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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

- Thursday September 3th -
- 2 PM -

Today's my day off. But I got a call from movie star and WWE Superstar John Cena. This offer he gave me I couldn't resit.

John Cena: Hey Dolph, I got a call. I'm heading out to Washington, DC to do a make a wish for a sick kid with cancer. His wish was to see a superstar from RAW (ME) and Smackdown. He said his favorite superstar was you! I know I was surprised. Would you fly out with me and see the kid?

"Yeah sure."

John Cena: Alright, head to the airport now. Will talk on the plane.

"Alright dude, see you in a bit."

(End of Call)

I head to the airport. I can't wait to do this man. It means alot to me that I can make someone really happy. It means alot to me that I can make a difference with my work. I head onto the plane and I get to sit FIRST CLASS with John Cena. This is sick man.

John Cena: Hey Man, thanks for coming.

"No problem, I'm glad I can help."

John Cena: Alright, were heading to Washington DC. We are going to see a kid named Marcus Lavin. Marcus suffers from brain cancer. Poor kid is 7 years old. His 6 months to live.

"Oh god, that's horrible man." "Such a sad thing when this happens."

John Cena: Yeah man, but its a good thing we can make a difference while we can. That's what were here for. That's what I love about our job, it enables us to make a difference and put smiles on peoples faces. I feel like even if I can make one person happy for just a second, that I'm doing my job. That's what were here for kid.

WOW, this guy is a real class act. I never really spoke to him to often but he seems legit. I hear mixed things like hes fake, hes a loser or hes the nicest man in the world. Guess he is mad nice. "Yeah man"


- 7 PM -
Washington D.C.

We arrive in Washington. We head out to the Washington Memorial Hospital. Such a sad sight seeing kids. We stop in and sign autographs and say hello to the burn unit. Now we head outo to Marcus Lavin's room. I walk in a my heart drops immediately. This kid looks like hes at the end. No seven year old should ever look like this. Bald, weak its horrible.

Marcus Lavin: Hey guys, thanks for coming!!

John Cena: No problem kid, nice to meet ya. (gives him a hug)

"Hey kiddo, nice meeting you." (shakes his hand)

John Cena: Is it alright if we take a picture? I wanna show my dog who you are?

Marcus Lavin: You have a dog?!? What kind?

John Cena: A tiny bulldog. I'm a wimp when it comes to dog.

Marcus Lavin: COOL!! My mom has a camera. MOM get the camera. (He coughs four times)

Oh man, that's such a sad thing. Seeing this kid coughing. So innocent...

We take a picture. I head out of the room to speak to his mother.

"Hey Mrs. Lavin nice to meet you."

Mrs. Lavin: Thanks for coming Mr.Ziggler, You have NO idea what it mean's to Marcus to see you guys. It's a great thing what your doing.

"No problem mam." "It means alot to us knowing we can make a difference." "Marcus is a great kid."

Mrs. Lavin: What are you guys doing later tonight?

"I kind of have a surprise for Marcus..."

Mrs. Lavin: REALLY? What? He's gonna be thrilled to hear what you have for him?

"Well first John and I have some gifts for him." "Shirts.. Belts" "And then if its alright with you we want to take him to the Washington Nationals game, he's going to throw out the first pitch." Oh shit what did I do? What did I say?

Mrs. Lavin: (Crying) Oh my god. That is the nicest thing ever. Thank you so much. YOU guys are the best.

We both head into the room.

"Hey kid I got some stuff for you that we both signed." "Would you like it."

Marcus Lavin: WOULD I???? OF COURSE!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH DOLPH!!!!!

WOW MAN, this is amazing. I am so happy right now, you have no idea. "No problem."

John Cena: Marcus I have an even better gift. Do you like the National's?

Marcus Lavin: Not really the kind of suck.

YIKES!!!!! This isnt good....

John Cena: Well would you like to go to see them play the Marlin's?

Marcus Lavin: Oh my god that would be AMAZING!

"Would you like to sit front row." I smile!

Marcus Lavin: YEAH!!!!!!! He runs and gives us a hug.

John Cena: How about throwing out the first pitch?

Marcus Lavin: WHAT? Is that a joke?

"Nah man, your throwing out the first pitch dude!" Come on put on this uniform, we got a game to catch!"

Cena, Mrs. Lavin, Marcus Lavin and I hop into the SUV rented for us by the WWE and we hop into the Nationals game.

Marcus throws the first pitch out the crowd cheers. The smile on his face makes John and I smile.. We sit at the game. We sign some autographs..


John Cena: Thanks man! You too.


John Cena: Thanks man... Wait till Breaking Point, when I beat Orton.... I get this alot. It's all good....


"Thanks. I really appricate it so much." "Your a real class act."


I get out of my seat

"Listen jerk off." "I'm here with a 7 year old kid who has brain cancer." "He has 6 months to live." "Will you shut the fuck up and talk respectfully." "Talk to me later not in front of the kid."


I grab the drunk jerk off by the throat.. "Sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up." I walk down 14 rows and sit down.

Marcus Lavin: What did he say?

"Eh nothing kiddo." "Just an annoying drunk loser." We appear on the big screen the crowd goes wild and begins chanting CENA CENA CENA. They show me and the crowd boo's. I chuckle.

We head out and take Marcus Lavin back to the hospital. He gives me his number and I promise to stay in touch.


"Hey John, thanks for taking me." "I had a great time, It meant alot to me."

John Cena: No problem kid.

"Oh and John. Yeah you have over 150 visits to kids like him and you have the record beating any sport..." "But I have one now, I'm coming for your record.

John Cena: He chuckles.. Good luck!


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