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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

WWE King of the Ring 2008
Sunday June 15th 2008
Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

**The Preview**

Jeff Hardy’s return to Raw has exceeded even his own expectations, and he could complete the remarkable return by becoming the new WWE Champion this Sunday night at the King of the Ring. However, standing in his path is over 300 pounds of sheer monster, the “The Big Red Machine” Kane.

After being carried out of WrestleMania on a stretcher following his I Quit match with CM Punk, Jeff goes in to this match in the same manner he left The Citrus Bowl. This past Monday night on Raw with his sights firmly set on the WWE Champion for the first time, The Charismatic Enigma sent the monster a clear message going in to what promises to be one of the most physical WWE Championship matches in recent history with Jeff’s high risk approach. Hardy wasn’t satisfied in the manner of his victory the week before that set up his title opportunity on the back of two impressive victories over JBL & Rey Mysterio. He demanded a No Holds Barred match with Randy Orton and declared that he wanted to prove to the world that he not only deserved his shot at the gold, but he is capable of being the WWE Champion.

Kane had defeated Mr. Kennedy earlier in the evening, and the defending champion decided that he wanted to send a message of his own to the challenger. He interfered in Jeff’s match and cost him a victory he craved, but it was Jeff that had the last laugh, well almost. Jeff fought back against Kane’s attack and threw him off the stage with the aid of a ladder, but that was just the beginning. The daredevil climbed up the stage, many feet high above the ground before flying through the wreckage to hit a Swanton Bomb on Kane as Paul Bearer, Kane’s father and the crowd looked on in absolute shock. The condition of both men remains unknown for now, and you have to wonder if Jeff’s actions will play a part in the outcome of this match.

Will Jeff live to regret his actions, or will they only spur him on to go one step further and become the WWE Champion?

No one was happy with the manner in which CM Punk won his first ever World Championship at Judgment Day three weeks ago, however no one was angrier and more eager for revenge than MVP.

It was just three weekends ago that both Punk & MVP were part of a fatal fourway match for the Money in the Bank contract that at the time belonged to MVP. After the match though, it was a different story as it firmly belonged to Punk. Later on in the night, so did the World Heavyweight Championship, the title that MVP worked so hard for at WrestleMania in winning the Money in the Bank contract. All that hard work was undone when Punk took the briefcase and the contract inside away from him before cashing in after Shawn Michaels’ defeat of The Undertaker. The Heartbreak Kid barely had anything left to fight off Punk, and that allowed The Straight Edge Superstar to take away Michaels’ title in addition to MVP’s own ambition.

MVP wasn’t the only one to show his frustration as it was the former champion that went looking for Punk first, quickly cashing in his own rematch clause just five days later. It was to end in the same manner for The Heartbreak Kid as Punk stole another victory, but he wasn’t done there as he looked to inflict further misery on his predecessor. That brought out MVP, who fought Punk off and sent a stark reminder that he hadn’t forgotten about the events of Judgment Day. Seven days later, Punk was due to defend his title once again, this time against The Undertaker until Chris Jericho put pay to that with a hideous attack on the dead man. The World Champion thought he had a lucky escape, but his night wasn’t over, not by a long shot. MVP stormed the ring once again, catching Punk off guard and showing him why he is a big threat going in to their title match.

The Franchise Player then informed him that he would be defending his title at the King of the Ring, something that didn’t go down too well with Punk this past Friday. He wanted to know why he wasn’t shown any respect by Tazz in not being informed personally, but Tazz put him straight on several matters. Later on in the evening, MVP had the chance to get physical with Punk just 48 hours before their title showdown and chose Matt Hardy to be his mystery partner in what turned out to be a big victory over the World Champion and Chris Jericho after Punk walked out on his partner. He didn’t look all that comfortable as MVP stared him down after the match, and MVP will be walking in to the Staples Center in confident mood on the back of that.

Can MVP follow that up with an even bigger victory in the Sunshine State, or will Punk leave him disappointed like he did three weeks ago?

Ted DiBiase Jr faces the toughest battle of his short WWE career by far when he defends the Million Dollar Championship against Finlay this Sunday night in L.A.

These two men haven’t seen eye to eye for a while now, but when Finlay inflicted the first defeat of DiBiase’s career several weeks ago, in controversial fashion it has to be said, the young star showed some real determination that many had called for, especially his father. Ted Jr went looking for Eric Bischoff, wanting Finlay dealt with, but Bischoff’s response was to allow DiBiase to deal with it himself at the King of the Ring while putting the title his father gave to him on his debut on the line. With Bischoff’s words ringing in his ears, DiBiase took action in to his own hands, attacking both Finlay and Hornswoggle. The Million Dollar Champion attacked Finlay from behind before turning his attention to Hornswoggle, something that he may come to regret by the time Sunday is through.

Knowing Finlay would be after revenge, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase made a surprise appearance in attempting to protect his son, while not defending his actions. Finlay told the father of his opponent this Sunday night that there won’t be anywhere for Ted Jr to hide come the King of the Ring, but fast forward seven days, and the man himself came out to fight his own battle. He was keen to make it clear he wasn’t a coward, but he was quickly interrupted by Finlay before all hell broke lose. With Finlay focused on retribution and insisting the Million Dollar Championship is just a bonus, the two bitter rivals came to blows after a typical sucker punch from DiBiase. Just as it looked like they were going to tear each other apart, security stormed the ring and managed to pull them away from each other.

DiBiase has shown he means business now, but has he made a mistake in getting under the skin of the fighting Irishman? Find out this Sunday when these two threaten to beat the holy hell out of each other.

This is what the return of the King of the Ring is all about; eight men competing in one night to thrust themselves in to the limelight. One of these eight superstars will battle through three gruelling matches to earn the title of the “King of the Ring” in what will be one of the greatest moments of their careers while giving themselves the chance to have many more just like it.

Four representatives from both Raw & Smackdown will first compete in four quarter final matches with the winners advancing to the semi finals that will then leave just two men to battle it out in a match that will change their career there and then. The grid is being drawn up as we speak and will only be revealed on the night itself, leaving everyone to consider what lies in store for them.

Just who will be the man left standing?


Prediction Template

WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs Kane (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) vs CM Punk (c)

Million Dollar Championship
Finlay vs Ted DiBiase Jr (c)

The King of the Ring Tournament
From Raw: Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Kenny Dykstra & Santino Marella
From Smackdown: Elijah Burke, Matt Sydal, Chavo Guerrero & Shelton Benjamin

Runner Up:

Losing Semi Finalists:

(There’s one point for each of the four names guessed correctly)

Bonus Questions

How many title changes will there be, if any?

Keeping in mind the King of the Ring tournament in addition to the three other matches, which match will be the main event? (“The King of the Ring Final” will be a sufficient answer if you believe that to be the case)

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