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Re: Survivor Mafia II Game Thread

Mid-Day 2

Steven Lawls saw the Rocket coming towards him, and only had a 50% chance to live. He chooses Bomb 1...

... But it's the fake bomb! Steven Lawls was dead.

Spoiler for Steven Lawls' Role:
Congratulations, you are Matty Whitmore, Surfer Dude, Innocent Aligned. You win when all threats to the Innocents have been killed.

Pretty sure Susie called him Surfer Dude on Day 1 of Survivor Gabon when they were choosing tribes, so that's why he got this name.

Your role is the Self-Control Bomb. You always carry 2 Bombs with you at all times, Bomb 1 and Bomb 2. The only problem is that 1 of these Bombs is fake, and the other is real. If you are going to be killed in any way shape or form, you must post "I choose to use Bomb 1" OR "I choose to use Bomb 2" in Bold. If you choose the Bomb that is real, it will explode and the person killing you or the last person to lynch you will die. However, if you choose the Fake Bomb, you will die.

It is now 11 for majority, meaning it takes 1 more lynch on PHEN0M for majority.
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