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NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

Last thread ended on August 16, 2009

NeX Generation Wrestling

- Prologue Pt. 1 -

- March 6, 2009 -

Mikey Alvarez, NBC creative writer, recently took some time off from his job to apply for a spot on the creative team of World Wrestling Entertainment. Two weeks later, he was informed that he unfortunately didn't get the position. Alvarez was a little depressed about not getting the job with the company he'd loved as a child, but his passion for professional wrestling and want to contribute to the business didn't go away. So he came to the conclusion that if he couldn't do it as a part of WWE, he'd do it in a brand new company.

Alvarez was staying in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, visiting friends and family, and decided to seek out the help from a man with a multitude of knowledge on the wrestling business: Eric Bischoff. After some convincing on the phone, Bischoff agreed to a meeting with Alvarez, who drove to his house in nearby city Carefree.

During their meeting, Bischoff kept a skeptical expression throughout the beginning, as Alvarez informed him of everything he should know. His love for professional wrestling, his work and prominence at NBC, and the man that Alvarez had spoken to for the position of financial backer: Donald Trump. This definitely caught Bischoff's attention, as Alvarez explained that he had spoken to Trump, who he had befriended due to his work on his "Apprentice" series, and he said he'd be willing to fully back his wrestling company if he'd gotten Bischoff and Paul Heyman to work with him.

The money signs disappeared from Bischoff's eyes when he heard Heyman's name, as he was someone he'd had several creative differences with. But despite his doubtful feelings, he felt there was potential in this man and his vision, and asked if he'd spoken to Heyman already. Alvarez nodded, and said that he was actually flying in to Phoenix to meet with him in person later in the week.

The conversation continued with Alvarez giving Bischoff the proposed name for his organization: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling. Bischoff approved, calling it a marketable name, and asked what talent Alvarez had in mind for the company, and some of the storyline ideas as well. He filled him in on some of the wrestlers he wanted, ranging from those in WWE, to some not even wrestling at the moment, as well as some of the angles he had planned for some of them.

By the end of the meeting, Bischoff decided that Alvarez's NeX Generation Wrestling could stand a chance, and offered his hand to him in partnership, agreeing to go with Alvarez to meet with Heyman in the coming days.

- XXX -

- March 10, 2009 -

Four days after Mikey Alvarez had convinced Eric Bischoff into joining him on his quest to build up a new wrestling promotion, NXG, they met with Paul Heyman at a quiet Phoenix café to try to convince him to be the third piece to their puzzle. Alvarez first announced to them that he had spoken to the would-be financial backer Donald Trump, and he said that he would be in Los Angeles in a few days, and he would like to meet with them there to speak of their progress with the company, with Trump paying for all of their accomodations.

Bischoff and Heyman were very pleased with this, and then Heyman began his questions, asking what Alvarez wanted to do in NXG. He explained that he wanted a company that was primarily wrestling-oriented, but also wanted to strike a balance between that, and storylines and angles; sports entertainment, in essence. Alvarez stated that he wanted strength in all of his divisions: the main event, the midcard, the tag team scene, and the women's division. Bischoff argued that no one cared about women's wrestling, but Alvarez said that was because it wasn't being done properly. Heyman gave his two cents, saying he himself wasn't a big fan, but was willing to try it, and was also glad that attention would be payed to the entire card.

Heyman then inquired as to which wrestlers Alvarez wanted to work for him, and he and Bischoff announced the first man that had already agreed to be a part of NXG: Bill Goldberg. When Bischoff joined him on his venture, Alvarez asked him to contact the former World Champion. Over a webcam discussion, Goldberg spoke with him, and said he'd love to work in the wrestling business again, and since he didn't seem at all like Vince McMahon, he'd work with Alvarez. Heyman expressed some doubt over Goldberg, but understood why he'd be a good addition to the roster.

Alvarez then said he'd also love to work with Raven and Rob Van Dam, and was wondering if Heyman could help in contacting them, especially since he also wanted Raven to work on the creative team as well. Heyman said he was sure Raven would be on board, but wasn't sure about Van Dam, who was quite enjoying his time away from wrestling. Alvarez then brought up a name Heyman hadn't heard in years: Sean O'Haire. He believed that O'Haire had much potential, and it was a shame that it'd been wasted. Heyman said he thought the same, and wanted to make O'Haire a big star while he was booking the SmackDown! brand, but McMahon nixed all of the ideas he had for him. He did question whether or not O'Haire would want to return to wrestling, but Bischoff, who had approved of O'Haire from the start, said he could be convinced if he heard Alvarez's ideas for him.

