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Re: Survivor Mafia II Game Thread

Night 1

Amongst this war between Old-School and New-School, people were still becoming friends. It appeared as if Sticksy and Nov were becoming very friendly, but then again, who the fuck cares?

Unfortunately, there was a war going on, and people were actually dying. Despite the fact this is Survivor and people are supposed to be voted off, killing took place instead.

CBR decided to go into the woods that night to get some firewood, but little did he know this would be the last time he would ever get firewood. CBR was stabbed in the face by a woman who jumped out of the woods, unseen.

Spoiler for CBR's Role:
Congratulations, you are Rob Mariano, Godfather, Old-School Mafia Aligned. You win when all threats to the Old-School Mafia have been killed.

Your role is quite simple. You are the Godfather, meaning you get together with your Mafia each Night and discuss someone to kill. When you've come to a decision, it's your responsibility to PM me who you guys are killing off.

As an added bonus, you are Investigation Immune. You will appear as Denise Martin, Innocent Aligned to all Investigations that come your way. (She appeared in Survivor: China)

Lastly, as long as your wife, Amber Mariano, is still in the game, you are lynch-Immune.

Your Mafia consists of these people:

The Town heard CBR's death and headed over to the scene, only to be excited after realizing that they had killed the Old-School Mafia's Godfather.

Wesson: Fuck yeah, lick my ass CBR.

Ultimoron: A bit of respect, he's dead.

You a moron, bro? Owait...


However, the excitement didn't last long ... or did it?

Despite the fact that CBR had died, the Night was not over. Off at the shore, a man from the United Kingdom screamed as he had met his death. It was Lostfap.

Spoiler for Lostfap's role:
Congratulations, you are Ace Gordon, Egomaniac Con Artist, Individual Mason Aligned. You win the game when you and your Mason partner, Sugar (*****), are the last 2 left in the game.

Ace appeared on Survivor: Gabon, and right away, he tried to take over somewhat of a leader position. His bald head, British accent, and performing Yoga with the tribe to help prepare themselves for challenges was extremely egotistical, and despite being controlling, he was somewhat of an outsider at times.

There is a Jack of All Trades in this game. He has 1 kill, 1 roleblock, 1 protection, and 1 investigation. The first 2 roles he chooses to use, you will then get to use (Example: If he uses his kill and investigation first, you will then get 1 kill and 1 investigation). You cannot use both of your roles (if you get them both) on the same Night.

Note: You are allowed to communicate outside of the thread with your Mason partner.

Safe Claim: Nate Gonzalez of Survivor: Cook Islands

The Town cheered yet again as 2 had died, and both were Non-Innocent.

Would there be anymore kills? Well, possibly.

Shii-Ann, in it for herself, had her Rocket Launcher ready as she headed over to where Steven Lawls was getting a drink of water. She fired a rocket as Lawls turned around, but in his hands were 2 bombs. Which one would he choose?

Oh, and PHEN0M's role has also been revealed.

Spoiler for PHEN0M's role:
Congratulations, you are Benjamin "Coach" Wade, Egotistical Faggot, Individual Aligned. You win the game when you are the last one standing.

Coach will go down as the biggest ego to ever play the game of Survivor. He drew in ratings for Survivor: Tocantins, but merely because the fans were entertained to listen to him going on and on about being kidnapped by an Amazon tribe, as well as many other ridiculous stories.

Throughout his entire season, Coach went on and on about how he was a man of honesty. It's time to put this to the test. On Night 1, you must send me a list of 4 people. If any of these 4 people are Non-Innocent, your role will be posted in the thread the next Day, and it's more than likely that you'll get lynched.

If, however, you manage to guess 4 people that are all Innocent, you will appear as Stephen Fishback, Innocent Aligned. This will make you appear 'honest' like you claim you are. Also, you will gain 1 Night Kill if all 4 people are Innocent.

It is now Day 2. With 23 alive, it takes 12 for a lynch. Steven Lawls must posting stating whether he chooses Bomb 1 or 2 (he knows his role). When this happens, we will have a Mid-Day event.
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