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Re: AMRocky25 Presents: WWE - The Future

ECW 9/22/09

WWE Signature Video is shown

A recap video from last week’s ECW is shown. It starts off with Christian coming out in the beginning of the night talking about Unforgiven. As he’s talking, a clip from Unforgiven is shown of Christian hitting the Killswitch on Bourne, pinning him, and then holding the ECW Title as he’s announced the winner. Christian holds his ECW Championship up and says “Sunday came and past and yet I stand before you STILL ECW Champion!” Swagger then comes out and says winning the Scramble Match is no accomplishment and that he can beat everyone in that match one-on-one. Burchill then comes out and says that if it wasn’t for Swagger, he would be standing here ECW Champion and demands a title shot. Bourne comes out and defends Christian saying he deserved his win. Swagger makes fun of Bourne and Kozlov, and then Kozlov comes out. Swagger makes fun of Kozlov to his face and then Kozlov headbutts Swagger, starting up a brawl. Security breaks it up and Tiffany comes out to deliver Dreamer’s message that Bourne, Swagger, Burchill, and Kozlov will face off for the number one contedership to the ECW Title. Clips from the fatal four way main event are shown. We see Bourne hit the Air Bourne of Kozlov, then Swagger grabbing Bourne off the cover and hitting the Gutwrench Powerbomb. Burchill then hits the Twisted Sister on Swagger and pins him. The video ends with Burchill standing on the ropes pointing at Christian and signaling for the ECW Title, while Christian holds the ECW Title high.

ECW Opening Video is shown as “Don’t Question My Heart” by Saliva plays

Pyro goes off and the crowd goes wild

Mathews: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to ECW. Josh Mathews here along side Matt Striker. And Matt, what a main event we have for tonight.

Striker: That’s right. It’s going to be The ECW Champion Christian going one-on-one with the Long Island pretty boy Zack Ryder. Last week, Zack asked our General Manager Tommy Dreamer for a chance at the ECW Title. Tommy Dreamer told Ryder to prove that he’s championship material by taking on the ECW Champion Christian.

Mathews: And speaking of last week, we saw Paul Burchill win a number one contenders match, which means at No Mercy it will be Christian verses Paul Burchill for the ECW Championship. What a match that’ll be.

Striker: But that’s in two weeks, so let’s get started with ECW here on Tuesday night.

Jack Swagger’s music plays and the crowd boos

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at 263 pounds, The All American American, Jack Swagger.

Mathews: Last week Jack Swagger caused some problems in the beginning of the night. He claimed Burchill cost him the Scramble Match, that Bourne is a circus act, Kozlov is stupid, and that he should be ECW Champion, not Christian.

Striker: But that’s how Swagger is. He’s young, he’s cocky, and he’s athletically gifted. He might talk a big game, but the two time All American can back it up in the ring. That’s why he’s a former ECW Champion only a year into his career here.

Mathews: There’s no denying Swagger’s abilities. But he’s going to need to watch his mouth because it’s been getting him into trouble lately.

Finlay’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Chimel: And his opponent, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing in at 233 pounds, Finlay.

Striker: Well here’s a man that won’t take a bit of Swagger’s trash talking. Finlay would knock Swagger out before he’d finish his sentence.

Mathews: Lately the Fighting Irishman hasn’t been doing so well here in the land of extreme. He’s been losing to the Hart Dynasty the last few weeks. Last week he was beat by David Hart Smith.

Striker: You don’t have to worry about Finlay. He’s going to bounce back soon enough. In fact, that could happen right now with a win over Jack Swagger.

Jack Swagger vs. Finlay
-The match is back and forth the whole time. Towards the end Swagger is in control. Swagger grabs Finlay and hits a sidewalk slam backbreaker on him. Swagger then gets down and mocks Finlay by doing push-ups. Swagger picks Finlay up and delivers a german suplex. The cover, 1...2...Finlay kicks out. Swagger argues with the referee and then turns his attention back to Finlay. Swagger grabs Finlay and sets up for the Gutwrench Powerbomb but Finlay gets out of Swagger's grip and clubs him in the back of the head with a forearm. Finlay then hits a clothesline on Swagger and then another as Swagger gets up. Finlay then lifts Swagger up and hits him with Rolling Hills. Finlay then runs off the ropes and nails Swagger with a seated drop on his chest. The cover, 1...2...Swagger kicks out. Finlay then lifts Swagger up and goes for the Celtic Cross but Swagger elbows his way out of it. Swagger then grabs Finlay and hits a belly to back suplex. Swagger positions Finlay by the corner. Swagger runs at the corner, jumps off the second rope, and goes for a body splash but Finlay puts his knees up. Swagger walks around holding his ribs as Finlay gets up and goes for a clothesline. Swagger ducks underneath, does a quick amateur wrestling type go-around, grabs Finlay around the waist and hits the Gutwrench Powerbomb. The cover, 1...2...3 Swagger wins.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Chimel: Here is your winner, Jack Swagger.

