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re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
I almost certain Eric thinks Funk is the greatest of all time.

Terry is very easily arguably top 10, and Brody's (lack of) selling is the only thing that puts me off from him. He's still awesome. Mostly tagged with Hansen or Snuka though. Mostly Hansen.

I just don't understand why guys like Bruiser want to 'protect their image' by not selling, yet they get so much flack for not selling anyway. Feels kinds reverse psychological.
I do believe Terry is the Greatest of all time. Guys like Misawa or Flair may have a better catalog of matches but in terms of the little things that make a match give you genuine emotions, no one matches Terry Funk.

I kinda get where Bruiser was going with the whole sandbvagging people issue. The man understood part of his image was being larger than life and seemingly unstoppable. He short changed a lot of people in the ring (but knew well enough to make top guys he respected like Baba look great) but you can't argue the fact that much like Hogan he will have a lasting influence in the sport.

Sorry I haven't been around much but i've been in a bit of a funk (no pun intended given my first issue of the post) with Wrasslin and been boning up on MMA instead but i've been feeling to call to get back to my Puro roots.

Sephy you want to talk about a underpraised Great Gaijin. Dan MOTHERFUCKIN' Kroffat. Sure the excellent Can-Ams vs Kobashi/Kikuchi match gets a load of praise (as it should) but i've yet to see a bad outing by Kroffat/LaFon be it in Japan or his shorrt WWF run. Was the guy a main eventer? No, but he was a damn fine hand.

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