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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

- Tuesday August 18th, 2009 -
- 1 PM -

Eve Torres: Hey Dolph, It's time to leave the pool. We need to go to the hotel and change and grab some lunch before we drive to Phoenix for the taping.

"Eve its only 1 PM. It will take 25 minutes to get to arena and a half and hour for lunch." "What's the rush? It's 85 degrees out? We never get time to relax."

Eve Torres: Well I'm leaving. I'll see you at the taping. And put some some screen on! Your gonna get burnt.

(Out comes Chris Jericho)

Chris Jericho:
Whats good Zig man?

"Not much man, just catching some sun." "You?"

Chris Jericho: Noting, just came to let you know I just got a call from Mike. He told me to let you know that you and Mysterio are tag team partners tonight. And your facing Hardy and Punk. Good luck kiddo. And you gotta get upstairs man, you need to be at the arena at 4.

"What?" "I thought it was 5?"

Chris Jericho: Nah bro. Hurry upstairs, We can travel together. Were all going back to the hotel later since they said we can leave our stuff in the rooms. Will grab some lunch and head over.

"Alright, I'll meet you in the lobby"

I head inside, go to my room and grab my bag. I meet Jericho in the lobby.

"Lets go!"

We get in the car and we begin driving to the arena.

Chris Jericho: Where do you want to grab a bite?

"I don't care man, its up to you."

Chris Jericho: Taco Bell? Its my favorite. I used to eat Taco Bell every time before going on stage with my band Folly.

"Sounds good"

We stop in taco bell grab a quick bite and its off to the arena when I get a phone call...

Stephanie McMahon: Hey Dolph, It's Stephanie. Just wanted to let you know plans have changed, your not winning the belt at Summerslam.

You have to be shitting me!! What did I do now? And I bought my dad a ticket to the show too. "Uhh Mrs. McMahon-Helmsey if you don't mind me asking why?" "Did I do something wrong?" "Does Vince think I don't have what it takes now?

Stephanie McMahon: (chuckling) Dolph relax. Plans change all the time. You didn't do anything wrong. Michael Hayes comes up with hundreds of ideas. He just thought of a better one.

"If you don't mind me asking, what is it?"

Stephanie McMahon: Your going to lose to Mysterio, that's all I can tell you for now.

"Ohh okay."

Stephanie McMahon: I'll see you at Summerslam we can talk then. Until then take care.

(End of call)

Chris Jericho: You seem pretty upset kid... What happened?

"Stephanie just told me I'm not winning the title now." "Vince told me in the meeting I have what it takes and they were putting the title on me." "I even bought my dad a ticket too." " I don't even know what I did wrong."

Chris Jericho: (Chuckling) Kid, plans change all the time. Creative comes up with hundreds of ideas a day. Did you know, Triple H was supposed to become the Undisputed Champion not me? But look what happened. I won that, not him. Owen Hart... Rest in peace my friend, was supposed to have Hunter's gimmick and that changed... My point is kid t happens all the time. Don't worry. You still have what it takes, that's why I'm taking you under my wing.


Chris Jericho: Besides, the title will be on you sooner or later. Mysterio is moving back up to the Main Event level. Hardy seems to be leaving, so Rey will be stepping it up. There isnt anyone eles. Morrison dosen't get good enough face reactions to face Punk... And who knows when Taker's coming back. So will see.

We reach the arena. I stop to sign autographs.

Fan: Hey Mr. Ziggler, can you sign this?

"Sure kid."

Fan: Thanks Mr. Ziggler, I'm your biggest fan!! I love your in ring skills. I love your entrance too.

"Thanks kid, I appriacte it. Cheer me on out their will ya?

Fan: Will do, good luck.

"Later kid"

What a nice kid. Usually all the kids are either really bratty or just obnoxious. They're are some peculiar wrestling fans out there... It's nice to see some nice ones.

I enter the arena and enter the agent's meeting.

Agent: Dolph you will be teaming with Rey Mysterio tonight to face Jeff Hardy and CM Punk, just 2 days before Summerslam. This will be a short match not to long. After the match your all going to be trading blows, with Hardy and Mysterio coming out on top. Dolph, your going to get hit with the Swanton Bomb, and Punk you'll get hit with a 619. We want to give the faces the momentum heading into Summerslam.

