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re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
Andy, which of the Sasuke/Eddie vs Benoit/Ohtani matches do ya prefer from the tag league? (assuming you've seen them both of course)
The final. This is what I said about them a few months ago when I re-watched them:

Black Tiger & Great Sasuke v Wild Pegasus & Shinjiro Ohtani (NJPW, 10/9/94)
- Man, Eddie and Benoit are so much fun in this. It starts out relatively civilised, but when it gets to the point where Benoit and Ohtani finally manage to take the match by the scruff of the neck and let loose on Sasuke (who plays face in peril for a while rather than Ohtani, which is somewhat surprising given that Ohtani was the lowest on the totem pole at this stage, and he also came in with taped up ribs -- ready made FIP if there ever was one), Eddie becomes a man on a mission to save his partner, constantly coming in and breaking up pins and submission. Benoit gets a little annoyed at first, but when Eddie persists on breaking his shit up, Benoit gets royally pissed and it becomes a mini war between the two. Sasuke's practically dead through all of this and the match would've been over had Eddie not been as tenacious a pest as he had been, so the end seems all but inevitable. Of course, keeping Guerrero away is hardly an easy job, and it requires Benoit and Ohtani to shift their focus from Sasuke - the legal man - to Eddie. That gives Sasuke time to recover, and he manages to catch Benoit out with a victory roll for the win. Great match. ***3/4

Black Tiger & Great Sasuke v Wild Pegasus & Shinjiro Ohtani (New Japan 10/18/94)
- This is the rematch from the above bout, and this time it's the final of the New Japan junior tag league. Eddie is fucking wonderful in this. He doesn't do much different from the last match, but he turns everything up a notch, and it may be my favourite 'guy on the apron' performance from any wrestler ever. At the start he goes fucking BUCK WILD on Benoit and Ohtani, leathering the piss out of them with chairs. When Eddie's launching Benoit into the 14th row in the first 30 seconds, you know you're in for some good shit. They both don't like each other very much, and Benoit, like in the last match, gets more and more pissed with Eddie's crap as the match goes on, because Eddie keeps sticking his nose in. In return, Eddie gets more and more pissed the more and more pissed Benoit gets which means he finds more and more aggressive ways to break stuff up as things progress. They play off each other quite splendidly, if I do say so. To begin with he'll come in and break up a submission by poking someone in the eye, but then he'll get pissed off at some point and break up a pin by kicking a 60 yarder on a motherfucker's head. There's one moment where he totally murders Ohtani with a powerbomb and when he tries to pick him up Ohtani goes limp, so Eddie mocks the kid and flips Benoit off, presumably because he's tagging with this scrub. Finishing stretch is where they go Hell on wheels like you'd expect, and it plays off the last match nicely because this time Ohtani and Benoit decide against trying to keep Eddie away so they can pin Sasuke, instead focussing on keeping Sasuke away so they can go about putting down Eddie. That proves to be easier than the other way around, but Eddie sure as shit isn't going down without a fight. Finish is botched pretty badly as Ohtani tries to hit a headscissors on Eddie who's on Benoit's shoulders, but it's fluffed and comes off looking like Eddie powerbombs him. I almost wish Eddie had called an audible and decided to run with that, because a powerbomb counter to a doomsday device headscissors would've been fucking great, but Ohtani picks him up and hits his Dragon Suplex for the win anyway. Still, everything else was great. Fantastic match. ****1/4
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