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re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

I can't think of a single time in his entire career that Funk was shit. Not even in 2006 when he could barely stand up. I honestly think his run in Japan annihiliates Brody's, who had far more shit than great (not necessarily bad matches, but bad performances. Hansen or a Funk brother should get most of the credit for the good matches).

There's times where I still like Brody a lot, but he's either wrestling with Hansen or wrestling against Terry when that happens. Sometimes both. Can't think of any great Brody match where he's actually been the best guy in there. The '81 RWTL final is a match I adore, but both Funks and Jimmy freakin' Snuka were outworking him. Brody can work a crazy brawl really well (I hear his '86 run in World Class is very good), but he can't -- or rather won't -- sell worth a shit unless he's in there with the top natives or fellow top gaijin. Hell, there's a match from January '85 in St.Louis and he's sandbagging Ric Flair for 20 minutes. The NWA champ.

Watch the match with Brody and Hansen against Steamboat and Youngblood from the '82 tag league. Steamboat and Youngblood were the top tag team in the top territory in the states, and Brody's treating everything they do as if Scott McGhee and Barry Horowitz are the ones throwing knife edge chops and cross bodies. The fact the match doesn't only turn out good but actually fucking *great* says a Hell of a lot about Stan motherfucking Hansen and his ability to carry that team.
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