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re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

Toshiyo Yamada & Manami Toyota vs. Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda in a best two out of three falls match ( 1/24/94) All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling

First off this match might have had the most streamers thrown into the ring before the match than I've ever seen. Just wanted to point that out before I started reviewing my first Women's puro match. Now Yamada had her name on her attire so I knew who she was and her partner was obviously Toyota but I wasn't able to figure out who was who on the other team.

I was really impressed with this one as it was an incredible mix of mat wrestling, high flying, and some stiff suplexes.

I even liked the way that simple moves like the Boston Crab (though I'm sure it has a different name in Japan) were executed. The way that they would sit on the head of their opponent, putting a ton of pressure, of the neck and wrenched back on the legs would put Chirs Jericho to shame. Some of the stuff they did like this really shows why Women's wrestling can be so great. I mean some of the positions that they ended up in would have killed just about any man short of a gymnist.

The spots weren't just there for the sake of being spots either. Risks were really only taken when there was a good chance of taking someone out of the match.

Some great psychology and overall just a fine piece of wrestling. I wouldn't say I'm as high as the ****1/2 that it says this match is on the back of the box (I'm assuming it's a Meltzer rating) but not by much.

Aja Kong vs Yumiko Hotta 1/24/1994
All Japan Women's Wrestling

I can't belive how stiff this match was. It was on the same show as the match I just reviewed but they couldn't be more different. I've some of just about every type of wrestling and this wa some of the stiffest stuff that I've ever seen. I mean you could hear the impact of some of these shots and it was almost painful to watch.

Something happened tto Hotta's hand as it looked like there was a fairly large cut on it. I wouldn't be shocked at all if it came from from hitting Kong. Let's just put it this way, this took place in 1994, it was a women's match and there was a piledriver through a table in the first 3 minutes. After a good amount of stiff back and forth action Kong really took over and this is where the match went from stiff fest to a great wrestling match that told an incredible story.

Kong began to work the hand of Hotta, it was a mess at this point and the ref stopped the match so that she could get it tapped up. Kong grabbed the mic and said something (a taunt I would imagine or something along those lines) and Hotta stood up, ripped the tape off her hand and threw it at Kong. It was one of those moments were the story telling was able to overcome the language barrier. I don't understand Japanese, I have no clue what Kong or what the announcers were saying yet I completley understood what they were doing and why.

I think that they both shared either a finisher or a signature move of a Powerbomb variation where you cross your oppoent's arms before you lift her as there some huge reactions when either of them attmepted one.

Hotta hand her hand worked on quite a bit but she just kept fighting back. She went for it all when she attempted a Liger Bomb (I think that's what it's called when you set up something like the Pedigree and instead flip your opponent over) off the top rope but Kong reversed it and landed on top of her. Now Kong is a large women and it was like they both jumped off the top rope and Kong landed on top of Hotta for the win.

What an amazing brutal match. I first thought this was just going to be a really stiff match but I was really happy to see some of the best storytelling that I've seen in quite some time. This time I agree with the rating on the back of the case....

These were the first 2 matches on a best of 1994 set from Highspots (I got it on ebay for the great price of $3) and it looks like it's going to be an incredible set).

This was also the first time that I've ever seen All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling and I was really impressed. 2 insane matches and they took place on the same card. Next time I go and make an order on IVP videos I might have to add a few discs off this stuff to my order.


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