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re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

I don't even understand the comparison to be honest. I haven't fleshed out this idea at all, but here goes anyway. They're like Batman and Superman: Brody is Bats, using fear and the illusion of invincibility to get over, where Terry's like Superman in that I always genuinely believed that nothing could mow him down, plus I respected him a helluva lot more than Bruiser. I enjoy both for a lot of different reasons, but they are NOT on the same level and shouldn't be compared.

I've been staring at this paragraph I wrote for ten minutes and I can't tell if it makes any sense or not, I really can't.

Originally Posted by Jimmy Jacobs, about Wrestling Society X:
"MTV had all these strange rules. We were told we weren't allowed to hit each other with household objects, but they were really excited about using an exploding coffin. So chairs were bad, but exploding coffins were okay. One of the guys at MTV said he wanted one of the wrestlers to be dumped in a vat of acid, and somebody had to explain to him that if you put a guy in acid one week, he can't really come back the next week. Or ever."
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