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Re: Survivor Mafia II Game Thread

Day 3

Invincible: Broken Star is Mafia, I targeted him last night.

Sticksy: ORLY?

During the Day, actually. Gotta thank that Mailman though.

Ultimoron: Hai guys, I'm a baby. *insert crying here*.

.. Still crying ... crying some more.

And Broken Star was lynched and stuff.

Spoiler for Broken Star.'s Role:
Congratulations, you are Crystal Cox, Olympic Gold Medalist, New-School Mafia Aligned. You win when all threats to the New-School Mafia have been killed.

At the 2004 Olympic games, Crystal Cox was a member of the USA 4x400 Women's Relay Team that earned the Gold Medal. If you've ever seen her, you'll see that she's tall and she's a bitch. In Survivor: Gabon, her and Ken Hoang were the most powerful alliance, and dominated before they were both voted out at back-to-back Tribal Councils.

You are the Godfather's Bodyguard. As long as you are around, your Godfather, Parvati Shallow, cannot be killed at all (via Lynch, Night Kill, Day-Kill, etc. -- DOESN'T STOP MOD-KILLS!). The good part about this is that you don't sacrifice yourself, which means you will have to be killed before your Godfather can even be harmed.

Your Mafia consists of these people:
~CM Dealer
~Broken Star.

Safe Claim: Sundra Oakley from Survivor: Cook Islands

It is now Night 3. You have 24 hours to submit all Night roles. If you are not using your role, please inform me. I am also sending out prod PMs.

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