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Re: Survivor Mafia II Game Thread

Day 2

Mister X: PHEN0M's role was revealed as Indy, he's just gonna come in and lie to us, let's lynch his ass.

Ultimoron: No thanks.

Everyone else: Sure.

And so PHEN0M was lynched.

Spoiler for PHEN0M's Role:
Congratulations, you are Benjamin "Coach" Wade, Egotistical Faggot, Individual Aligned. You win the game when you are the last one standing.

Coach will go down as the biggest ego to ever play the game of Survivor. He drew in ratings for Survivor: Tocantins, but merely because the fans were entertained to listen to him going on and on about being kidnapped by an Amazon tribe, as well as many other ridiculous stories.

Throughout his entire season, Coach went on and on about how he was a man of honesty. It's time to put this to the test. On Night 1, you must send me a list of 4 people. If any of these 4 people are Non-Innocent, your role will be posted in the thread the next Day, and it's more than likely that you'll get lynched.

If, however, you manage to guess 4 people that are all Innocent, you will appear as Stephen Fishback, Innocent Aligned. This will make you appear 'honest' like you claim you are. Also, you will gain 1 Night Kill if all 4 people are Innocent.

It is now Night 2. You have 12 hours to submit your role.
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