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Re: Diva Chaos

Diva Chaos Top 10:Volume 48

So Long...
Serena Deeb- Serena was so close to moving on to the finals of the International Title Tournament, but came up just short to Christy Hemme. However, it won't be long till Serena proves her worth and regains a spot on the top ten.
Others Earning Votes

IWHC- Rain and Jetta picked up a win over Jessie Mckay and Nevaeh, and then laid out both members of The Canadian Ninjas. Not to mention at Gold Rush, Rain, Jetta, and Lacey could all leave with gold around their waist.
Ashley Lane and Madison Eagles- One half of The Ohio Girls teamed up with one half of The Pink Ladies and they demolished The Canadian Ninjas. Finally get a small measure of revenge.

News and Notes From Volume 48

First Ever Undisputed Champion To Be Crowned At Gold Rush!

At the most important show in the history of Diva Chaos, history will be made as both the Women's World Title and the Shimmer Title will be combined into one, and for the first time ever an Undisputed Women's Champion will be crowned. It will be a fatal four way elimination match, but to even get to the match, these 4 women will have to earn their way into it. First, Maria will defend her Women's World Title against the 3rd Generation Diva, Natalya! Next Shimmer Women's Champion Daizee Haze will defend her Shimmer Title against her long time rival, Lacey! Then two women who competed against each other on the very first Diva Chaos, will compete on the 50th volume! As Mickie James takes on the one woman she has never beat, Melina! Then, finally, the coveted last spot will belong to the woman who wins an open invitation battle royal, which means any woman on the roster, could very well be the first ever undisputed champion! Anyway, you look at it, history will be made at Gold Rush!

Who will seize total control of Diva Chaos?

Stephanie Mcmahon and Kelly Kelly have never liked each other, not even for one split second. Stephanie Mcmahon was named the first ever GM of Diva Chaos, however on one fateful night Kelly Kelly won control for 30 days. An unforeseen injury to Stephanie Mcmahon, forced her out of duties as GM and Kelly Kelly took over the reigns of the company. Soon Stephanie would return to take control but the board of directors decided that both had a rightful claim to the position as General Manager and declared them both CO-GM's of Diva Chaos. However, as the weeks passed, the tensions between the two womeh as crown out of control, with the entire roster caught in the middle. But, at Gold Rush this long lasting rivalry will come to an end, once and for all. Stephanie Mcmahon takes on Kelly Kelly, for complete control. Can Stephanie end Kelly's reign of terror or will Kelly finally run Stephanie out of Diva Chaos once and for all?

Which team will climb the ladder of success?

Since the invention of the Women's World Tag Team Titles on Volume 10, the tag team division has always been a staple of Diva Chaos. Then when The Ohio Girls brought the Shimmer Tag Titles with them on Volume 37, it only took the division to new heights. Now on Volume 50, perhaps the greatest Women's Tag Match is set to take place. As it will be the World Tag Team Champions, The Ohio Girls, the only women to hold both the World and Shimmer Tag Team Titles, the Shimmer Tag Team Champions, The Canadian Ninjas, the duo who stole the belts from the Ohio Girls and have laid waste to the competition so far, The Pink Ladies, the team who has been screwed out of both the World and Shimmer Tag Titles over the past few weeks, and finally the IHWC, Rain and Jetta who have been a staple in women's tag team wrestling for years, all battling it out to crown the first ever undisputed tag team champions! Also this match will be, ladder match! Which team will rise to the occasion and climb the ladder of success and make history at Gold Rush?

The Finals!

We started with 16 women and now we're down to 2. Katie Lea has went through Traci Brooks, Taylor Wilde and Eve Torres, to prove that she in a domant force in women's wrestling and plans to take the International Title back to the United Kingdom. Then there is the underdog, Christy Hemme, a woman most would not have predicted to make it to the finals. After defeating her friend Ashley, she picked up a win ovr her former tag team partner Jillian, and capped off the amazing run with a huge upset win over Serena Deeb. Christy is now one win away from proving she belongs in wrestling. But who will come out victorious and become the first ever International Champion?

Welcome To Hell

Daffney is perhaps the most savage and unstoppable Hardcore Champion in history, defeating anyone that has been put in her way. Daffney says she has been craving a challenge, and well she now has that challenge. As at Gold Rush she will defend the belt against 7 other women. Including her partners Mschif and Shelly Martinez. Not to mention Serena Deeb, Traci Brooks, Cheerleader Melissa and 2 other challengers to be named. However, it's Melissa who Daffney has set her sights on, after assaulting Melissa before her International Title tournament match, Melissa has been hell bent on getting her hands on Daffney and has destroyed the coven on her way. Which will woman will leave Hell with the Hardcore Title?

Beth looks to make Torrie's return to the ring, a short one.

Torrie Wilson was a Diva Chaos orignal, competing on the 1st ever episode and even was one half of the first ever World Tag Team Champions. When her return to the ring was announced by Stephanie Mcmahon, everyone was overjoyed, everyone except Kelly Kelly. Torrie and Kelly have never gotten along and now Kelly has sent Beth Phoenix to destroy Torrie and ruin her return to the ring. The last time Torrie was seen in Diva Chaos, she was thrown through a plate glass window by Beth herself. Now, Beth says she is out to finish the job. Will Torrie have a triumphant return to the ring, or will Beth make Torrie retire once and for all?

Can Trish shut Sable up once and for all?

Sable has ran her mouth for months, claiming to be the greatest diva of all time. But there is one woman that most people have a claim to that title, Trish Stratus. Sable taunted Trish back to the ring only, for Sable to duck out of the match and have her new protage Amber O'Neal sub for her. Amber shocked the world when she picked up the win over Stratus. Now Trish looks for revenge against both Sable and O'Neal, but once has to wonder who is Trish's mystery partner? We will find out at Gold Rush if Trish and her partner can shut Sable up once and for all.

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