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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

NeX Generation Wrestling

- Prologue Pt. 3 -

- September 4, 2009 -

From the Wrestling Observer:

- In another huge hit to TNA Wrestling, the man that has been with them since the beginning, AJ Styles, has decided to leave the company. Styles' contract expires sometime in late October, and he told Dixie Carter that he wouldn't be resigning. It is said that all the chaos going on with the company backstage - Jeff Jarrett being involved with Karen Angle and subsequently being sent home, Kurt Angle making a play for more creative control, as well as getting arrested - and the on-screen direction of the company that has diminished in quality, contributed to Styles making the decision that Amazing Red and the Motor City Machine Guns made recently and leave TNA.
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- September 7, 2009 -

From the Wrestling Observer:

- TNA has taken another huge loss with the departure of Mick Foley. The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion did not ask for his release, however; his short-term contract has expired, and Foley decided not to renew it. This is the second case of contract struggle in TNA in the past few days, as AJ Styles has also decided to not renew his contract.
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- September 19, 2009 -

From WWE.com:

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms with the releases of Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. We wish them the best in all future endeavors.
From the Wrestling Observer:

- In absolutely huge news, WWE has released two former World Champions today, in Rey Mysterio, and the man that just lost the World Heavyweight Championship just three days ago, CM Punk. Mysterio was serving a 30-day suspension for violating the Wellness Policy, and it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that he decided to leave the company, after his contractual problems in the past, as well as his treatment after telling his part of the story to the Mexican media.

- CM Punk is a much more of a shocker. Not much is known about this story just yet, although it is believed that Punk asked for his release, just as Mysterio did.
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- September 28, 2009 -

From HeymanHustle.com:

I'm sure most of you are under the impression that I'll be working with Eric Bischoff, Donald Trump, and the "long-haired guy" as he's been known as on the internet, on a new pro wrestling promotion. But that's not what this edition is for.

Instead, this is an interview, with the recently-released former World Champion CM Punk. I've known Punk for a number years now, and I've always thought that this young man had tremendous ability and potential. Unfortunately, WWE didn't recognize it the way it should've, and that's why he joined me for this candid interview. This is what he had to say over why he asked for his release from WWE:

"Honestly, it was my dream as a kid to make it in WWE. And in a way, I did. I won several titles, the Money in the Bank twice, and the World Title thrice. And you know, some people would think that was a huge achievement, but really, for me, it wasn't," he said. "I mean, sure, it was an honor that the company decided to give me the belt. But the way they did it every time, it just seemd that they didn't have faith in me. They weren't booking me like a champion.

"My first run happened in 2008, and I won it by cashing in the Money in the Bank against Edge. People loved it, and I ended up defending the World Title later that night against JBL. But man, that run was bad. I was booked like a joke. I'm being completely honest, I was a joke. My programs came second, maybe even third to the writers, and I hardly got any clean wins during my time as champion. That first defense against JBL, I think Cena interfered. During my Pay-Per-View match with Batista, Kane interfered which lead to nothing that I nor Batista were involved in, and then I had another match with JBL at SummerSlam, which I surprisingly went over clean.

"And then when it came time to drop the belt, I wasn't even in the match where I lost it. I don't see how that makes sense. What would've made sense was if I'd feuded with Randy Orton, who cost me the title, but we ended up having one match like a month or two later, and that was it. I got a rematch for the belt against Chris Jericho, and that was it for me as far as being a main-eventer on RAW.

"So after winning and having generally directionless reigns with the Tag and Intercontinental Titles, I win Money in the Bank again, and get drafted to SmackDown!. I thought I'd get a legitimate main-event run this time around, because that's what SmackDown!'s known for, making stars, but again, nope. I had a match with Kane over nothing, I believe, and then I feuded with Umaga. I got my ass kicked, he spoke some English, I beat him, he's fired. So then I move into a program with Jeff Hardy. He just won the World Title in a Ladder Match, and I take it from him five minutes later with the Money in the Bank.

"I've got the World Title again, I'm working with Jeff, and he's just owning me at every turn. I'm cutting censored straight edge promos, but Jeff's the one actually doing stuff, he's coming after me, beating me up. So I cheat to retain the belt against him on Pay-Per-View, and the cycle continues. And see, normally I wouldn't have much of a problem with this, because I'm being your typical cowardly heel, but the fact that Jeff was leaving the company, and they're putting him over me, that's what pissed me off. They were trying to convince him to stay, making him look strong and giving him the belt, but he'd long ago decided to take time off, and nothing they did would change his mind. And Jeff, he's a good guy, he wanted to put me over, but that's not what Vince wanted, because he wanted Jeff to stay, and he's putting him over at my expense. So I take back the World Title at SummerSlam after looking like a bitch against him throughout the whole feud, and I "kicked" him out of the WWE. Logically, my next feud would be with Matt Hardy, who they turned babyface again because of his brother leaving. But they stick me with a program with The Undertaker, out of nowhere.

"Now don't get me wrong, I loved working with 'Taker, I really did. Dream come true for me. But again, the novelty wore off quickly, because again, I'm booked like a bitch against him. I'm running away, getting caught and beaten, and put in a Submission Match with him. WWE wanted to redo Montreal for the finish, since we were in Montreal, and I just thought that was stupid, and we got into one of those quiet arguements backstage over it. You know, where no one wants to raise their voice because all hell'll break loose if they do, and eventually I just got fed up with everything they've done with me, and I said, 'You know what? I quit. Give him the belt, because I quit. I want out. I'm done.' And so then, all hell broke loose. Vince started yelling, red-faced, furious, saying how ingrateful I was, and I yelled back that they were all a bunch of fucking morons because I had no credibility. I'm yelling and cussing to the point where I realized that there was no way there were going to keep me after this, so at the Pay-Per-View, I got jobbed out to 'Taker. Plain and simple, I got jobbed the fuck out. I got my ass kicked for fifteen minutes, got like two minutes worth of offense, then I tapped out in an instant. I worked the next SmackDown! tapings to tie up loose ends, get my rematch, and get kicked out just like I'd done to Jeff. And that was the end of CM Punk in WWE."
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