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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

- Tuesday September 1st -
- 1 PM -

We are on the flight into Cleveland, Ohio for the Smackdown! Tuesday Tapings. I am sitting in the middle row, in the middle next to Charlie Haas and Matt Hardy. Me and Matt are pretty close, as I was close with Jeff. Most of the superstars are sleeping. The only ones up are Haas and Shad Gasbard.

"Hey Charlie"

Charlie Haas: What's up big guy?

"Nothing man, I got a question for you."

Charlie Haas: Shoot man...

"Are you close with Rey?" "I was supposed to go over, as I'm winning the belt at Breaking Point, but he decided to change plans last week and go over." "What's the deal with him?"

Charlie Haas: Rey's a complex dude. He is very passionate about his heritage and hates losing in front of his family. I heard Rey had a tussle with Stephanie. Most of the guys who have been here for awhile are ALL about the buissness. Guys like Trips, Taker, Orton, HBK and all thoose guys will do whats best for the buissness but do end up doing they're fare share of backstage politics to benefit themselves. BUT, at the end of the day, thoose guys will put the buissness over first not themselves. Rey is about himself and his character more than the buissness. He's probably the second most popular person in Mexico, aside from the President. He want's what's best for his career not the buissness. It's not a secret. But don't let it get to you... You'll get your shot. You got sucked into spirit squad, and made it all the way back. That's unheard of.. Your the only one left. Dykes looked like he had a shot, but got buried. You made it back and your on top.

"Oh Alright thanks man!" "I appriacte it."

Shad Gasbard: Dude, don't worry about it. Your going to get your chance. Besides your winning the belt in a few weeks. I havent won shit.

Charlie Haas: Yeah me neither man.

Shad Gasbard: Oh please bro, your lucky if your even on the card.. Let alone the dark match.

"(I Chuckle)"

Shad Gasbard: Me, I'm in the Tag Team Title Feud, making some cake. You? You aint doing jack....

"(I Chuckle)"

I decide to catch up on some sleep, tonight should be a big night for me.... I hope I'm going over.


- 5 PM -

Agent: Alright here's the deal. Were going to have a fatal four way, winner gets shot at Mysterio's Intercontinental Championship at the brand new Breaking Point PPV. Tonight's fatal four way will include Dolph Ziggler, Mike Knox, R-Truth and Finlay. Dolph is going to win tonight. Knox and Finlay will be fighting on the outside, Finlay goes for the finisher, Ziggler counters and hits his finisher.

"Alright sounds good."

R-Truth: Congrats Dolph, your winning the belt at Breaking Point right?

"Yeah Man."

R-Truth: Good man, this will be big for your career, nice pay day.

"(I Chuckle) Yup."

I get ready for my bout tonight.


Fatal Four Way for Intercontinental Championship Match At Breaking Point PPV
Dolph Ziggler vs Finlay vs R-Truth vs Mike Knox

This match is set for one fall. The winner of this match will face Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship at The Breaking Point Pay Per View. A brand new PPV. All Main Event Matches are Submission matches. The match begins with Ziggler and Finlay trading blows. While Knox and R-Truth do the same. Right away Ziggler gets thrown over the ropes hard by Finlay. Finlay and R-Truth then team up on Knox. Truth slaps Knox followed up by a Finlay close line. Finlay then throws R-Truth quickly over the rope. Truth skins the rope and does not go over. Finlay quickly goes for the pin, while he does not realize R-Truth did not go over the rope.


R-Truth leaps over the ropes and breaks it up. He hits Finlay's back hard with an elbow. He and Truth begin trading blows. Truth gets the better of Finlay. Knox gets up and hits a double close line on R-Truth and Finlay. Ziggler runs in the ring. They both climb the top ropes. They both hit a elbow to the heart. They then to "Vintage" Dolph Ziggler and hit numerous elbow drops in a row. Knox and Ziggler coexisting well? Is this the start of a new tag team? They're certainly teasing it. Knox goes for a high leg drop as does Ziggler, they both miss and Truth and Finlay get the better of them. Finlay sends R-Truth to the ropes, he flips R-Truth onto Dolph Ziggler. Now they're coexisting as a team beautifully. Is the WWE teasing both of these competitors to enlist themselves in the tage team division?