"Alright sounds good"

Agent: Oh and Dolph, you'll be doing most of the in ring work. Hardy and Punk are getting it light this match. They're pretty banged up from recent matches and we want to keep them fresh for Summerslam. It's going to be a brutal match guys.

CM Punk: Just the way I like it!

Jeff Hardy: Yeah its going to top the card. Were goin all out.

Rey Mysterio: Not if Zigs and I top you.

CM Punk: You could have the sickest match of all time but once Hardy comes out the crowd shits themselves, they'll forget all about your match.

Agent: Alright guys that's it, good luck and produce a good one tonight. Oh and Dolph, really focus on selling your injury from the Swanton after. Punk is going to slide in the ring, and get you. Mysterio hits the 619 and Punk will slide out of the ring. Then get back in and get you.

"Alright sounds good to me"

I head back to the locker room with the boys and await my turn to hit the tunnel. Its going to be a good one.


Tag Team Match
Main Event Match
Dolph Ziggler & (C) Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk & (C) Jeff Hardy

The match starts out with Punk and Hardy in the ring. Punk decides he dosen't want to face Hardy. He shakes his finger saying, no no no. He slaps Ziggler tagging him in. Ziggler and Hardy begin trading blows. Ziggler hits Hardy with a European Uppercut. He hits a suplex on Hardy. Vintage Ziggler with repeated elbow drops. Ziggler heads to the top rope. He leaps to hit Hardy with a drop kick.

(** Crowd Boo's **)

He leaps off the top rope but there's nobody home. Hardy picks up Ziggler and connects with the Twist of Fate. Hardy climbs to the top rope for the Swanton Bomb. Ziggler instinctively gets up and hits the rope sending Hardy crashing to the top turnbuckle. He winces in pain.

Ziggler throws Hardy into the turnbuckle. He runs at Hardy but Hardy counters with a hard elbow to the jaw. Hardy hits Ziggler with a Hard Irish Whip sending him hard to the bottom turnbuckle. He then hits his patented Hardyac Arrest aided by the top rope. Punk runs into the ring and close lines Hardy. Mysterio drop kicks Punk out of the ring. Ziggler then sends Mysterio over the top rope. Hardy then sends Ziggler over the top rope... He leaps over the top rope and connects sending Punk and Ziggler down. All competitors are down and out of the ring.

The Show Cuts To It's Final Commercial

The show cuts back to Ziggler having Hardy in a full-nelson. The crowd gets behind Hardy. Hardy who is still in bad pain from the recent attacks from Punk is able to hit Ziggler hard enough so Ziggler breaks the hold. Hardy then hits his face buster. He is able to make the tag to Mysterio. Mysterio close lines Ziggler and then hits him with numerous kicks. Ziggler throws Mysterio against the ropes, he slides under his legs. Ziggler picks up Mysterio and he counters with a bulldog. Mysterio goes for the pin.

Ziggler Kicks Out

Mysterio hits Ziggler with a drop kick which sends him in between the second and third ropes. You know what that means. The crowd cheers. Mysterio runs hits the ropes and is about to go run for the 619. But Punk kicks Mysterio. They have a stare down and Rey drop kicks Punk which results in the challenger for the Worlds Heavy Weight Champion hitting his head on the apron. Mysterio is about to turn but Ziggler cradles him up.

.... Mysterio kicks out.

Ziggler tags in Punk. CM Punk lifts up Mysterio for the Go To Sleep. Mysterio counters flipping behind Punk. He drop kicks Punk sending him into the second and third ropes. Ziggler slaps him. Mysterio hits the 619. He goes for the West Coast Pop but Punk slides out of the ring. Ziggler goes to close line Mysterio, but Mysterio slides under and then connects with a running bull dog. He then hits a DDT. He finally realizes Ziggler is the legal man. He tags in Hardy. He signals for the Swanton Bomb as the crowd erupts. He leaps and CONNECTS. He tags in Mysterio who goes for the pin.


Winners: (C) Rey Mysterio & (C) Jeff Hardy

Aftermath: The show ends with Punk sliding in the ring and dragging the lifeless Ziggler out of the ring. Punk walks back with the dazed Ziggler to the back as Hardy music hits with himself and Mysterio standing on the top turnbuckles holding their belts. What will be in store for Ziggler vs Mysterio this Sunday?


Rhodes Presents: - The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary


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