

Cole: We’ll stay updated on Triple H’s search as the night goes on and hopefully by the end of the night we’ll know who his partner will be.

Backstage a reporter is interviewing Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, and the Bella Twins

Reporter: I’m here with Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, and the Bella Twins. Now last week, we saw you two, Mickie and Kelly, come to the aid of Nikki and Brie Bella as they were being assaulted by Maryse, Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes. What are your thoughts on this situation?

Mickie: Last week Kelly and I were backstage and saw two innocent divas and friends of ours being ganged up on after the match was over. It was an unwarranted attack and we needed to do something about it, so we came down to the ring and cleared them out before they could do anymore damage.

Reporter: Kelly, tonight you face Beth Phoenix one-on-one. How do you feel going into this match?

Kelly: I know Beth is bigger and stronger than me which is a huge advantage. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous going into the ring with the Glamazon. But tonight I’m going to give it my all to teach that bully Beth Phoenix a lesson. We’ve all banned together to put a stop to these attacks by those three divas and restore order to the divas division.

Mickie: And Maryse, I know you’re the one behind all of this. I know you’re the person that’s leading these attacks. Two weeks ago you attacked me backstage for no reason, smashing that Diva’s Title against the back of my skull. I haven’t forgotten about that and I will stop you from trying to take out the entire divas division. And also you better watch out and hold that title tight while you still can because I will take that Diva’s Title away from you soon.

*-----Commercial Break------*

As we come back from commercial break, a video package is shown from last week’s WWE Superstars. Clips from the five man match for the number one contendership to the United States Title are shown. We see Chavo going for the Three Amigos but Kendrick reverses the third suplex and hits The Kendrick. Miz comes in and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Kendrick. Miz goes for the Reality Check on Kofi but Kofi moves out of the way and hits Trouble In Paradise. Kofi goes for the pin but Big Show breaks it up. Kofi kicks Big Show and dazes Big Show with a dropkick. Kofi goes for Trouble In Paradise but Big Show blocks the kick and delivers a Knockout Punch right to Kofi. The cover, 1...2...3 Big Show wins. The video ends with Big Show standing tall.

The Brian Kendrick’s music plays and the crowd boos

Lilian: The following six man tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Venice, California, weighing in at 184 pounds, The Brian Kendrick.

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw as we get ready for six man tag team action involving superstars in the United States Title division.

King: And here comes one man who would love a shot at the United States Title, The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick has had success in the Tag Team and Cruiserweight divisions here in the WWE but now looks to step it up and go for the U.S. Title.

Cole: Kendrick has a cocky swagger about him but this young man is talented. I wouldn’t doubt Kendrick getting a title shot in the future.

The Miz’s music plays and the crowd boos

Lilian: From Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 231 pounds, The Miz.

King: Speaking of cocky, here comes probably one of the most self absorbed guys in the WWE, The Miz.

Cole: Like The Miz or not, you have to admit that he’s improved greatly since first arriving here in the WWE. Two weeks ago on WWE Superstars, with a little outside help The Miz was able to pull off a victory over the United States Champion MVP.

King: Outside interference or not, any time you can get a win over the United States Champion that’s a big deal. I hate to say it but we could see The Miz holding that United States Title soon enough.

Big Show’s music plays and the crowd boos

Lilian: Their partner, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 485 pounds, the Big Show.

Cole: Well here is the man who helped The Miz defeat MVP two weeks ago after a Knockout Punch to the gut. The number one contender for the United States Title, the Big Show.

King: Last week on WWE Superstars, Big Show earned the number one contendership after he won the five man match against The Miz, The Brian Kendrick, Chavo Guerrero, and Kofi Kingston.

Cole: And now the Big Show will go onto No Mercy this Sunday to face MVP for the U.S. Title. Can Big Show walk out of the pay per view as the new United States Champion? We’ll find out this Sunday.

Chavo Guerrero’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Lilian: And their opponents, first, from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 215 pounds, Chavo Guerrero.

King: Here’s a man who is trying to get his career back in order, Chavo Guerrero.

Cole: Chavo of course comes from the infamous Guerrero family. Chavo is a former Tag Team, Cruiserweight, and ECW Champion. Chavo knows what it’s like to be a champion but like you said Chavo has been off lately and looks to get back on track.

King: Well going for the United States Title is definitely the way to go. If he can get a shot at the title, that may be the boost his career needs right now.

