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Re: Survivor Mafia II Game Thread

Night 6

James did a huge favour for the Town as he killed Privilege.

Spoiler for Privilege's role:
Congratulations, you are Shii-Ann Huang, Badass Asian Serial Killer, Individual Aligned. You win the game when you are the last man woman standing.

In both of my Survivor Mafias, the Serial Killer has been an Asian woman. It's nothing personal, they just always get left out of an alliance after the merge and then flip out about it. If someone gave them a gun in the show at this point, I can guarantee they would use it.

Your role is simple. You're the Serial Killer, so every Night you can kill someone by PMing me and telling me who. As a fortunate bonus, you have 1 kill that can go through all types of roles and cannot be tracked, blocked, protected, etc. Please let me know what Night you are adding this effect to one of your kills.

Safe Claim: Peih-Gee Law of Survivor: China

o - m - g.


Old-School Mafia did its business, killin' Kantos.

Spoiler for Kantos' role:
Congratulations, you are Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Innocent Aligned. You win when all threats to the Innocents have been killed.

Normally I would give you a "catchphrase" for your person between their name and Innocent, but I just couldn't think of one for Kathy. None-the-less, her role is important due to the fact that she is Unlynchable. You cannot be lynched during this game, which is a huge advantage to have, but if revealed, can make you a big target for the Mafia.

It is now Day 7. With 6 alive, it takes 4 for a lynch. You have 24 hours to reach majority.

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