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Re: Survivor Mafia II Game Thread

Night 2

"Shit's about to hit the ceiling"

It was a cold Night, and as we all know, cold nights are never a good thing .. especially with death awaiting anyone.

The Old School Mafia were eager to taste blood, and because of this, they chose a target. They headed over to the tent that CM Dealer & RKO920 were in, and not surprisingly, the shadow from the outside showed a shape going up and down repeatedly .

None-the-less, the chosen killer for the Old School Mafia unzipped the tent without them knowing, and choose to kill one of them ... CM Dealer.

Spoiler for CM Dealer's role:
Congratulations, you are Ken Hoang, The [Video Game] Mastermind, New-School Mafia Aligned. You win when all threats to the New-School Mafia have been killed.

"Kenny" is a professional Video Game player, and was a Mastermind in Survivor: Gabon in the sense that he had the game wrapped around his finger at many different points, and was responsible for taking out some of the most dangerous players that season. Your skills make you the Mafia Role Cop. Every Night, PM me the name of someone in the game, and you will find out the name of their role(s).

Your Mafia consists of these people:
~CM Dealer

Safe Claim: Boo, Survivor Fiji

Nov: Woohoo, the first New School Mafia member is gone! (Nov throws his fist into the air and leaps up for a cheer).

Sticksy: ...

Nov: Rawr

Lostfap: ;D

DHitler: You're dead

Lostfap: Orit.

Over on the smallest beach of the island, the New-School Mafia were now down a member, and were trying to make themselves look better than the Old-School Mafia.

There was only one person on the beach that Night ... ... Alcoholic. Little Tony was working on a sandcastle in the dark. What a dedicated Belgian that boy is. Anyways, let's cut to the chase. The killer pulled out a knife and went to stab Alcoholic...

owait, there is no killer, nvm.


James, the Worker Bee that he is (always doing work for the tribe) decided to take matters into his own hands when he set his eyes on one person ... Wesson. BAM! James took him out with a machete (sp?) and he was dead.

Spoiler for Wesson's Role:
Congratulations, you are Corinne Caplan, Ultimate Bitch, New-School Mafia Aligned. You win when all threats to the New-School Mafia have been killed.

Go watch the entire season of Survivor: Gabon, and when through, let me know if you agree that she's a huge bitch. She plays a big role in this game, however. You are the Mafia Assassin. This means that at any point during the game, you can post: Kill: NAME. That person will die immediately, unless immune from Day Kills. This can only be used once.

However, you're here to play, and if it means jumping ship, you'll do it. At any point in the game, as long as you have not become Godfather yet, you have the option of jumping ship and joining the Old-School Mafia. If you do this, you will still be allowed to stay in contact with the New-School Mafia, and they will not know that you are a Spy that is secretly a member of the Old-School Mafia.

Your Mafia consists of these people:
~CM Dealer

Safe Claim: Jonathan Penner of Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs Favorites

Spoiler for Wesson's role after Night 1:
Congratulations, you are Corinne Caplan, Ultimate Bitch, Old-School Mafia Aligned. You win when all threats to the New-School Mafia have been killed.

Your role is quite simple. You are the Godfather, meaning you get together with your Mafia each Night and discuss someone to kill. When you've come to a decision, it's your responsibility to PM me who you guys are killing off. Also, you are Investigation Immune.

Your Mafia consists of these people:

Nov: Woo-

Nov looks over to see Sticksy.

Sticksy: ...

Lostfap: ;D


Rising: wta are you talking today about us dhitler?.

Postage: ...... The Fuck?


K, moving along...

Shii-Ann was in business tonight, just like last night. Carrying her rocket launcher that she smuggled onto the island, Shii-Ann blasted her rocket at Mister X's tent!

... But when the smoke cleared, it turned out that Mister X was in 3Bolt's tent, and 3Bolt was in Mister X's tent, therefore, 3Bolt was dead.

Spoiler for 3Bolt's Role:
Congratulations, you are Marcus Lehman, The Alpha Male, Innocent Aligned. You win when all threats to the Innocents have been killed.

Marcus appeared on Survivor Gabon where he emerged as a leader and in a power position from the start, but the team of Kenny & Crystal outwitted him as he was voted out and the first to join the Jury.

There are quite a few characters in this game that are from the same season as you - Survivor Gabon. Each Night, you must submit a name of a player who you believe has a character that appeared on Survivor Gabon. Once you have found 3 players who were on Survivor Gabon, you will become a Name Cop.

If you become the Name Cop, you have the option of sending in someone's name every Night. You will then be told the name of the character that player is.

Fuck that, this sucks.

That's a bit better, just don't be overdramatic.

Lostfap: ;D

DHitler picks up a rocket launcher that he smuggled in himself and blows Lostfap to pieces.

DHitler: You died last night so GTFO ;D

It is now Day 3. With 18 people alive, it takes 10 for a lynch.

Steven Lawls replaces RKO920.
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