Mathews: A big win here for Jack Swagger. It seems like he’s trying to work his way back into the ECW Title picture.

Striker: Swagger knows that he’s not getting a shot at No Mercy. That belongs to Paul Burchill. So Swagger is building up his wins and momentum so that he can be first in line to take on the winner.

Mathews: That’s a very smart strategy by the All American American. Well still to come tonight is our huge non-titled main event. It’ll be the ECW Champion Christian taking on Zack Ryder. Don’t go anywhere. More ECW when we return here on SyFy.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Backstage a reporter is with Paul Burchill and Katie Lea

Reporter: I’m here with the number one contender to the ECW Championship, Paul Burchill. Paul, last week we saw you win a fatal four way match after pinning Jack Swagger to earn an ECW Title shot at the next pay per view No Mercy. What are your thoughts on this?

Burchill: I think it’s about time I got a shot at the ECW Championship. It’s been long overdue. Last week I proved how I am when I defeated three other men to earn my title shot at No Mercy. At the end, I saw my opportunity and struck when I hit Swagger with the Twisted Sister and pinned him, one….two…three. And now I get my one-on-one opportunity at Christian. You see, I’ve never had a one-on-one opportunity for the ECW Championship ever, so I’m going to make the most of this. At Unforgiven, I had Christian pinned if it wasn’t for Jack Swagger breaking up the pin. Christian knows that I can beat him. It’s in his head…I’m in his head. The Ripper will strike and the Ripper will conquer. Come No Mercy, I guarantee that I will walk out the new ECW Champion.

Just then, Jack Swagger walks into the scene tired and angry.

Swagger: Why are you interviewing him? Did you not just see me win my match moments ago? You stole my interview. But it’s not the first thing you’ve stolen from me. You caused me to have the ECW Title stolen from me at Unforgiven, and last week you stole the number one contendership from me.

Burchill: I didn’t steal anything from you. At Unforgiven you cost me the ECW Championship. You didn’t even have a chance for me to cost you. Last week, nothing was stolen. I earned my opportunity at the ECW Championship. And if I’m not mistaken, I believe I pinned you to earn that opportunity.

Swagger: You got lucky. Winning a fatal four way match or a Scramble Match is nothing to be proud of. It’s all luck and timing in those matches, not skill. Because if it was one-on-one, there us no doubt in my mind that I would be the number one contender and not you.

Burchill: Is that so? Well then, prove it. Next week, me and you one-on-one. What do you say?

Swagger: You’re on! You’re going to find out first hand why I’m the two time, two time All American.

Burchill: And you’re going to find out first hand why I’m the number one contender and you’re not.

Burchill and Swagger stare each other down

*-----Commercial Break------*

As we come back from commercial break, a replay video is shown from ECW last week. It shows clips from the match Ezekiel Jackson’s match against DJ Gabriel. We see Jackson dominate and then end it with a huge Uranage on Gabriel for the win. It then shows Mark Henry and Tony Atlas on the titantron clapping for Jackson. We then see clips from David Hart Smith’s match against Finlay. It then shows the end where Natalya stole Finlay’s shillelagh, distracting the referee and Finlay. Kidd then gets on the apron and kicks Finlay in the side of the head. Smith lifts Finlay up and delivers a Running Powerslam for the win. The video ends with a split screen of Smith and Jackson standing victorious.

The Hart Dynasty’s music plays and the crowd boos

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, being accompanied by Tyson Kidd and Natalya, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 260 pounds, David Hart Smith.

Mathews: Welcome back to ECW as we see the second generation superstar David Hart Smith making his way down to the ring along with fellow Hart Dynasty members, Tyson Kidd and Natalya.

Striker: Well up until last week on WWE Superstars, The Hart Dynasty has been on a roll as of late. They have picked up multiple singles victories until Tyson Kidd met his match last week on Thursday when he was defeated by the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry.

Mathews: Kidd put in a great effort, but he was just over-powered there. Smith looks to get the Hart Dynasty up and rolling again with a win here tonight, but that won’t be an easy task considering his opponent.

