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Re: Survivor Mafia II Game Thread

Night 3

Nov & Sticksy were sitting behind the campfire as Nov looked like he was practicing stuff.

Nov: So how are my reactions doing?

Sticksy: I'll start off by saying you're a disgrace to Australia. But they're getting better.

Nov: Yahoo!

Sticksy: ...

Nov then gets up and heads into his tent, leaving Sticksy all alone. It was a mistake though as Shii-Ann, being the bitch that she is, fires a rocket at Sticksy. However, another killer shoots Sticksy as well as he is obviously dead.

Spoiler for Sticksy's role:
Congratulations, you are Ozzy Lusth, Ultimate Survivor, Innocent Aligned. You win when all threats to the Innocents have been killed.

Ozzy arguably has demonstrated the best survival skills out of any castaway to play the game during the 18 seasons that the show has run thus far. This makes you the Ultimate Survivor, which is great because you have both a Day role and a Night role.

During the Night, you are the Tracker. This means you can follow someone to see who they target that Night. During the Day, if the person you followed targets someone that Night, you will take their vote for that day and add it to your vote count (giving you a vote count of 2, and giving them a vote count of 0). This person will not know, however, that they have a vote count of 0.

You are also in a Mason Group with Amanda Kimmel (*****). You two are allowed to communicate outside of the thread.

Nov rushes out of his tent to see Sticksy dead.

Nov: Jesus, this sucks.

Sticksy would be proud.


The New-School Mafia figured they might as well make their mark. The killer approached Fail, ready to stab him, but it was actually Mister X!

Lucky, before X could be killed, a woman started humping the killer, preventing a kill from happening.


Ultimoron was building a treehouse when James, who was here to help everyone, thought he was suspicious. Because of this, James tried to kill Ulti, but it didn't work, and James realized he had lost his gun!

Ultimoron: hahaha @ you. Owait, I'm still alive :|

Also, thanks for killing my most active player

It is now Day 4. With 16 alive, it takes 9 for a lynch. There will be people getting replaced by the end of the Day if they go not get active.
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