Kofi Kingston’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Lilian: From Jamaica, weighing in at 218 pounds, Kofi Kingston.

Cole: And here comes the ever exciting Kofi Kingston. Kofi is also another man who has put his name in the hat for a shot at the United States Title.

King: This young man is such an incredible athlete in that ring. He just comes at you from out of no where. Those skills will get him a title shot one day.

Cole: Last week on Raw Kofi Kingston picked up a huge victory over the Big Show. I think that after No Mercy there is a good chance Kofi will be next in line for a title shot.

MVP’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Lilian: And their partner, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 249 pounds, the United States Champion, Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP.

King: Well we’ve talked about the United States Title so much, and here’s the United States Champion, MVP.

Cole: MVP is the longest reigning United States Champion in WWE history. There’s a reason why MVP is the United States Champion, and Big Show may learn that reason at No Mercy.

King: We saw the conflict Big Show and MVP have two weeks ago on the V.I.P. Lounge. How will things turn out this Sunday when they go one-on-one with the title on the line?

Big Show, The Brian Kendrick, & The Miz vs. MVP, Kofi Kingston, & Chavo Guerrero
-The match is a back and forth tag team match. Towards the end Miz and Chavo are the legal men. Miz punches and stomps on Chavo as he tries to get up. Miz lifts Chavo up and tosses him into his corner. Miz runs and connects with his patented clothesline. Miz then tags in Kendrick. Kendrick comes right in and kicks away at Chavo. Kendrick runs off the ropes and drills Chavo with a running dropkick to the side of his head. The cover, 1...2...Chavo kicks out. Kendrick picks Chavo up, tosses him off the ropes, then runs at him as he comes back and connects with a back heel kick. The cover, 1...2...Chavo kicks out. Kendrick stalks Chavo as he gets up slowly. Kendrick grabs Chavo by the head and runs up the corner going to The Kendrick but Chavo pushes Kendrick off as he runs up the corner, landing Kendrick on the top rope sitting there. Chavo climbs the ropes and delivers a super back suplex to Kendrick. Both men are down and slowly crawl to their corners. Kendrick gets to his corner and tags in Big Show as Chavo tags in Kofi. Kofi runs in at Big Show kicking away and then dropkicks Big Show which takes him back a bit into a corner. Kofi runs at Big Show in the corner, leaps and starts punching away at him, but Big Show grabs Kofi and starts to walk out of the corner. Big Show tosses Kofi backwards, but Kofi lands on his feet. Kofi goes for Trouble In Paradise but Big Show catches him and tosses him off. Kofi lands by his corner and tags in MVP. The two of them go over to Big Show and start punching and kicking away at him. Kofi then sweeps Big Show's legs from behind while MVP dropkicks Big Show from the front, sending Big Show to the floor. MVP and Kofi run off the ropes, taunt, and then hit the Ballin' Elbow and the Boom Drop simultaneously on Big Show. The cover, 1...2...Miz breaks it up. Miz starts stomping away at MVP until Kofi comes in. Kofi punches Miz backing him up to the ropes by his corner. At this time, Kendrick comes in to stop Kofi, but Chavo comes in and dropkicks Kendrick out of the ring. Chavo then sets up and launches himself over the top rope and onto Kendrick. Kofi kicks Miz to the ground until Miz rolls under the rope but tries to pull himself up on the apron. Kofi runs off the ropes at Miz but gets caught with a huge shoulder to the gut by Miz. Miz then sets up and back body drops Kofi over the top rope and out of the ring to the floor. Big Show gets up by his corner. MVP runs at Big Show for the Player Boot but Big Show catches it to block it. Just as that happens, Miz tags himself in. Miz gets in and the referee is telling Big Show to get out as he tosses MVP back. Miz and Big Show argue as the referee is getting Big Show out of the ring and in his corner. Miz then turns around right into the Player Boot by MVP. MVP the dropkicks Big Show's knee which makes Big Show fall off the apron. MVP then grabs Miz in the center of the ring and connects with the Play Maker. The cover, 1...2...3 MVP wins it for his team.
Winner: MVP, Kofi Kingston, & Chavo Guerrero

Lilian: Here are your winner, Chavo Guerrero, Kofi Kingston, and MVP.

Cole: MVP picks up the win for his team and gains some momentum towards his title defense at No Mercy against the Big Show.