Ezekiel Jackson’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Chimel: And his opponent, from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 305 pounds, Ezekiel Jackson.

Mathews: And here he is. Ezekiel Jackson, undefeated here on ECW.

Striker: Jackson is such a huge man. Look at him. Over three hundred pounds of pure strength and power. He’s just been bulldozing his way through his competition since he’s come to ECW.

Mathews: David Hart Smith is his toughest test to date. Can Smith stop the dominating Ezekiel Jackson?

Just then, Mark Henry’s music plays and the crowd cheers. Mark Henry and Tony Atlas make their way down to the ring.

Mathews: The World’s Strongest Man? What’s he doing out here?

Henry and Atlas stand in Jackson’s corner.

Striker: Lately we’ve seen Mark Henry and Tony Atlas interact with Ezekiel Jackson. They talked to him backstage and last week they stood on the titantron clapping for Big Zeke.

Mathews: Maybe we’ll get some answers tonight about this situation.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. David Hart Smith
-Jackson takes control from the beginning using his strength, but Smith gets some offense in during the match. Towards the end, Jackson is in control. Jackson punches away at Smith with hard strikes and then tosses him into the corner. Jackson runs at Smith in the corner but Smith moves, making Jackson hitting into the corner. Smith hits a back suplex on Jackson and goes for the cover, 1...2...Jackson kicks out. Smith stomps on Jackson. Smith grabs Jackson's arm and goes for an arm bar but Jackson prevents it using his strength. Smith gives up on the arm bar, stomps on Jackson's head and goes for a sleeper hold. Jackson gets up and backs Smith right into the corner to break the hold. Smith stumbles out of the corner and Jackson connects with a huge clothesline. Natalya then gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Kidd gets on the apron where the referee can't see him and goes to kick Jackson but Jackson blocks the kick. Henry then grabs Kidd's leg and pulls him off the apron. Jackson turns around into Smith kicking him in the gut. Smith lifts Jackson up for the Running Powerslam, but Jackson slides right off, turns Smith around, and hits him with the Uranage. The cover, 1...2...3.
Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

Chimel: Here is your winner, Ezekiel Jackson.

Mathews: And yet another win for Ezekiel Jackson.

Striker: Smith put up a great fight. He gave Big Zeke a run for his money, but in the end, Jackson was just too powerful for Smith to handle.

Mark Henry and Tony Atlas get in the ring. Henry has a microphone.

Henry: Recently, a new force has come to ECW and shown his dominance. We’ve been watching Ezekiel Jackson since his first match here on ECW and we knew that he was going to be someone big in this company. So the three of us have talked for the last two weeks and we’ve made a deal. Tony Atlas and I have officially aligned with Ezekiel Jackson. So ECW, WWE, you better watch out because total domination is coming your way.

Mathews: Wow. What an announcement. Now we know why Mar Henry and Tony Atlas have been interacting with Ezekiel Jackson.

Striker: Look at the power of this team. Who’s going to be able to stop them? This may really be total domination.

Mathews: Well still to come tonight, our main event. It’s the ECW Champion Christian taking on Zack Ryder in what could be the biggest match of Ryder’s career thus far. Stay tuned for more ECW here on SyFy.

*-----Commercial Break------*

A graphic showing Burchill verses Swagger for next week is on the screen as “Don’t Question My Heart” by Saliva plays in the background.

Mathews: Welcome back to ECW. We heard the challenge earlier tonight and the match has been made official for next week here on ECW. It will be “The Ripper” Paul Burchill verses “The All American American” Jack Swagger.

Striker: That’s going to be a great match that’s going to settle a big dispute between these two men. Who is the better man? Swagger says he can beat everyone on ECW in a one-on-one match. Here is his chance to prove it. Will The Ripper gain momentum towards his ECW Title shot at No Mercy or will Swagger show Burchill why he’s a two time All American? That’s next week here on ECW on SyFy.

“Scream” by Adelitas Way plays in the background as the album cover is shown on the screen.

Mathews: Welcome back to ECW and we’d like to thank Adelitas Way for the No Mercy theme song “Scream” off their self-titled debut album, available now. And Matt, at No Mercy we have a huge ECW Title match in stored.

Striker: That’s right Josh. As we found last week, it’ll be the ECW Champion Christian putting his title on the line against the number one contender Paul Burchill. Last week, Paul Burchill was able to win a fatal four way match to earn this title shot. This is The Ripper’s first one-on-one match for the ECW Title. Can he take advantage of that and win the ECW Title?

