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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

- Tuesday September 24th -
- 8:30 PM ** On Air ** -

** I Hear Voices Hits **

Randy Orton: I am looking for a new member of Legacy. Just months ago I kicked Vince McMahon in the skull. Weeks later I DDT Stephanie McMahon and sealed it with a kiss. Weeks after that I punted Shane, Hunter and Batista in the skull... But times are changing... Batista has decided to join DX.

(** Crowd Cheers **)

Randy Orton: Almost a year ago, I gave Dave the chance to join me in creating a group bigger then the four horsemen and better than evolution. But what did Batista say? He said... He walks alone... Isn't that ironic? After punted him in the skull and pulled his arm literally out of his socket, he's decided to change his mind. I thought you walked alone Dave? I guess you learned better. He learned not to mess with Me, Cody or Ted.

(*** Crowd Boo's ***)

Randy Orton: The odds are now in DX'S favor. And this is a problem...

Randy Orton: I am the WWE Champion. Nobody and I mean nobody can tell me what to do. The odds are against me now. That is why after talking to Cody and Ted we have decided to add another member to Legacy. RAW'S talent is lackluster at best. ECW is just horrible. So all that's left is.. Smackdown... The "B" show.

(*** Crowd Boo's ***)

Randy Orton: It's no shock that when I was on smackdown ratings were at an ALL time high. When I left smackdown ratings hit an all time low. When I went to RAW and became the YOUNGEST World Heavy Weight Champions rating soared.

Randy Orton: This company revolves around me! I am the best. I dont answer to anyone. Not you people, NO-BODY!

Randy Orton: On RAW this monday, their will be a new member joining Legacy. DX, I have a question for you. Are you ready???

(Show cuts to commercial)


Randy Orton: Shelton Benjamin... "The Gold Standard" Tonight you have the chance to join Legacy... All you have to do is beat Christan. You don't belong on this show... This show dosent even compare to the talent you have... You should....

Shelton Benjamin: Randy as much as I appriacte the opportunity and all.. I am "The Gold Standard" I am nobody's lacky. And I'm defiantly not going to be.... Yours... So leave my show... Go rub some baby oil on your back with your two butt buddies.

Randy Orton leaves grimacing in anger

Shelton Benjamin defeats Christan hitting the paydirt. He has just pinned the ECW Champion.
Shelton Benjamin has just connected with the paydirt. He has just pinned THE ECW CHAMPION! He's gotta get a championship match soon. Doesn't he? As Shelton Benjamin turns around "The Viper" gets in the ring and connects with an RKO. He stands tall over Benjamin and then slithers his way out of the ring holding the WWE Championship up as ECW fades to black.

Match #3
Intercontinental Championship Match
Rey Mysterio vs (C) Dolph Ziggler

This bout is set for one fall. It is for the Intercontinental Championship. This is Rey Mysterio's contractual rematch clause he is guaranteed. He choose to use it tonight instead of at Hell In A Cell in just 2 weeks. Mysterio lost the title to the young Dolph Ziggler at Breaking Point.

The bout begins with Mysterio and Ziggler trading blows. Mysterio quickly trys to hit Ziggler with a hard left kick and a hard right forearm. Ziggler takes the stiff left kick but blocks the forearm and counters with a punch of his own followed up by a kick to the gut. He then hits a suplex on Mysterio.Ziggler hits Mysterio with repeated Elbow Drops followed up with a kick to the gut. Ziggler grabs Mysterio and applys a wrenching headlock and then applies a body scissors on Mysterio. Mysterio fights back with a hard fist to the face. Mysterio hits Ziggler three times, Ziggler finally breaks the hold but hits Mysterio with a devastating knee to the mid section of Mysterio. Mysterio then gets send into the ropes hard. He walks back into the ring stunned and is hit with a hard close line by Ziggler. Ziggler applys a two legged pin.


Mysterio nearly stole one there. Ziggler runs at Mysterio, he counters hitting a drop toe hold sending Ziggler in between the second and third ropes. Ziggler slides out of the ring quickly. Mysterio instead of hitting the 619 does a suicide dive over the second rope nailing Ziggler.

Mysterio sends Ziggler into the ring. He hits a hurricana sending Ziggler in between the second and third ropes. He runs hits the ropes. Will he connect with the 619? HEY WHAT THE HELL!

Out come Rhodes and DiBiase Jr. Rhodes slides into the ring and clotheslines Mysterio. DiBiase Jr. slides into the ring as Rhodes attends to Ziggler... ITS DREAM STREAK! Rhodes then hits Cross Rhodes on Mysterio. The camera cuts to Orton at the top of the ramp as he is grimacing in joy. Legacy's plan has succeeded. Will Ziggler be joining Legacy?

Winner by DQ: Rey Mysterio
Still CHAMPION: Dolph Ziggler

(Show cuts to commercial)

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman joining me at this time, STILL the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Josh Matthews: Dolph tell us what was going through your mind after what happened with Legacy.