King: There seemed to be some miscommunication between Miz and Big Show, but MVP was smart enough to take advantage of that and it paid off for him. If MVP wants to win at No Mercy, he’s going to have to do exactly what he did tonight and use his head and take advantage of any little opportunity he gets.

Cole: The United States Champion is ballin’ his way toward this Sunday but will Big Show be able to put a stop to that come No Mercy? Wells till to come tonight we will see No mercy opponents Batista and Matt Hardy team up against John Cena in a handicap match. And our main event will be “The Game” Triple H verses the number one contender Randy Orton. Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back with more Monday Night Raw here on the USA Network.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Backstage we see MVP walking to the locker room after his match when a reporter catches up with him.

Reporter: MVP, first off congratulations on picking up the victory for your team tonight in the six man tag team match moments ago. I just wanted to ask you what your plans are for this Sunday when you defend your United States Title against the Big Show.

MVP: Now I know Big Show is going to be a tough challenge. He’s the World’s Largest Athlete. But I’m the MVP of the WWE. I’m not the United States Champion for no reason. Like tonight, I’m going to have to play it smart against the big man. But I’m confident that I will show the Big Show why I’m the United States Champion and he’s not. This Sunday I will stop the dominant giant and walk out still the United States Champ.

Cole: MVP seems ready to go for Sunday. That’s going to be a tough fight for the United States Champion.

King: MVP has his work cut out for him at No Mercy. He’s not the only one. Triple H is going to have a tough time at No Mercy too.

Cole: Well Triple H needs to find a partner for his tag match this Sunday against the Tag Team Champions Rhodes and DiBiase, Priceless. Triple H has been searching all week and we’ve already seen him calling people on the phone, trying to find anyone he can to be his partner.

King: Let’s hope he finds a partner or it’s going to be a long night for Triple H at No Mercy.

Backstage we see Triple H in the locker room on his cell phone talking to someone.

Triple H: Hey it’s been awhile. How are you doing?

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: Good. Well I’m going to cut right to the chase. I need a partner for this Sunday. Now I know it’s been awhile since you’ve stepped into a WWE ring but…

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: Really?

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: Are you sure?

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: No, don’t worry about it. Obviously you can’t so I can’t be mad at you for that. I’ll find someone else.

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: Ok. Take care of yourself. Bye.

Triple H hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath.

Triple H: Maybe I’ll try someone from Smackdown.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Batista’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Lilian: The following contest is a two on one handicap match, scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Washington D.C., weighing in at 290 pounds, Batista.

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and boy are we in for an interesting match-up here. How are Batista and Matt Hardy going to work together in this match?

King: They’ll have to. Last week it was made official that Batista and Matt can’t touch each other until their match at No Mercy or else they’ll be immediately suspended.

Cole: Well I know the Animal is all fired up and ready to go for No Mercy. Batista can’t wait to get his hands on Matt Hardy in just six days.

Matt Hardy’s music plays and the crowd boos

Lilian: His partner, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 236 pounds, Matt Hardy.

King: Judging by the way Batista is staring down Matt right now, I don’t think he can last six days, but he’s going to have to.

Cole: These two are partners tonight but come Sunday they will face off once again, but this time it’ll be a No Disqualification match.

King: These two are going to completely tear each other apart with no rules to stop them. And I for one can’t wait to see it.

John Cena’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Lilian: And their opponent, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at 240 pounds, he is the WWE Champion, John Cena.

Cole: This is the last situation John Cena thought he was going to be in tonight. This match was made earlier tonight when Cena had a confrontation with Randy Orton. Cena challenged Orton to fight him right there but our General Manager Vickie Guerrero stopped it before it started.

King: Vickie then told Cena that if he wanted to fight so badly then he can fight Batista and Matt Hardy tonight in a handicap match.

Cole: If somehow Batista and Matt can get on the same page then this is going to be a long night for the WWE Champion.

