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Re: AMRocky25 Presents: WWE - The Future

I was starting to get nervous with all your Raw matches for No Mercy... but we will get to that in a second.

Rey Mysterio to open up against Khali...... and Mysterio picks up the win via countout. The only way that this could of been done, without making Khali looking weak (even though he is bad to begin with). Good win for Mysterio.

Benjamin wants to be in a bigger spotlight, and I always would love to see Benjamin in a main event match... but Long saids he'll talk to him later...boo but what can The Revolution save him. As of now your just teasing it, but I honestly don't see benjamin joining them bc he just won the IC Title, and shook hands with Mysterio as a sign of respect (which I would imagine means he's full fledged face) unless when you started this he was already face. Either way I don't see him going with The Revolution.

Jimmy Wang Yang and Jessie together as a team.... this was a solid match, and good to see your trying to use all of the roster somehow. Surprised that Jimmy got the win, but I would love to see a nice friendly feud stem from this.

Nice promo in the back with Jericho, Edge and Punk. I know Punk is face.... and would love to see some matches between him and Jericho or Edge. Wonder what Long has to announce with No mercy.

Long/Ziggler/Morrison: Wow there we go a nice match-up set on No Mercy. All the qualifying matches are solid, and you have the potential for some huge star power to be in that fatal fourway. Now the match was very good some good back and forth and Ziggler with the dirty win is awesome. Gets me nervous that he might lose his qualifying match though.

Punk/Hardy vs. Umaga/Benjamin- really fast paced action, but Hardy and Punk pick up a huge win. Glad to see Umaga get pinned, even though both him and Benjamin lose. Reason why I like Umaga getting pin, is you don't really ruin the push that Benjamin wants. Sure its a lost but he didn't get pinned which doesn't make him look weak.

Edge and Jericho again. These two seem to be running the show, but hey I can't complain, love these two together. Anyway basic promo, about how they are going to dominate SD! Tough task with the BOD, but as they said they are ready to make an example out of them.

Revolution vs BOD: Maybe would of liked it a bit longer, but no worries it was still an excellent match. Ending with undertaker tagging himself in what is with that???? I'm sense a little bit of this only being a one night tag team hopefully because on both sides they are better as singles wrestlers imo. Khali getting involved, does him no good as BOD takes care of him, and Mysterio comes out and Mysterio is connects with a 619. Explosive finish, next week BOD and Rey Rey, vs. The Revolution, some six man tag action would be awesome.

Overall I thought it was a great show. I always have liked your SD's over your Raw main event a bit longer I think, but other than that awesome show man. Keep up the good work.

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