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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

NeX Generation Wrestling

- Prologue Pt. 4 -

- November 18, 2009 -

From HeymanHustle.com:

Paul E. Dangerously is back with another interview, this time with the man who recently left Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, AJ Styles. This won't be like the interview I had with Punk, in which I let him vent about how he was treated in WWE; instead, this will be me asking Styles a series of questions.

Heyman: "So AJ, you'd been with TNA since they started in 2002, right?"

Styles: "Yes, I was. I wrestled in the very first TNA match, a six-man tag team match, and I actually took the pin in that match. Not a lot of people would know that."

Heyman: "But at the next show, you became the first-ever X-Division Champion."

Styles: "Yep. First-ever, and the most reigns, six."

Heyman: "I can tell you're very proud of that."

Styles: "Well, yeah. To have a company that's barely starting out put so much faith into you, making you one of its first champions, that makes you feel really good."

Heyman: "And at that time, how confident were you that TNA was going to become a success?"

Styles: "In the first few months, everyone had really high hopes. We were getting some good turnouts for our shows, and we were really getting attention on the internet with our X-Division and the matches we were putting on. We felt that we were going to accomplish big things in the business."

Heyman: "But when did you start to feel that the company was starting to go in the wrong direction?"

Styles: "I'm not too sure. Personally, I've always felt that with guys like Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe, the wrestling side of TNA has always been strong, but the storylines and stuff... the quality, it started going down. A lot of what they were booking was just weird and stupid, and what really got some of us down was that when it looked like we had something good going on, it became bad as it went on."

Heyman: "This contributed to your leaving TNA once your contract was up, correct? What else added to that decision?"

Styles: "How things were backstage. I mean, again, the wrestlers, the locker room, it was good, for the most part. But the meetings with the officials, and the craziness, that's what got to me. Jeff Jarrett got sent home because he's seeing Kurt Angle's ex-wife, and from what I heard, 'cause I don't nose around in other's personal lives, he lied to Dixie Carter about it. Now, I can understand that he might be punished for lying to the boss, but being sent home, gone from the show and tapings and stuff, and from what I've heard possibly not coming back, I think that's ridiculous. He's a grown man, Karen's a grown woman, I don't see much wrong with that."

Heyman: "Some of the dirtsheets are saying that Kurt Angle's looking to get more creative power. Is that true, or would you rather not comment on that?"

Styles: "Well, I'd rather not comment on that. But, I will say, that by not commenting, you can pretty much figure out for yourself what the answer is. And I, personally, I've never been a fan of giving wrestlers control over what goes on with them. Letting them give input is one thing, especially when they know what they're talking about, but when it's 'Hey, we should do this with me, we should do that', I don't think that's how things should be. Bookers are there for a reason, and even though they might not always do such a great job, it's a wrestler's job to do what they're being booked to do."

Heyman: "So what's next for AJ Styles? Do you plan to continue wrestling, maybe even going to WWE?"

Styles: "I know for a fact that I want to keep wrestling. I love it, and I wouldn't see myself doing anything else. For now, I'll stick to the indies, ROH, PWG, but as for WWE, we'll see."

Heyman: "Alright, thank you very much, Mr. Styles."

Styles: "No problem, my pleasure."
- December 25, 2009 -

From HeymanHustle.com:

It's Christmas time, and here is my gift to you all: www.nexgenerationwrestling.com
From NeXGenerationWrestling.com

Hello, wrestling fans!

Over the last six months, the internet wrestling community has been clamoring about a rumored new promotion involving Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, Donald Trump, and a "long-haired guy". The releases of several wrestlers from WWE and TNA only added feul to that fire. Well, my name is Mikey Alvarez, and I am the long-haired guy, as well as the founder of NeX Generation Wrestling, NXG.

I first got the dream to start a new wrestling company back in March of this year, and I sought out the help of two of the greatest minds to ever work in this business, Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman. Together, the three of us, financially supported by my good friend Donald Trump, were able to lay the foundation of this new company, and bring in some of the best talent together, including names you may recognize in CM Punk, Goldberg, Rey Mysterio, Jr., and AJ Styles. For more information on some of the wrestling stars that will work under the NXG banner, check out our roster page.

Now that the secret has been revealed to the world, it's time to wait once again. NXG will be bringing you two shows on the FX network: NeXus, which will be shown on Tuesdays, and Vortex, which you'll be able to catch on Thursday nights. However, we won't be on the air until May of 2010. Five months, but we promise that the wait will be worth it.

NXG will be based in one of the greatest wrestling cities in the world, Chicago, Illinois, and our weekly episodes will come to you live from the UIC Pavillion. Check back with us continuously for more updates from NeX Generation Wrestling.

Thank you all,

- Mikey Alvarez, Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, Donald Trump, & the NXG Wrestlers
- XXX -

- January 13, 2010 -

From WWE.com:

World Wrestling Entertaiment has come to terms with the release of Mickie James. We wish her the best in all future endeavors.
From the Wrestling Observer:

- WWE lost another big name in former Women's and Diva's Champion Mickie James today. We will continue to update on this story as more details are known revealed, althought it is known that James had previously met with NXG founder Mikey Alvarez, and it is speculated that they offered her a large contract. NXG's female roster has continuously grown, partly due to several female wrestlers jumping ship, including Shantelle Malawski (Taylor Wilde), Melissa Anderson (Alyssa Flash), Katarina Waters (Katie Lea), and Jamie Szantyr (Velvet Sky).
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