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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

Different sort of start this week then which is good to mix things up again. Swagger has had his share of squash matches now and itís good that heís entering a feud. Him and Bobby Lashley is a feud that really interests me with their wrestling styles and backgrounds, and it could be a good way to properly establish Swagger as a star on the brand, as it doesnít seem like you have any big plans for Lashley yet he does have credibility. I liked the short commentary with Swagger as you showed his arrogance well with some nice little lines, and the whole situation worked pretty well to begin a feud between the two. Swagger just wanting to check out other wrestlers is kind of a weak reason for the start of the rivalry though, but Iím sure itíll hot up soon, and the chair thing worked pretty well to start it without any violence yet.

I don't know what the CM Punk promo achieved really, I guess it's about showing his reluctance for a match with MVP which hypes the match, but I just think there are a little too many segments on Smackdown with the heels confronting Tazz. I know it keeps Tazz involved and shows his authority, but i'd prefer more promos between the wrestlers instead sometimes, like between Punk and MVP in this case. Decent enough segment though as the interaction between Tazz and Punk was written well and sets up the match next.

This was a great confrontation with Swagger and Lashley and I like how interesting you've made this after only one night. I hope this isn't going to end after just the one match next week, although I expect the result will lead to further matches in the future. Lashley is bad on the mic but in here at least it came off well and the line with him holding up his fists is soemthing he'd do, and you captured Swagger's arrogance well too.

Decent match this although you've had a chair involved in both matches so far which could be quite frustrating. It was a good way of leading to the assault on the broken wrist again though, and although it's been done before so the whole against the odds thing won't work as well this time, its something the heels would do. Should be interesting to see what happens now and if he'll be out longer this time.

I liked the next promo and once again we saw some good tension between Beth Phoenix and Rain, so I reckon it will be one of them who takes the new title. On the title I'm not too keen on it personally but that's just me, as one divas title is enough for me, but as long as you don't bring in all these ones who can't wrestle it should be pretty good. Gail Kim would be awesome for this series, but since it starts next week I doubt it and she would be good to feud with Natalya/Melina on Raw. So would Taylor Wilde but I reckon you'll keep her in FCW for a little longer. Whatever Tazz has planned for later should be good, but what does Tazz get out of it? Just seems a bit odd for him to put them together for no reason.

A handicap match result worked in terms of showing the trouble between Phoenix and Rain which will be useful for when they clash in the series, but I didn't expect it. I thought you were going to build some sort of alliance between them with them getting the win here and eventually leading to them being the last two in the series, but it seems like you want a feud between them instead. This played out well though and the series should be very interesting to see, I can see McCool being eliminated first!

As I said last time this feud has a lot of potential, and this progresses it nicely without too much happening. I like what this is built on with Shane talking about Jeter and his jealousy, as I it's obvious that Jeter won't react how Shane wants. Jeter obvioulsy isn't happy so his reaction should be very interesting. I can't believe that there was no mention of Shawn Michaels as well! Nice promo.

The promo with Matt and MVP was very good and I liked how you didn't ignore the history between the two guys. Not only did it get us excited for the match later but it also gave MVP a little more credibility as a babyface which he needed. WHat I liked is how you haven't turned him into a full blown face as he still talked pretty much the same and talked about how they aren't friends and everything, so I liked that.

Loved the stuff with Johnny Jeter, it was a good win which I think he needed but the promo and attack after it was just great. Liked the stuff he said about Shane, very heel-ish and the attack on Shannon Moore was well done with him pretending to be nice. This is already looking like a good feud.

The Chris Jericho interview was just brilliant. It was written really well and he has become such a great heel so quickly, and I love the attitude of him thinking he's doign everyone else a favour. Him talking about the attack being courageous rather than cowardly was great too, fits his heel character so well. All that's missing was insulting the parasites in the crowd. Christian coming in was useful to get us interested for his surprise later and it was cool seeing him and Jericho together, that's got potential for a great feud someway down the line. Christian was his usual self and talked up his surprise well, looking forward to it.

Great match between the King of the Ring competitors, but I can't help but feel there hasn't been enough promos focussing in the actual tournament. The match was exciting and you managed to continue the problems between certain people well, and it was good to see that Elijah Burke was the one who got the win, really makes him look strong ahead of the KOTR. That was all taken away after though, and while this sneaky sort of move suits Dykstra and makes him look good, it doesn't do much for the Smackdown guys. There was no real reason for it either, I guess he wanted to make a statement ahead of Sunday. I'm not big on superstars switching brands, but with KOTR coming up it worked well and made for a good surprise, and it also means it's not just about a match now between these guys at KOTR.

Well I think you needed a promo on the actual tournament, as I think the promo hype for it has been lacking slighlty. I know there's not much you can do when there are no set matches, but the return of the tourney is a really big thing but seems like its being treated as an undercard event. Shelton was very cocky as expected and him talking about how the last match meant nothing was true, as I doubt the winner of that match would go on to win the tournament. Don't know why Sydal is walking with them though, maybe just a way to get as many Smackdown KOTR guys in as possible.

The next promo was once again very good, every promo between these two guys seems to come off really well. The surprise wasn't what I expected but Christian was great and very much in character, but it was Edge who shone in this promo for me. He was also perfectly in character and the way you had him talk himself out of it was great, and the swerve with him pretending to want a match was brilliantly done, can really see him bragging about how much smarter he is after this. It's great to see Petey and Devine in this thread, both are very talented individuals, and they fit so well in this role. We all know what Petey can do but Devine has always been underused, but as long as they don't constantly get their asses kicked they should be great additions, to this storyline as well as the tag and possibly Cruiserweight divisions. Great promo, and this feud continue to shine.

That was one hell of a main event, very detailed and some great action. MVP simply had to get the win if he is to look like a credible challenge to CM Punk at KOTR and he did, so I like that. I don't like Jericho losing though as he gained so much momentum after his assault last week, and this is his first Smackdown match am I right? At least he has a reason though and I guess it's either him or the Champ, but I think in this occasion a pin on Punk would've worked quite well in terms of really elevating MVP and making it look like he stands a chance. At least the Champ is being booked fairly strong though. Good match and end to the show though.

Overall it was a very strong show as usual. I think the promos with Tazz are good, but when it's the last show before a PPV I think the time could be used a little better, for example a Punk-MVP interaction instead would've done a lot in terms of hyping their match at KOTR. I also feel the actual tournament could've had a bit more attention, maybe it's down to the main eventers not being involved and therefore taking the shine off it, but I feel that it should be the main attraction of the PPV, but it doesn't feel like it. Whether or not that's your aim I don't know. Lots of great moments as well though like the Edge/Christian promo, Jericho's interview and the already interesting rivalry with Swagger and Lashley. Looking forward to King of the Ring now.

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