Mathews: At Unforgiven, Burchill was so close to pinning Christian and walking out as the ECW Champion. That has to be in the back of the mind of the champion heading into this match-up. Can Burchill win his first ECW Title or will Christian show Burchill why he’s the ECW Champion and Burchill’s not?

Backstage a reporter is with Zack Ryder

Reporter: I’m here with Zack Ryder. Now Zack, in just a few moments you are going into what is being considered one of the biggest matches of your career so far. What are your thoughts going into this match with the ECW Champion Christian?

Ryder: Recently, I’ve been overlooked here on ECW. Last week, I wasn’t even considered to be apart of the number one contenders match. Bro, I’m Zack Ryder, the all around greatest superstar on this show. I have more charisma, I’m better looking, and I’m more athletic than anyone on this show. I’m the total package. In my home of Long Island, I’m like a legend. All the girls love me and all the men wish they could be like me. Tonight, I face the ECW Champion Christian. Is he really that good? I mean he’s from Canada after all. Everyone knows that Long Island is the better than every other place in the world, especially that United States wannabe Canada. That alone should be enough for people to know that I’m better than Christian. But people like our General Manager Tommy Dreamer seem to think I need to prove myself if I want an ECW Title shot. So after I beat Christian in this non-titled match here tonight, I guarantee that I will never be overlooked for an ECW Title match again. Not only that, but I should be next in line for a shot at the ECW Title. You’re looking at the future of not just ECW, but of this business. Tonight, I show everyone just how great Zack Ryder is. Woo Woo Woo! You Know It!

Mathews: It’s Zack Ryder verses the ECW Champion Christian next here on ECW.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Zack Ryder’s music plays and the crowd boos

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 214 pounds, Zack Ryder.

Mathews: Welcome back to ECW and it’s time for our main event. And here comes the Long Island pretty boy Zack Ryder, who’s one purpose tonight is to show people that he’s the real deal and deserves a shot at the ECW Title.

Striker: Zack Ryder looks intense here tonight. No fun and games tonight for him. This is all about marking his spot here on ECW and proving he’s going to be the future of this company.

Mathews: Well a win over the ECW Champion here tonight will do that. In fact, a win here could actually place Ryder next in line for the ECW Title.

Christian’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Chimel: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 235 pounds, he is the ECW Champion, Christian.

Striker: But first, Ryder must go through this man, the ECW Champion Christian. That is not going to be an easy task for the young Zack Ryder.

Mathews: Christian is ECW Champion for a reason. He won that title earlier in the year from then champion Jack Swagger and hasn’t dropped it since. Christian was even able to walk out of the Scramble Match at Unforgiven with his title.

Striker: Christian has been battle tested over the years and through his run as ECW Champion. But tonight and No Mercy his opponents have something in common. They both are hungry, young competitors who are looking to prove themselves and are willing to do anything to get to that ECW Championship.

Christian vs. Zack Ryder
-The match is a back and forth contest. Towards the end Ryder has control. Ryder punches Christian. Backing him up into the corner. Ryder continues to punch Christian until he is seated in the corner. Ryder measures up and kicks Christian in the face. Ryder pulls Christian away from the ropes and goes for the cover, 1...2...Christian kicks out. Ryder starts to stomp on Christian as Christian keeps trying to get back to his feet. Christian catches Ryder's foot and pushes him off of him. Ryder comes back off the ropes with a knee to the head of Christian. The cover, 1...2...Christian kicks out. Ryder tosses Christian into the corner and runs at him. Christian goes in between the ropes to avoid Ryder and kicks him in the face. Christian goes to the top rope and waits for Ryder to get up. Christian goes for a missile dropkick but Ryder moves out of the way. Ryder stalks Christian and hits him with his Jumping Leg Lariat. The cover, 1...2...Christian kicks out. Ryder lifts Christian back to his feet and sets up for the Zack Attack but Christian reverses it right into a reverse DDT drop. The cover, 1...2...Ryder kicks out. Christian tosses Ryder towards the corner and runs after him. Ryder leaps over Christian but Christian hops on the second rope, kicks Ryder in the gut and does a springboard sunset flip. The cover, 1...2...Ryder kicks out. Christian stalks Ryder and sets up for the Killswitch but Ryder pushes him off and into the referee, which takes the referee out. Ryder grabs Christian quickly and tried for the Zack Attack but Christian reverses it and goes right into the Killswitch. Christian goes for the cover but the referee is still out. Christian tries to revive the referee but he has no luck. Just then Katie Lea comes down and is on the apron by the corner yelling at Christian. Christian goes over to the ropes and tries to grab Katie Lea but she jumps down from the apron before he can. Paul Burchill is then on the apron right to the side of Christian but Christian doesn't see him. Burchill grabs Christian and hits the Twisted Sister on the ropes on Christian. Christian stumbles after the move on the ropes and Ryder grabs him. Ryder connects with the Zack Attack as Katie Lea revives the referee. The cover, 1...2...3 Ryder wins.
Winner: Zack Ryder

Chimel: Here is your winner, Zack Ryder.