Truth sends Ziggler over the ropes, and then leaps over. They're down and out outside the ring. Finlay and Mike Knox begin trading blows. "The Bully" Mike Knox sends Finlay into the ropes and hits him with a high boot to the face. He quickly goes for the pin.

Kick out by Finlay

Knox then goes for a DDT, but Fit Finlay is able to counter and some how reverse it into a suplex. Ziggler gets the better of R-Truth hitting a DDT outside the ring. He then heads in the ring and sneaks up on Finlay. Finlay then hits another suplex on Knox, who rolls out the ring in pain. Truth and Knox begin trading blows and hits a double close line on each other. They were thinking the same idea.

Finlay turns around, picks up Ziggler and goes for the Celtic Cross. Some how Ziggler slips out sending Finlay crashing into the turnbuckle. Finlay stunned wobbles back and gets hits right with Ziggler's finisher. He goes for the pin.


Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Aftermath: The aftermath comes when Rey Mysterio heads out and his music hits. He stands below the TitanTirton raising the Intercontinental Championship Belt hollering at Ziggler, as Ziggler is on the top rope pointing to his wait, signaling as he will win the strap. The show cuts to a commercial, as the competitors head backstage.


- 11 PM -

I am actually heading to dinner with Jim Ross. I was surprised the WWE Hall of Famer asked me to go out to dinner, and I couldn't decline on this moment. Besides, the man knows his food. He looks the part too. (I Chuckle) As he is chowing down a nice steak with his own sauce he talks to me.... With his mouth full of food, I might add.

Jim Ross: Dolph, you really got the goods. Like I've said tons of times. If I was buying a stock, I'd be buying it in you kid. Vince asked me if I could take you under my wing when I'm with you. And I didn't hesitate. I like helping out the young. As I used to be in the talent relations at WCW. Besides the chairmen himself, I have negotiated the second most contracts.

"Wow Man, Thanks.." "That's amazing, I didn't know you did."

Jim Ross: Like wise, there is some negatives in your In-Ring-Work, that I have spotted.

Shit that's not good... "Oh really.." "If you could give me any tips that'd be great sir."

Jim Ross: Call me Jim.

"Okay, Jim."

Jim Ross: You don't sell to well. Instead of working so much on your skill set and moves, which you'll change time and time with age, you should focus on selling. Because you'll be selling EVERY bout you have. Ring work is natural to you. Its proven, the selling you need some help with. While you were with the Spirit Squad it didn't matter, they're was so many of you, nobody was paying attention. Now your in singles. You need to work on that.

"Yes Mr.Ross..." "Jim.."

Jim Ross: The only other negative thing is out of the ring though.

"Oh okay, what is it Jim."

Jim Ross: I heard you on the plane earlier today. Your lucky Rey was sleeping, he would have gone loco on you. Hence the loco.

FUCK, HE HEARD THAT... "Oh I'm sorry sir."

Jim Ross: It's alright, I'll take it you had your first backstage encounter with Rey. It's difficult to deal with all that nonsense, but you need to get past it. You'll get your chance. Don't get into that cooperate political nonsense just yet. You need to use it and be effective when you do decide to use your pull. And your not a top dog yet. Your a small fish in a BIG pong. Mysterio is and he sells merchandise. Let it go. Am I understood?

"Yes Sir." "Thanks for the advice, I appricate it, your a legend.

We Bull Shit the rest and I head back to the hotel. I wonder if hell but this in his blog. I still crack up when Edge said, put that one if your blog bar ba que boy. (I Chuckle when walking out) That's it for the night!


Rhodes Presents: - The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary


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