Batista & Matt Hardy vs. John Cena
-The match is mainly in control by Hardy and Batista, but they tag themselves in every time. Towards the end Matt is the legal man and has control against Cena. Matt punches away at Cena and then tosses him into a corner. Matt runs at Cena in the corner and connects with a clothesline to a bulldog combination. The cover, 1...2...Cena kicks out. Matt then runs off the ropes and delivers multiple leg drops to Cena. The cover, 1...2...Cena kicks out. Matt picks Cena up and sets up for the Twist Of Fate but Cena punches his way out of it. Cena goes for a clothesline but Matt ducks and connects with the Side Effect on Cena. The cover, 1...2...Cena kicks out. Matt then goes up top and looks over at Batista saying "watch this." Matt jumps off for a Leg Drop but Cena moves out of the way. Both men get to their feet and Cena connects with two shoulder blocks in a row. Cena then connects with a spin-out powerbomb to Matt. Cena taunts and then connects with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena taunts as he waits for Matt to get up. Cena lifts Matt on his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment but Matt slips off and stumbles backwards into his corner. Batista tags himself in and Matt looks at him baffled that he did that. Batista runs in and punches away at Cena. Batista tosses Cena off the ropes and connects with a spinning sidewalk slam. Batista lifts Cena up and tosses him in a corner. Batista runs over and connects with multiple shoulder thrusts to Cena. Batista then lifts Cena up and slams him to the ground. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb but Cena gets out of it and punches away at Batista's gut, making his way up to his head. Cena kicks Batista in the gut, runs off the ropes and connects with the Throw Back. The cover, 1...2...Batista kicks out. Cena grabs Batista's leg and goes for the STF but Batista kicks him off. Batista gets up as Cena runs at him and Batista connects with a Spine Buster to Cena. Batista goes over to the ropes and shakes them as he taunts for the Batista Bomb, but he's close to his corner so Matt tags himself in. Batista turns around as Matt gets in and looks confused. Batista argues with Matt about why he did that. Batista looks like he's about to punch Matt but instead backs up and leaves the ring. Matt yells back at Batista. Matt turns around and sees Cena getting up. Matt goes to kick Cena in the gut but Cena catches Matt's foot. Cena gets Matt to the floor and locks in the STF. Matt crawls to the ropes screaming in pain as Batista watches from the outside floor right by the ropes. Matt is a fingertip away from the ropes but Batista gets in the face of Matt and then pulls the rope back with all of his strength. Matt can't reach the rope now. Cena pulls Matt back to the center of the ring and locks in the STF again. Matt has no choice but to tap out, making Cena win the match
Winner: John Cena

Lilian: Here is your winner, John Cena.

Cole: And Cena defies the odds and wins the handicap match.

King: I’d have to give the assist to Batista there. Matt would’ve had the ropes if it wasn’t for Batista pulling them away.

Cole: Well Batista and Matt were working well for awhile, keeping Cena down. But then all of the blind tags and egos caught up to them and Batista left Matt to fend for himself. Cena took advantage of this and with a little help from The Animal picked up the win here tonight.

Batista walks up the ramp walking backwards staring back and pointing at Matt Hardy yelling “this Sunday you’re done!” as Matt stares back with an angry look on his face.

King: These two look like they’re about to explode. This Sunday is going to be crazy when they finally get t fight it out.

Cole: No doubt that will be an epic fight between Batista and Matt Hardy. John Cena stands tall as the winner and gains some more momentum going into No Mercy. Now we’ll have to see how his opponent Randy Orton does tonight when he faces Triple H in our main event here on Monday Night Raw. Stay tuned, more Raw when we return here on the USA Network.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Beth Phoenix’s music plays and the crowd boos

Lilian: The following diva contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, being accompanied by Rosa Mendes and the Diva’s Champion Maryse, from Buffalo, New York, Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon.

Cole: Welcome back to Monday night Raw as we get set for divas action here. Beth Phoenix makes her way out here with her protégé Rosa Mendes and the Diva’s Champion Maryse.

King: I love the divas Michael. And we heard from Mickie James earlier how she believes Maryse is trying to take out all of the divas so that there’s no competition for her and the Diva’s Championship.

Cole: Well last week after Beth Phoenix and Maryse won their match against the Bellas, they decided to continue attacking the Bella Twins, with Rosa joining in with them.

Kelly Kelly’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Lilian: And her opponent, being accompanied by Mickie James and the Bella Twins, from Jacksonville, Florida, Kelly Kelly.

King: Yes! It’s Kelly Kelly. She looks great tonight. Let’s hope the Glamazon isn’t too rough on that beautiful face.

Cole: Kelly said earlier that she was nervous about this and rightfully so. Beth is stronger and bigger than her, but don’t underestimate Kelly Kelly.

