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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

‘99 Problems’ smashes out from the huge amps and the fans pop vociferously, despite their small size, as the imposing figure known as Eddie Kingston emerges from behind the glistening black curtain. Kingston’s icy glare remains constant as he storms down the basketball key on the sports hall floor and around the ringside area. Soon he fixes his gaze on the timekeeper who hurries to get a microphone to ‘The King Of Diamonds’, desperate to avoid the ass-kicking which, from the look on Eddie’s face, is an inevitability for someone tonight. Once he has the mic, Eddie rolls into the ring and presses his finger to his lips, hushing the crowd. Once they quieten down sufficiently, Kingston, complete with signature New Yorker inflection, begins his monologue.

Eddie Kingston: Y’know, my whole life, I’ve been overlooked. That’s what happens to guys like me, guys who are ahead of the curve!

After losing his control momentarily, Kingston composes himself before continuing.

Eddie Kingston: And tonight, it’s happened once again. Tonight, 10 men will step in this ring to try and win the PWE world title, and Eddie Kingston, ‘The last of a dying fucking breed’, won’t be there!

Once again, Kingston reels in the anger that built to an explicit crescendo at the end of the sentence back and calms down.

Eddie Kingston: Eddie Kingston has been robbed of his shot of being a champion, and it’s not for the first time! NO! Y’see they expect me to come out here first, kick the living shit out of some jobber, go to the back, get me pay check and leave with a smile on my face!

Kingston’s snapped and quits trying to control himself.

Eddie Kingston: But that’s just not going to happen. I WILL beat this guy who you’re going to put in front of me in a few minutes, and then I’m going to come out, invited or not, in the Battle Royale and make my presence known! The people up stairs, and the people in charge have slept on Eddie Kingston.

The furious Kingston slaps the ropes and the top turnbuckle as he talks, his anger spilling out of him like an overflowing bucket.

Eddie Kingston: But sleep is the cousin of death. And when you sleep on Eddie Kingston, death is soon to follow. I don’t care who I’ve got to go through, because I’m getting what I deserve! And that’s the a fair chance at the PWE World Championship! But now each and everyone of you are aware of my plans, I’m going to give you a little demonstration on what is to come to all those who have slept on me, who have ignored me and who have treated me like a piece of shit in this business which I have literally gave my entire life for.

Despite his hellish ways, the fans cheer the ice-cold Kingston.

Eddie Kingston: And the unfortunate guy who’s going to have to take the beating…is Slim J.

Pop for the mention of the high-flying wigger.

Eddie Kingston: And Slim J, unfortunately for you, you’re going to be made to pay for all the heartache that I have felt - not just tonight, but my entire life!

Kingston smashes his head onto the top turnbuckle in a rage before gazing out into the crowd maniacally, even the smarky fans are starting to suspect that ‘The King Of Diamonds’ might have finally lost it.

Eddie Kingston: Tonight, Slim J, I promise you that I will give you the most disgusting, the most gruesome beating you have ever experienced in your entire life. I am going to break your sole and leave your lifeless heap of a body in that ring for the world to see. I will take you blood, your life force and wipe it across my chest, as a badge of honour. So then maybe people will see that Eddie Kingston is for real!

Chants of ‘Eddie’s going to Kill you’.

Eddie Kingston: Y’see Slim J, even these people don’t understand the extent to which I’m willing to go to punish you. I don’t want to kill you, that’d be to easy, I want to TORTURE you!!!

Some fans pop, others look on in shock, actually scared of the seemingly snapped Kingston.

Eddie Kingston: You can call me sick, but the world is cold…bundle up!

Kingston lashes the microphone down hard onto the canvas before pressing his back into the corner like a predatory beast, waiting for his prey to emerge from the cage that is the locker room. Eventually after a unusually long wait, Slim J makes hi way out from behind the curtain. His lithe frame shakes as he walks towards the ring, a look of sheer, unbridled fear across his face. Extremely reluctantly J finally roll into the ring and is charged straight away by Kingston who smashes him in the gut with a bone-breaking Spear, getting the match underway.

Singles Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Slim J

Kingston dishes out a vile beating to his opponent just as promised, methodically tearing apart Slim’s body, all the while sporting a look of unadulterated rage. Kingston uses a wide range of Suplexes, the highlight of which being a sick Tiger Suplex where J’s head smashes onto the second middle turnbuckle on the way down, creating a violent whiplash effect. We also get our first colour in this match as Slim’s forehead opens up violently after a face-wash kick. After a good few minutes J finally manages to mount his first bit of offence. J connects with a couple of punches, but it doesn’t last long as Eddie shakes them off before cracking him hard in the jaw with a powerful lariat which almost turn him inside out. J’s corpse falls to the ground, his back hunching over, his face lifeless after one of the most one-sided matches you’ll see anywhere. Kingston lifts J up to his feet and looks into his eyes like a serial killer, almost trying to send the pain Kingston feels about a lifetime of rejection to J’s unreceptive body. Kingston cracks a smile as the blood rolls down J’s face and drops on to Eddie’s chest, just like he prophesized. Eddie uses his left to rub the blood in before finally putting the first victim before using his right to put his opponent out of his misery with the Back Fist To The Future!!!! The ref mercifully slaps the mat the obligatory three times to possibly spare the life of the poor, disfigured Slim J.
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