Mathews: Oh my god! Zack Ryder has just pinned the ECW Champion.

Striker: The shocker of the year has just happened. Zack Ryder has just proved all of the doubters wrong.

Mathews: Well you have to give a major assist to Paul Burchill. Christian had Zack Ryder down and out for the count but the referee wasn’t up to make the count. Then Paul Burchill comes out and attacks Christian, allowing Ryder to take advantage and pick up the victory.

Striker: The referee was out when Christian had the pin. We’ve seen tons of matches where that has happened so you can’t say anything about that. And the referee didn’t see Paul Burchill interfere so it doesn’t matter. Yes it’s wrong and maybe it cost Christian the match, but whose to say Ryder wouldn’t have won anyway?

Mathews: Whether the referee saw it or not, it was still cheap. But it doesn’t matter because in the record books this will go down as a win for Zack Ryder. And I don’t want to sell Ryder short. He had a tremendous match and yes he might have still won even if Burchill didn’t interfere.

Striker: Ryder showed tonight that he is the real deal. And with this win over the ECW Champion, a title shot could be in his future. No doubt we just witnessed the biggest win in Zack Ryder’s career so far.

Zack Ryder is doing the L.I. taunt on the ropes screaming “Woo Woo Woo! You Know It!” Paul Burchill is walking backwards up the ramp with his sister Katie Lea as they look back at the ring and see a fallen, angry Christian look at them and yelling at them.

Mathews: Ryder picks up the win and more tension builds up between the No Mercy opponents. Who will win in less than two weeks with the ECW Championship on the line? Will Christian retain his title or will Burchill win his first championship? But before that, next week Paul Burchill must go through “The All American American” Jack Swagger in our main event. Thank you for joining us here on SyFy for ECW. Goodnight.


WWE Superstars 9/24/09

WWE Signature Video is shown

WWE Superstars Opening Video is shown as “Invincible” by Adelitas Way plays

The crowd goes wild

Mathews: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WWE Superstars here on WGN America. What a night we have in stored for tonight.

Striker: That’s right. Tonight’s main event comes to us from Raw. It’s a five man match to determine the number one contender for the United States Championship. Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Big Show, The Brian Kendrick, and Chavo Guerrero will battle it out for a chance to face MVP at No Mercy for the title.

Mathews: That’s later on tonight and what a match that’ll be. But right now, let’s get things started with a match from ECW.

Evan Bourne’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 183 pounds, Evan Bourne.

Striker: Here comes the ever exciting Evan “Air” Bourne. If you’ve never seen him before, get ready to be amazed.

Mathews: Last week we saw Evan Bourne come out on ECW to defend his friend Christian about winning the Scramble Match. He’s a class act and a tremendous wrestler.

Striker: Bourne may not be the biggest guy, but he makes up for it with his quickness, which is what he’s going to have to use to his advantage tonight.

Vladimir Kozlov’s music plays and the crowd boos

Chimel: And his opponent, from Moscow, weighing in at 302 pounds, Vladimir Kozlov.

Mathews: Well like you said Matt, Bourne is going to have to use his quickness if he wants to have a chance against this man, the Moscow Mauler, Vladimir Kozlov.

Striker: We saw at Unforgiven Evan Bourne and Vladimir Kozlov were on the outside. Kozlov was ready to deliver a massive headbutt to Bourne but Bourne was able to move out of the way and Kozlov rammed his head into the steel steps.

Mathews: That took Kozlov out for the rest of the match. If Bourne wants a chance here tonight, he’s going to have to do things like that.