"Let me make this clear. My name is Dolph Ziggler. And I am STILL the Intercontinental Champion. I don't care what happened tonight. Bottom line is I would have beaten Rey Mysterio regardless is Rhodes or DiBiase intervened tonight. Okay? I am bigger, better and stronger than Rey Mysterio. He had NO shot at beating me tonight."

Josh Matthews: Are you considering joining Legacy?

"I don't know Josh.. As far as I'm concerned I'm on.. This show... Do I wish I was on RAW? The flagship show. Absolutely. But let me make this clear! I am no one's and mean NO ONES lacky. I don't do things so someone eles can gain from me doing all the work.

Do you people forget, I am the Intercontinental Champion? Let me make one thing clear. By the time my career is done you will NEVER forget my name. My name is Dolph Ziggler, the Intercontinental Champion."


After my duties backstage are down I phone in. I am going to a guest on ESPN Radio. This is my second ever interview on ESPN.

ESPN Host: Ladies and Gentleman please welcome at this time, he is the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler. Dolph thanks for joining us.

"My pleasure, my pleasure."

ESPN Host:
First off, I'd like to congratulate you on retaining the Intercontinental Championship tonight on Friday Night Smackdown!

"Thanks you, it was a rough match, Mysterio is quite the competitor."

ESPN Host:
I want to be quite honest Dolph. I marked when Legacy came out to your aide. Any chance you'll be making the switch to Monday Night RAW and becoming Legacy's fourth member?

"I honestly have no clue. It'd be an honor to be in the same ring as Randy Orton. I loved his father cowboy Bob Orton and have followed Randy's career throughout the WWE. I am a huge fan of his. He is by far the best hands down in the WWE right now. His character is portrayed perfectly. He has all the tools, great mic skills, ring skills you name it."

ESPN Host: What was it like winning your first gold at Breaking Point?

"Well actually my first ever championship was with the Spirit Squad awhile back. Lets not talk about that, I think we all remember how that ended. Winning my first championship under Dolph Ziggler was amazing. It was a great feeling to win my first ever singles belt. All the hard work to make it all the way back from being sent down. It was a long road back but it was a rewarding one."

ESPN Host: It has been well known that Vince McMahon and the WWE is looking to create new stars in the company. How does it feel to be one of thoose stars being created right in front of our eyes?

"Thanks, its an honor to be told that I'm the future. But I try not to let it get to me. I stay humble work hard every day to improve in and out of the ring. There's a bunch of new stars coming up that will make it in this buissness and eventually become main eventers. John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Jack Swagger, The Miz, Mike Knox, Evan Bourne. Geez I could go on all day. But the future's bright for this company. We have a great mix of veterans and rookies. It's exciting to be apart of this company."

ESPN Host: Were going to play little game called word association. I say a word and you have to say the first thing that comes to mind.


ESPN Host: Shawn Michaels

"Best ever. Shawn is the greatest performer ever. He revolutionized the ladder match and paved the way for so many."

ESPN Host: Kenny Dykstra

"WOW, not gonna lie I was not expecting that one. Me and Kenny were tight. We were in Spirit Squad together and got sent down and up together. We had a rough ride together, unfortunately he didn't survive the budget cuts."

ESPN Host: Jeff Hardy

"Great guy one of my best friends."

ESPN Host:
For the viewers can you tell us how he's doing?

"Jeff's a great guy, I'm sure this is a BIG misunderstanding. Jeff Hardy does not deal anything. He is a class act and is one of the greatest people I know."

ESPN Host: When's the last time you've spoken to Jeff Hardy?

"Uhhh, the last time I spoke to Jeff was the day of Breaking Point. He called and we spoke for alittle but. I haven't spoken to him since. He'll be alright."

ESPN Host:
Santino Marella

"Ohh, Santino's one funny dude. You'd be surprised how much better he's gotten in the ring. I'd love to have a program with him one day."

ESPN Host:
TNA Wrestling

"TNA? I haven't ever watched them to be honest, I don't have enough time."

ESPN Host: Fighting DX

"That was a dream come true. I never got to really get a change to fight them in the ring, mostly it was short work it was amazing. Shawn's the best and Triple H is the best general in the ring. He calls and puts together an incredible match."

ESPN Host: Are you dating?

"I don't think that's word association right there to be honest. But yes I am currently in a serious relationship."

ESPN Host: Rey Mysterio

"Gosh.. Mysterio's amazing to be in the ring with. He's a real class act. Mysterio is a great competitor and really makes you step it up a notch when your in the ring with him. It's an honor to take the strap from him."

ESPN Host: I would like to thank you Mr.Ziggler for you time. I'm sure we will see you again some time, best of luck. Dolph Ziggler from WWE for you.


Will "The Viper" Randy Orton get Dolph Ziggler to join Legacy? Or will Ziggler, decide to stay on the Smackdown! roster? Stay tuned to find out

Rhodes Presents: - The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary


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