Alvarez then started listing some of names he wanted that wrestled in the indies, or were otherwise not employed by WWE or TNA, which included Elijah Burke, Paul London, Johnny Devine, Shannon Moore, and Petey Williams. He continued by naming some ROH wrestlers in Jimmy Jacobs, Colt Cabana, and The Briscoes, and a single foreign talent: CMLL's Místico.

Heyman nodded, saying that was a very talented list, and asked about the wrestlers he wanted to buy out from WWE and TNA. Alvarez decided to start with the smaller names first, and named off Gregory Helms, Jamie Noble, Ron Killings, Brian Kendrick, and Jimmy Wang Yang, who he felt were being underused at the moment. He then began with the bigger names, and said that if they wanted a strong women's division in NXG, they'd need Mickie James. The former wrestling tycoons didn't believe she'd leave WWE, but Alvarez shrugged away the doubt, and said that could have a strong case in bringing her over, as well as Rey Mysterio. With all of his contractual problems with WWE, he could be willing to leave if they offered the right monetary value.

The last name Alvarez announced from WWE was CM Punk, which made Heyman smile at the thought of what could be done with his phenominal talents. However, the smile soon faded, as he stated that convincing Punk to leave WWE would be tremendously hard. Alvarez then smiled himself, an unusually confindent smirk, then moved on to TNA wrestlers, starting off with AJ Styles. Again, Heyman doubted they could get Styles, as he was very faithful to TNA, but Bischoff said he might be able to convince Booker T to join them. Alvarez then said he wanted the Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, and wondered if Heyman could get Team 3D to join, as well. Heyman made no promises in getting Ray and Devon, but said he would try.

They then proceeded to speak about some of the ideas Alvarez had shared with Bischoff for the wrestlers he wanted, and Heyman listened with great interest, adding input where he thought it could work. By the end of the meeting, Heyman said that NXG and his ideas sounded promising, and that he would work with them to get it off the ground. The three business partners parted ways with handshakes, and the agreement to meet at the same place, same time tomorrow to further discuss ideas and plans for the task ahead of them, as well as the coming trip to Los Angeles.

- XXX -

- March 16, 2009 -

Almost a week after Mikey Alvarez had convinced Paul Heyman to join him and Eric Bischoff in their vision of creating a new professional wrestling company, NeX Generation Wrestling, the three had traveled from Phoenix to Los Angeles, in an office discussing what they had so far with the man they were hoping would unlock the financial door for them: Donald Trump.

The three first told that two wrestlers had already agreed to work under the NXG banner: Bill Goldberg and Raven. Goldberg had accepted the invitation to work for them before Heyman had gotten on board with the company, and once he did, he contacted Raven. After hearing out some of the ideas Alvarez had, Raven also agreed to work for them, as both a wrestler, and as the fourth member of the creative team. Rob Van Dam had also been called and asked if he was willing to return to the wrestling business as a part of NXG, but he declined. He did give them a glimmer of hope, as he said that that wasn't his final answer.

Alvarez then continued in saying that meetings with other independent wrestlers had been set up, and would be attented to in the following days. He then shared some of the biggest news of the day, in that Heyman had set up a meeting with Rey Mysterio already, for the next day in San Diego. Trump then inquired about some of the other wrestlers they wanted to buy out from WWE and TNA, and the chances of them leaving in favor of NXG. Alvarez answered the first part with some names that included CM Punk, AJ Styles, and Booker T, and the second part by saying some would be easier than others, but to also keep in mind that money talks.

Trump's next question was of where they wanted the company to be based, and Alvarez replied that Chicago, Illinois would serve as a tremendous home for them. Chicago has been known as one of the best wrestling cities, and would be an ideal host for a wrestling company. He also noted that he'd done some research on arenas in Chicago, and the UIC Pavillion seemed like a very good option. He then went to speak about television deals, and said that he already spoke with some FX executives about a two-hour prime-time slot for their main show. They were receptive of the idea, as they told him they would like to feature pro wrestling on the network, but weren't so keen about another one-hour show suggested. Alvarez said that was reasonable, but their minds could be changed once they got more big names with them.

Trump took a second to stare into the hopeful faces of the three men, before turning to his good friend Alvarez. He said that he had helped make his "Apprentice" show as big as it was, and as such, knew that he would do everything he could to make sure NeX Generation Wrestling was a success, so he would back him in his endeavors. The massive mogul shook hands with the three of them, joining the NXG family.

- XXX -

So, here it is. YHB's new BTB, a created fed. This is the first of seven installments for my backstory, which should be going up every few days. Now, all I can hope for is that you guys enjoy what I bring to the section with this project, so thank you all very much,

Your Humble Booker, Mikey
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