Evan Bourne vs. Vladimir Kozlov
-Kozlov has control for the beginning portion of the match using his strength advantage over Bourne. Bourne ends up getting some offense using his quickness. Towards the end Kozlov is in control. Kozlov grabs Bourne and delivers a belly to belly suplex that sends Bourne almost across the ring. The cover, 1...2...Bourne kicks out. Kozlov lifts Bourne up and tosses him off the ropes. Kozlov bends down for a back body drop but Bourne stops and kicks Kozlov in the head. Kozlov tries to punch Bourne but Bourne ducks and kicks Kozlov in the leg. Bourne runs off the ropes and dropkicks Kozlov's leg, taking the big man down. The cover, 1...2...Kozlov kicks out. Bourne runs off the ropes at Kozlov but comes back into a huge straight kick to the chest by Kozlov which sends Bourne flying to the corner. Kozlov goes after Bourne but Bourne drop toes holds Kozlov into the turnbuckle. Kozlov stumbles out of the corner as Bourne gets up. Bourne goes for a springboard spinning wheel kick but Kozlov catches Bourne. Kozlov goes to throw Bourne overhead to the outside but Bourne lands on the apron. Kozlov turns around into a kick to the face and then a hurricanrana to the outside by Bourne. Bourne measures up Kozlov on the outside and goes for a springboard moonsault but Kozlov catches Bourne on his shoulder. Kozlov goes to ram Bourne into the corner pole but Bourne slips off and dropkicks Kozlov head first into the pole. Bourne then jumps off the apron and knees Kozlov right in the face which sends him stumbling backwards. Bourne goes up on the apron again, jumps off and connects with the flying double knees to Kozlov which sends him to the ground. Bourne gets up and notices the ring-out count is at 9. Bourne rushes into the ring. The referee counts 10 and Kozlov is counted out making Bourne the winner.
Winner: Evan Bourne (via Count Out)

Chimel: Here is your winner by count out, Evan Bourne.

Striker: A count out victory but a win nonetheless. A huge win for Evan Bourne.

Mathews: Evan Bourne used his quickness to win this match. Bourne was able to get Kozlov to the outside and avoid his attacks. Bourne struck with a series of attacks on Kozlov that finally took the big man down. Bourne then realized the referee’s count was up to nine and rushed into the ring to get the victory.

Striker: A smart move by Bourne. Get the win anyway you can over Kozlov. But look at Kozlov. He does not look happy. Something tells me this is far from over.

Mathews: I think so. Still to come tonight is our main event from Raw. It’s a five man match to determine the number one contender to the United States Title. Stayed tuned for more WWE Superstars here on WGN America.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Curt Hawkins’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 221 pounds, Curt Hawkins.

Grisham: Welcome back to WWE Superstars and it’s time for the Smackdown portion of the show as Curt Hawkins makes his way down to the ring.

JR: Last month, Curt Hawkins asked General Manager Theodore Long for an opportunity to show him what he’s got. Hawkins faced his former mentor Edge and even though he lost, Hawkins looked impressive against the World Heavyweight Champion. And after a victory over Charlie Haas two weeks ago on Smackdown, let’s see if Hawkins can keep this rolling.

Grisham: Don’t forget that Curt Hawkins is a former WWE Tag Team Champion, and not to mention him and Ryder were the youngest WWE Tag Team Champions in history. Now Hawkins is working on his singles career and so far he’s doing a great job.

Mike Knox’s music plays and the crowd boos

Justin: And his opponent, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing in at 293 pounds, Mike Knox.

Grisham: And here comes his opponent, the monstrous Mike Knox. Knox is another up-in-comer who’s looking to make a name for himself.

JR: Hawkins is going to need to watch out here and try to negate the power game of Mike Knox. We’ve seen how dominating and powerful Mike Knox has been in the past, taking out opponents left and right.

Grisham: Let’s see how Curt Hawkins fairs against the power game of Mike Knox. Will Hawkins keep his momentum rolling or will Knox put it to a screeching hault?

Curt Hawkins vs. Mike Knox
-The match is a back and froth contest the whole time. Towards the end Knox is in control. Knox grabs Hawkins and pulls him in for a massive clothesline. Knox then delivers a scoop slam to Hawkins. Knox goes for an elbow drop but Hawkins moves and backs into the corner. Knox runs at the corner and goes for a body splash on Hawkins but Hawkins moves making Knox splash into the corner. Knox stumbles out of the corner as Hawkins springboards out of the corner with a crossbody on Knox. The cover, 1...2...Knox kicks out. Hawkins stomps and punches Knox as he gets to his feet. Hawkins dropkicks Knox, sending him off the ropes. Knox comes back off the ropes with a lot of momentum and hits a huge crossbody splash on Hawkins. The cover, 1...2...Hawkins kicks out. Knox lifts Hawkins and sets up for the Knox Out but Hawkins reverses it and hits Knox with a swinging neckbreaker. The cover, 1...2...Knox kicks out. Hawkins goes off the ropes at Knox. Knox tries to hit Hawkins with a bicycle kick but Hawkins slides under the kick as he gets to Knox. Knox turns around right into a small package by Hawkins. The cover, 1...2...3 Hawkins wins.
Winner: Curt Hawkins

Justin: Here is your winner, Curt Hawkins.

