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Re: Survivor Mafia II Game Thread

Vote Rising.

Yeah thats right, I'm voting his sorry ass because even if that mother fuckers town and ish, I still cant understand a mother fucking word he says so he won't help me reach my ultimate goal of winning this fucking game. The way I'm talking you would think that fucking cursing is a restriction too, but nah yo, I can fucking add that word whenever I fucking want and it counts towards my 100 and I ain't saying shit, other than a bunch of cursing, know what I'm fucking saying?

I can be assed counting words so i'm just gonna babble until it looks like enough. I was born and raised in NYC, still here and I ride till I die thug life.

Nov is mafia by the way. I can tell by the way he laughed at me. Or I could be biased because I'm mad he laughed at me. You decide. We better get a lynch today, random day 1 lynch ftw, Also you can lynch me if you want, because this is fucking annoying and being dead isnt a bad alternative. I should be godfather and owning right now, but NOOOOOOOO I gotta sit here and babble like a hyena. I'v e never watched fucking Survivor, reality shows are for old ladies and shit, unless there's a hot bitch half naked on there, then its OK. But a hot bitch eating worms? Nah yo. Wait is that Survivor or Fear Factor? AHHHH fuck I know.

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