King: Last week Mickie James and Kelly Kelly came to the aid of the Bella Twins during the attack. Mickie said earlier that they need to stick together and that she looks to take Maryse out herself and take the Diva’s Title.

Beth Phoenix (w/ Maryse & Rosa) vs. Kelly Kelly (w/ Mickie & Bellas)
-The match is mainly in control by Beth, but Kelly does get some offense. Towards the end Beth is in control. Beth grabs Kelly by the hair and tosses her across the ring like a rag doll. Beth goes over to Kelly, lifts her head off the mat, yells at her and then slams her head into the mat hard. Beth lifts Kelly up for a suplex but holds her up for a standing vertical suplex. After a bit Beth finishes off the suplex. The cover, 1...2...Kelly kicks out. Beth lifts Kelly up, grabs her by the throat and tosses her right into a corner. Beth runs at Kelly in the corner but Kelly gets her foot up right in Beth's face. Kelly goes to the second rope and hits a missile dropkick on Beth. Beth gets back up and Kelly runs at her and connects with a head scissors. The cover, 1...2...Beth powers out. Kelly kicks Beth in the side of the head and then heads up top. Kelly waits for Beth to get up and then goes for a crossbody but Beth catches her. Beth goes to lift Kelly on her shoulder but Kelly slides off and dropkicks Beth into the corner, sending Beth to the floor. Kelly goes for the K2 but as she's coming down Beth moves. Beth grabs Kelly from behind setting up for the Glam Slam. Mickie then gets on the apron and starts yelling at Beth. Beth goes over and tries to kick her off the apron but Mickie moves. Beth goes over to Kelly and sets up for the Glam Slam again but Kelly reverses it into a roll-up. The cover, 1...2...3 Kelly wins.
Winner: Kelly Kelly

Lilian: Here is your winner, Kelly Kelly.

King: Wow Kelly Kelly just beat the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix.

Cole: What a win for Kelly, probably the biggest one of her career thus far.

King: That win sends the message to Maryse and Beth that they are ready for them and that this fight has just begun.

Backstage a reporter interviews Randy Orton

Reporter: Randy Orton, this Sunday at No Mercy you will take on John Cena for the WWE Championship, but before you get your title shot you have to face your former mentor Triple H in the main event. What are your thoughts on the two matches?

Orton: Tonight Triple H is not a problem. I will beat him like the many times I have before. I’m softening Triple H up for when he has to face Rhodes and DiBiase this Sunday. Triple H thinks he can underestimate them but that isn’t a smart move by The Game. He underestimated me when I was in Evolution and look how that turned out. Unlike him, I have faith in my protégés and I want to succeed because they are the future and Triple H will learn that the hard way this Sunday. As for my match this Sunday at No Mercy, there really isn’t anything left to say that I haven’t already said. I’m going to take back what I never should have lost, the WWE Championship. At Unforgiven Mr. Kennedy cost me the match and my WWE Title. But I took care of that problem with one swift punt to the head, taking Kennedy out for god knows how long. Kennedy can’t mess this up for me this time and Cena won’t have any lucky breaks in this match. At No Mercy I will take back my WWE Championship and I will take Cena out just like I did to Kennedy.

*-----Commercial Break------*

In the background “Scream” by Adelitas Way is playing as the album cover is shown on the screen

Cole: Welcome back to Raw and we’d like to thank Adelitas Way for the No Mercy theme song “Scream” off their new debut self-titled album, in stores now. With the pay per view just six days away there’s a lot these competitors will be screaming about.

King: Well one match that we’ll see is Batista verses Matt Hardy in a No Disqualification match.

Cole: After the DQ finish at Unforgiven, Vickie Guerrero wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again so she made the rematch for No Mercy a No DQ match. These two have been at each other’s throats for over a month now and we saw tonight how hard it’s been for them to restrain themselves. What will happen when these two are let loose and go at each other when anything goes?

King: This Sunday, the United States Champion MVP will defend his title against his biggest challenger yet, the Big Show.

Cole: This all started on the V.I.P. Lounge two weeks ago when Big Show slapped the U.S. Title out of the hands of MVP, but MVP would get the upper hand and take Big Show down with a Drive-By Kick. Last week on WWE Superstars, Big Show won the five man number one contenders match to earn the opportunity to face MVP at No Mercy for the title. Will the Big Show take the United States Title this Sunday or will MVP show Big Show that size doesn’t matter?