Grisham: What a win by Curt Hawkins. Hawkins caught Knox off-guard with that small package and it paid off. He continues on with not just another impressive match-up, but another win.

JR: Hawkins has improved lately and will continue to improve as time goes on. This young superstar is going to be big in the future if he continues on this path. Mark my words.

Grisham: Hawkins certainly made the most of his opportunities over the last month. Good for him and let’s see where he goes in the future. Well still to come is the five man match from Raw to determine the number one contender for the United States Title at No Mercy. That’s our main event for tonight. More WWE Superstars when we return here on WGN America.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Backstage we see a reporter with the Colons.

Reporter: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guests at this time, Carlito and Primo, the Colons. Now guys, you asked for this time to announce something important. What’s your announcement?

Primo: First off, we wanted to address last week on Raw. We have to admit, Priceless got the best of us and won our Tag Team Titles fairly. But we’re not going to let one off night set us back. We’re going to get back into things and win our titles back. Our announcement is that next week on Raw we will be cashing in our rematch clause, which means that the Tag Team Titles are up for grabs again next week, and this time things will be different.

Carlito: We’ve listened to Priceless ramble on for the past two weeks about how they’re the greatest tag team in the WWE today. They said that they can beat any tag team that challenges them and that no one stands in their way. Rhodes, DiBiase, next week you’re going to run into a road block, because we’re going to walk out with our Tag Team Championships. And the downfall of Priceless will begin there because Triple H and his partner will beat you at No Mercy next Sunday at No Mercy. We were the first ever Unified Tag Team Champions for a reason. And that reason will be clear next Monday in our title rematch.

The Colons start to walk away when they run into the Hart Dynasty.

Smith: Do you two really think you’re going to win next week? It’s a waste of your time. You were beat for a reason and that reason is because you guys just aren’t that good. You got lucky at WrestleMania this year winning the Unified Tag Team Titles. You faced a team that’s not even together anymore. How much does that say for you guys?

Kidd: And how many times did you even defend those titles? I forgot you two had them. But if you happen to win next week on Raw, don’t get too attached to those titles, because we’ll come and take them away from you. The Hart Foundation was the greatest team of their time. The Hart Dynasty carries on the great Hart name and it’s evident that we’re the greatest tag team in wrestling today. Soon enough, you two and everyone else will find that out first hand.

The two teams stare each other down and then walk away.

*-----Commercial Break------*

As we come back from commercial break, a video is shown from Raw. It shows MVP hitting Big Show with the United States Title and Kofi picking up the victory over Big Show after Trouble In Paradise. It then shows the brawl between MVP, Kofi, Big Show, Miz, Chavo, and Kendrick. Big Show stands tall as the other five men lye fallen on the ground. It then shows Big Show talking to Vickie backstage about a shot at MVP and the United States Title. Vickie announces that to be fair there will be a five man match held on WWE Superstars this week to determine who will face MVP for the title at No Mercy.

Lilian: The following contest is a five man match scheduled for one fall, where the winner will go onto No Mercy for a shot at the United States Championship.

The Miz’s music plays and the crowd boos

Lilian: Introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 231 pounds, The Miz.

Cole: Welcome back to WWE Superstars and it’s time for our main event, brought to you from Raw. A five man match to determine who will face MVP for the United States Title at No Mercy.

King: And here’s the man who has been saying for weeks about how he should be the United States Champion and how he can beat everyone in the division.

Cole: Miz is very cocky and arrogant, but he has been impressive lately. It’s time for The Miz to back up his words with a victory here tonight and then at No Mercy when he faces MVP. Can the former reality star do it?

The Brian Kendrick’s music plays and the crowd boos

Lilian: From Venice, California, weighing in at 184 pounds, The Brian Kendrick.

King: Speaking of cocky and arrogant, here comes The Brian Kendrick.

Cole: Lately, it seems like Kendrick and Miz have been on the same page, but when it comes to a shot at the United States Championship, there’s nothing that either of these two men wouldn’t do.

King: Kendrick a former Tag Team Champion looking to win his first major singles title here in the WWE. A win here would be huge for Kendrick and draw him closer to his goal of being United States Champion.

