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Look for the definition of selfishness. You'll find that it is actually a virtue. Also, sadness is not something I bother with. Also, sad by what standard? By what moral code? Yours? If it's yours than you should follow it and leave me out of it.

Also, snobbish isn't the right word. I'd say that the successful people, if they actually made their money, should not be snobbish, but to say, snobbih. Yeah thats the right word. Successful people are better than poor people. A MAN IS THE SUM TOTAL OF HIS ACHIEVEMENTS. What have those people achieved.

You say I have no heart? Than what is that thing beneath my left breast that pumps the blood through my body? Oh wait, you didn't mean that literally did you? You meant that I don't have compassion for those that don't live up to their own expectations. Well, you're right. I don't. I follow my brain and never my heart. I'm not lead by emotions. You probably think this is inhuman. Well, by the standard of what humans actually are, I consider following your heart to be inhuman. So go give some more money to people who don't deserve it. Living this way makes me far happier than you'll ever know. Because you'll always be feeling sad for yourself due to society's problems. You'll be that way because your heart will ache with all the pity. While I'll be living in the utopia of greed.

Oh, yeah, I made a typographical error. Like I fucking care.
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