King: Also, we’ll see the Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase will take on “The Game” Triple H and a partner of his choosing.

Cole: Last week the challenge was made by Priceless and Triple H accepted it. Priceless have been on a huge role as of lately, but can Triple H slow them down? Rhodes and DiBiase said they are going to prove that they are the greatest tag team in the WWE today at No Mercy. The question is who will be Triple H’s partner when he tries to take down the Legacy members?

King: And our main event of the night. It’ll be the WWE Champion John Cena defending his title against the former champion Randy Orton.

Cole: Orton has been complaining about how Cena shouldn’t have won at Unforgiven and that he stole the WWE Title from him. Orton wasted no time and used his rematch clause for No Mercy to take back as he says what’s rightfully his. But Cena will not back down that easily and as he said will give Orton the fight of his life. Will Orton take back his WWE Title or will Cena prove to Orton that the win at Unforgiven wasn’t a fluke? Found out this Sunday at No Mercy live on pay per view.

Backstage we see Triple H in the locker room on his cell phone

Triple H: Hey, look I know you’re on Smackdown but it doesn’t matter. I can team with anyone.

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: Come on. It’s DiBiase and Rhodes, Orton’s lackeys. I know you’d love to take them out just as much as I would.

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: But...

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: No it’s ok. I understand. Well take care of yourself.

Triple H pauses to listen to the person on the other line

Triple H: Yeah thanks. I’m going to need it. Bye.

Triple H hangs up his phone in disappointment. Cena then comes over and pats Triple H on the back.

Triple H: Hey John.

Cena: Hey Hunter. I heard about your problem. Look I’m sorry I can’t be your partner this Sunday.

Triple H: It’s fine. You have a title match against Orton. We have the same goal, to stop Legacy.

Cena: Yeah I guess we do. But I’m sure you’ll find a partner. I mean, who wouldn’t want to team with The Game, Triple H? And even if you don’t find a partner, you can beat those two punks by yourself easily.

Triple H: It seems like I might have to beat those two punks by myself this Sunday. But thanks John, and tonight I’m going to do you a favor whether you want it or not. Tonight, I’m going to beat the holy hell out of Randy Orton, just to soften him up a bit for you this Sunday. Anyway, good luck on Sunday.

Cena: Thanks and good luck to you too. Now go out there and beat Orton like only the King of Kings can.

Triple H leaves the locker room to go to the ring.

Cole: It’s Triple H verses Randy Orton, live here on Monday Night Raw, next.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Randy Orton’s music plays and the crowd boos

Lilian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 245 pounds, Randy Orton.

Cole: Welcome back to Raw and it’s time for our main event as the number one contender for the WWE Championship makes his way to the ring.

King: Orton didn’t seem too worried about this match earlier. He said that this was simply to soften up Triple H for his fellow Legacy members, Rhodes and DiBiase.

Cole: Orton can’t wait for his WWE Championship rematch at No Mercy this Sunday, but Randy Orton cannot look past his match here tonight against Triple H if he wants to make it to the pay per view healthy.

Triple H’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Lilian: And his opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 255 pounds, Triple H.

Cole: And here comes the Game. Triple H has had a rough night trying to find a partner for Sunday, but a win here will boost the morale of the King of Kings.

King: We saw Triple H on the phone calling people left and right. He tried people on Raw, people on Smackdown, and even people not in the WWE currently. Who is Triple H going to get as a partner if he can eve find one?

Cole: That’s the question everyone including Triple H is asking right now. But Triple H needs to focus on Randy Orton right now and not on finding a partner. A win here could give Triple H some much needed momentum towards No Mercy.

