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Re: AMRocky25 Presents: WWE - The Future

I'm new to reading this thread, but it's nice to be caught up by your "recapping" paragraph that you wrote. You must work on your formatting and spacing. The show was all bunched up together, and it was a pain on my eyes to read...especially all the red. Give it some black too.

Opening: Cena was kinda in character, but Orton was fully character. By the segment I just read, I could tell that you totally rushed it. You should take your time to perfect the show man! Work on one segment at a time. Don't try to rush things and post them.

Legacy: Again, rushed. Yes, it got the point across, but still! I'm shocked to them win. Thought it was a very bad decision (booking wise) You should have had them win at No Mercy instead, just my opinion.

Vickie/Batista/...Vickie/Hardy: I thought I'd talk about them both here. Lemme talk to you about the segment with Vickie and Hardy. There was no need for this. You could've had a reporter tell Matt what had happened. This was just silly for Matt to come and say the same thing that Batista practically said. Now onto Vickie/Batista. You did what you intended to do and that was to make the match announced for No Mercy, but I'm sorry man, neither were in character. In both segments, Vickie was WAYYYYYYYYYY out of character. If you just took the time, it would be so much better!

Legacy/HHH: Legacy were in character, very proud of you for that! HHH could've used a little work, but that's just me nitpicking. I can't believe tht you had Legacy successfully attack HHH. Hopefully you have a god direction for these three...a possible HBK return maybe?

US Title picture: I like how you're adding Kendrick, Miz, and Chavo into the US title picture! Keep it up, this feud can be good. I didn't know MVP was the champ until I continued to read the show, my bad.

Diva's: Can't believe Maryse just attacked Mickie like that. That was the stupidest thing ever, she beat her last night...what the hell does she need to attack her for? She won, there was absolutely no reason to do that.

VIP Lounge: The actual talking was excellent, but there wasn't enough of it. Stop fucking rushing, bro!

Main Event: Sick! Surprised that the heels won, but it's all good! Do I smell a handicap main event for next week? Maybe an 8 man tag team match?

Overall, I may have found many many many problems with this show, it wasn't a bad show. All around, this was a solid show, and you can seriously progress if you TOOK YOUR TIME! And you tried to write IN CHARACTER! Don't rush things man, and you'll be fine! Good luck with this! Thanks for the review, btw, I really appreciated it!

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