Chavo Guerrero’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Lilian: From El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 215 pounds, Chavo Guerrero.

Cole: Well here’s someone who’s shown some change and progress recently. Chavo’s career wasn’t exactly in the spot he wanted it to be. But now over the past few weeks, Chavo has that fire in him and is now in the United States Title hunt.

King: I think that his match with Randy Orton a month ago help Chavo realize where he was at with his career. That match made Chavo realize that he needs to get back into things now.

Cole: The former ECW Champion looks to have that Guerrero family energy and determination in him. Let’s see if that will help him out tonight.

Big Show’s music plays and the crowd boos

Lilian: From Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 485 pounds, the Big Show.

King: Well determination and heritage may not help you against this man, the World’s Largest Athlete, the Big Show.

Cole: Last week on Raw, Big Show was on the V.I.P. Lounge with MVP and was left in the middle of the ring fallen thanks to the United States Champion. Big Show said this week that MVP doesn’t deserve to be United States Champion and that he’s going to take that title away from him to bring some dignity and honor to it.

King: With a win here he’ll get that chance to do so. How is Big Show going to be stopped? We saw how he was the last man standing on Raw, so let’s see what happens here tonight.

Kofi Kingston’s music plays and the crowd cheers

Lilian: And from Jamaica, weighing in at 218 pounds, Kofi Kingston.

Cole: But don’t forget King, this man pinned the Big Show on Raw this week. Kofi has momentum going into this match.

King: Even though MVP interfered to help Kofi get the win, a victory over the Big Show is still huge. The athleticism of the Jamaican Superstar is just simply amazing.

Cole: Will Kofi pin the Big Show again here tonight? How huge would that be? Which one of these five men will be the number one contender for the United States Championship? Let’s find out.

#1 Contendership for U.S. Title at No Mercy
Chavo Guerrero vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Big Show vs. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

-The match starts off with everyone going after Big Show. The match progresses with everyone getting control at a point. Towards the end Big Show starts dominating and takes complete control. Big Show delivers multiple slaps to the chests of all four men and tosses them around easily. Big Show goes for a Chokeslam on Miz. Kendrick runs over to help Miz but Big Show then grabs him too. Miz and Kendrick repeatedly kick Big Show in the gut to get out of his grip. Kofi and Chavo then join up and all four men are attacking Big Show again. They are able to get him over the top rope and to the floor. Miz attacks Kofi as Chavo and Kendrick go at it. Miz tosses Kofi in the corner and does his patented corner clothesline. Miz then grabs Kofi as he's kneeling and does a snap DDT, planting Kofi. Chavo had just hit a Tornado DDT on Kendrick. Chavo then runs over to Miz and dropkicks him to the outside. Chavo then goes back to Kendrick and picks him up. Chavo goes for the Three Amigos on Kendrick. Kendrick reverses the third suplex, grabs Chavo, and hits The Kendrick on him. Miz then comes back in the ring and grabs Kendrick from behind. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Kendrick. Miz then sees Kofi getting back up. Miz measures Kofi up and goes for the Reality Check but Kofi moves out of the way. Miz turns around right into Trouble In Paradise. Big Show then gets back into the ring just as Kofi goes for the cover, 1...2...Big Show breaks it up. Kofi starts punching and kicking Big Show as much as he can to create separation. Kofi then dropkicks Big Show which dazes him a bit. Kofi goes for Trouble In Paradise but Big Show blocks the kick and delivers a Knockout Punch right to Kofi. The cover, 1...2...3 Big Show wins.
Winner: Big Show

Lilian: Here is your winner, the Big Show.

Cole: A big win for the Big Show. Kofi was so close to beating Big Show for the second time this week, but the strength of Big Show was too much for Kofi to handle.

King: That Knockout Punch sealed the deal for the World’s Largest Athlete. No one gets up from that and with everyone else down, it was clearly over. This title division may just get dominated by the Big Show.

Cole: And now we know that at No Mercy in less than two weeks it’ll be the Big Show challenging MVP for the United States Championship. Will Big Show accomplish his goal and take the title away from MVP? We’ll have to find out at No Mercy. Thank you for joining us here tonight on WGN America for WWE Superstars. Goodnight.


No Mercy 10/4/09

Official Theme Song: Adelitas Way – “Scream”

Match Card:

WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Rey Mysterio

ECW Championship
Christian vs. Paul Burchill

Priceless vs. Triple H & Mystery Partner

No DQ Match
Batista vs. Matt Hardy

United States Championship
MVP vs. Big Show

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