Triple H vs. Randy Orton
-The match is back and forth the entire time, with many moves and counters. Towards the end Orton has control. Orton scraps his boot on the side of Triple H's head. Orton methodically stomps around on each limb of Triple H. Orton then hits a jumping knee drop on Triple H. The cover, 1...2...Triple H kicks out. Orton stomps on the head of Triple H and then applies a sleeper hold on him. Triple H seems as though he's fading. the referee checks his arm but Triple gets a burst of energy as the crowd cheers him on. Triple H gets to his feet and backs up into a corner, slamming Orton into the corner. Triple H starts punching away at Orton in the corner. Triple H goes to irish whip Orton but Orton reverses it by holding onto Triple H's hand, pulling him into him, and going right into his patented inverted backbreaker. The cover. 1...2...Triple H kicks out. Orton lifts Triple H's head up and methodically punches Triple H's head a few times. Orton gets Triple H in a front facelock and slowly lifts Triple H up to his feet. Orton then sets up and delivers a suplex to Triple H. The cover, 1...2...Triple H kicks out. Orton sits up looking frustrated and angry. Orton then stalks Triple H as he slowly gets up. Triple H is back to his feet and turns towards Orton. Orton goes for the RKO but Triple H pushes off. Orton comes back at Triple H but Triple H hits him with a clothesline. Orton gets up as Triple H is still trying to regain his composure. Orton punches Triple H but Triple H strikes right back. The two trade blows until Triple H gets the advantage. Triple H tosses Orton off the ropes but Orton reverses it and throws Triple H off the ropes. Orton bends down for a back body drop but Triple H reverses it into a face crusher on his knee. Triple H grabs Orton and hits a DDT on him. The cover, 1...2...Orton kicks out. Triple H goes off the ropes and hits a running knee drop. The cover, 1...2...Orton kicks out. Triple H goes for a Figure Four Leg Lock but Orton kicks Triple H off. Orton gets up and runs at Triple H with a clothesline but Triple H ducks and hits a reverse neckbreaker. Triple H lifts Orton up, tosses him off the ropes, and hits a Double-A Spine Buster. Triple H taunts and waits for Orton to get up. Orton gets to his feet slowly, turns around and Triple H kicks him in the gut and sets up for the Pedigree. Just then, DiBiase and Rhodes run down to the ring and are both on the ring apron yelling at Triple H. Triple H let's go of Orton and goes over to Priceless. Triple H swings at them but they both duck down off the apron. Triple H yells and points at them. Triple H turns around right into the RKO by Orton. The cover, 1...2...3 Orton wins.
Winner: Randy Orton

Lilian: Here is your winner, Randy Orton.

Cole: Orton gets the win but not without the help of his fellow Legacy members.

King: It looked like Triple H was setting up for the end when he gets distracted by Priceless and turns back right into an RKO by their leader.

DiBiase and Rhodes get in the ring. All of Legacy start to beat up on Triple H.

Cole: And now the three on one assault by Legacy. Someone needs to stop this.

Just then, John Cena runs down to the ring.

King: Here comes the WWE Champion to the rescue.

Cena starts attacking Orton, but Priceless help Orton out and are able to take control.

Cole: But even Cena isn’t enough to stop Legacy. The numbers game is too much for Cena and Triple H to handle.

Orton stomps away at Cena. Priceless lift Triple H up. Rhodes grabs Triple H and hits the Cross Rhodes on him. Then DiBiase lifts Triple H up and hits Dream Street on him.

King: Cross Rhodes and Dream Street to Triple H. This does not look good for Triple H for this Sunday.

Cole: If Triple H doesn’t find a partner for Sunday this could be his fate yet again.

Rhodes and DiBiase join Orton in stomping away at Cena

Cole: And now like a pack of wolves just stomping away at a defenseless Cena.

Priceless lifts Cena up and hold him as Orton gets in his face. Orton starts yelling at Cena “this Sunday, you’re finished! I’m taking back my title!” Orton then hits the RKO on Cena.

King: And Orton adds insult to injury. First he yells in Cena’s face and then delivers a devastating RKO.

Orton stands over Cena and raises the hands of DiBiase and Rhodes, as Legacy stands tall in the ring.

Cole: Well Legacy had one goal in mind here tonight and that was to send a message to their No Mercy opponents, and that message is that you better watch out because you’re in for the ride of your life this Sunday.

King: Legacy definitely made their statement here tonight. They’ve proven how dominant of a group they are and at No Mercy they hope to make their dominance more known to the WWE.

Cole: Will this Sunday be Legacy’s night? Can Orton add the crown joule to Legacy? Don’t forget to order No Mercy this Sunday live on pay per view. Thank you for joining us tonight for Monday Night Raw here on the USA Network. Goodnight.


No Mercy 10/4/09

Official Theme Song: Adelitas Way – “Scream”

Match Card:

WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Rey Mysterio

ECW Championship
Christian vs. Paul Burchill

#1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship
??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Priceless vs. Triple H & Mystery Partner

No DQ Match
Batista vs. Matt Hardy

United States Championship
MVP vs. Big Show

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