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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

- August 16th -
- 1 PM -

Man that was a scary one. Here I am shitting myself thinking I'm gonna get fired or sent back down, and in the end I'm being told I'm going to win the Intercontinental Championship! It dosent get much better then this does it?

Here's my car. I tip valet guy 5 bucks. It's time to hit the road. I turn on the radio and listen to another Michael Jackson tribute. God does this shit ever end? Once again another Michael Jackson song... Alright nice the high way. I still got a long way to go from Stamford to Boston, but its alright...


- 7 PM -

I arrive at the arena just 45 mins. before the gates open. I get into gear when the agent walks in.

Agent: Hey Dolph, your on the card tonight.

"Oh, sweet Mike, who am I beating tonight?"

Agent: Uhh well your facing Mysterio tonight for the Intercontinental Championship, but your not winning.

"Yeah no surprise their. The baby faces always win." When I make it big one day, ill be winning in the house shows.

Agent: Alright its gonna be a quick match just around 8 mins. long. You guys can wing it all you want just go along with how he wants to do the finish.

" Ok, no problem, thanks Mike." "See you at the tunnel in a an hour or so."

I turn the other way and I hear footsteps. I turn around and its Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio: What up hot shot? Looks like its me and you again tonight. You ready for a good one?

"Yeah sure." "We work well together in the ring." "We have solid chemistry."

Rey Mysterio: You sure its that? Or is it just me and my skills in the ring?

I chuckle...

Rey Mysterio: On a serious note kid... The reason im here is to discuss summerslam. I've been told im drooping the strap to you. Congrats kid, you deserve it. Your first one.

Uhh I did win one with spirit squad. Why dosen't anyone remember that? "Thanks man, its an honor to win it from a guy like you."

Rey Mysterio: Were going to be the third to last match on the card. Right after the Tag Team Titles. I heard Shaq may be interfering. That would be sweet. He's a real cool guy... Our match needs to be a good one. I want to put you over big time. But the issue is I need to drop the belt in a dirty fashion. Headquarters tell me that they don't know if Hardy's staying or not. So I'm gonna get moved up to the Main Event again to challenge Punk for his belt.

"Wow man!" "Congrats dude, you should have been up their all this time."

Rey Mysterio: Thanks kid. So how do you wanna end the match?

Hes asking me!?! WOW! I thought he'd decide how to end the match. This is sick! "Uhhh grabbing of the tights?"

Rey Mysterio: Nah dude, way to common. Lets do something really heelish and dirty to end this.

"How about the ref gets knocked out when I throw you into the ropes." "I bring in a chair, you dropkick me with the chair. We fight for a little." "I hit you with the chair, then connect with the Jumping Russian legsweep on the chair." "Throw the chair out of the ring, the ref wakes up and I pin you?" "How's that sound?"

Rey Mysterio: Sounds great kid. I like that. I'll run that by Vince on Tuesday at the taping... I gotta run and get changed. See you out their in a little.

"Alright, peace bro" This is amazing. I get to plan the finish at our match at Summerslam! This is a dream come true.


- 9 PM -

It's just around 9 PM and I go to the tunnel. Mike the agent, who by the way has a banging girlfriend. She gets around though I heard. She might need to take ride on the Ziggler express. I chuckle out loud. I need to focus. I'm going to be a champion soon. Mike the agent with the banging girlfriend lets me know the finish. Mysterio hits the 619 followed by the West Coast Pop. Obviously the finish. Oh well.

Justin Roberts: This bout is set for one fall. And it is for the intercontinental Championship. Introducing first the challenger from Hollywood, Florida. Weighing in at 225 pounds. Dolph Ziggler.

I walk out to the ring. Man this never gets old. Walking out to the ring getting major heat. I'm glad im getting a solid reaction here. Shows im getting over with the crowd in a heel fashion.

Hey Justin, hows it going?

Justin Roberts: Goin good Zigs. We gonna hit the club after? Cena said he knows a nice place to hang out.

Yeah sure. Just not like last time dude. I woke up the next morning and didn't know what hit me. I could have sworn something bad was in that drink.

Justin Roberts: You say that now, but once you see the girls you know you cant resit.

Well will see man, I'm tired.

Justin Roberts: And from San Diego, California. Weighing in at 185 pounds. He is current Intercontinental Champion. Rey Mysterio

The match begins with ref holding the belt as an introduction to the match. Ziggler and Mysterio begin to trade blows. Ziggler hits Mysterio with a European Uppercut. Ziggler then throws Mysterio into the ropes. He runs at Mysterio but Mysterio counters, sending Ziggler flying into the ropes. Ziggler bounces back wincing in pain. Mysterio curls up Ziggler's trunks and goes for a roll up.

Ziggler kicks out.

Ziggler gets up and is met with hard right and left kicks by Mysterio followed up by a hurricana. Mysterio goes with a tilt a world next and Ziggler gets thrown out of the ring. He walks back a step, and Mysterio leaps over the top rope. He takes out Ziggler. Both competitors are down and out outside the ring. The referee counts to 6 before Mysterio gets in the ring. Ziggler gets in the ring on a 9 count. Mysterio throws Ziggler into the ropes. Rey goes to hit Dolph, but Ziggler counters with a drop toe hold.

Ziggler goes to kick Mysterio, but Mysterio grabs his leg. Ziggler counters with an Enzuigiri. Ziggler then connects with a brainbuster. He hits Mysterio with a European Uppercut. Mysterio is down and out. Ziggler hits him with "Vintage" Ziggler with Multiple Elbow Drop's.

Ziggler goes for the Jumping Russian Legsweep but Mysterio is able to maneuver his body so Ziggler hits the mat. Ziggler gets up steaming mad, he runs towards Mysterio. Rey counters with a drop toe hold, sending Ziggler into the second and third ropes. The crowd goes buts. Mysterio runs and connects with the 619. He then hits the WEST COAST POP. He goes for the pin!


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and STILL the Intercontinental Championship... Rey Mysterio.


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