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Re: Survivor Mafia II Game Thread

Day 6

The town was stuck between Rising and Tenacious C, but Steven Lawls went all Lawls and hammered Tenacious C for Lawls.

Spoiler for "Tenacious C's role:
Congratulations, you are Sugar, Cute & Innocent-Looking, Individual Mason Aligned. You win the game when you and your Mason partner, Ace Gordon (Lostfap), are the last 2 left in the game.

Sugar began Survivor Gabon not knowing where she was in life, but by the end of things, she emerged as the player who had the game around her finger.

There is a Jack of All Trades in this game. He has 1 kill, 1 roleblock, 1 protection, and 1 investigation. The last 2 roles he chooses to use, you will then get to use (Example: If he uses his kill and investigation third and fourth, you will then get 1 kill and 1 investigation). You cannot use both of your roles (if you get them both) on the same Night.

During Survivor Gabon, you turned on Ace and were responsible for him being voted out. If the two of you end up making it to the end of the game, you have the choice to kill him and win the game by yourself, or spare him and win together.

Note: You are allowed to communicate outside of the thread with your Mason partner.

Safe Claim: Adam Gentry of Survivor: Cook Islands

It is now Night 6. Hurry up and send in Night roles plz (I'll give like 12-15 hours tbh).
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