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The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

The Future Has Arrived
A Dolph Ziggler Diary

This is an unorthodox B.T.B. Most B.T.B.'S are centered on a company and the booking of its branded shows. Most of the one's around here are about World Wrestling Entertainment and the booking of that company, some do T.N.A. and some others do their own promotion. This is different. This thread is centered on one wrestler in one company. It will be based off of him, basically a diary of his day and the encounters he has during the day. From traveling from state to state, doing house shows, the backstage encounters the wrestler goes throughout during his time and the matches he has. This company is World Wrestling Entertainment. Most of this is done in first person, where he is speaking, interacting and thinking in his mind. The wrestler I will be basing this diary off of is Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler is a current Smackdown! Superstar. I hope you enjoy! Comments greatly appreciated!!

Mr. Ziggler, Mr. McMahon is ready to see you." "You may go in now."

This could be it, Im done.

Vince McMahon: Hello Dolph, why don’t you sit down?

“I’m okay sir, if you don’t mind ill stand.”

Vince McMahon: Sit down dammit.

Oh god, what the hell did I do? He must think im not good enough? Oh shit don’t let this be the your fired meeting… “Yes sir”

Vince McMahon: What’s wrong kid? You like your about to shit yourself.

(Vince and Stephanie chuckle)

“Uhh im just a little nervous sir. The last time I ever was in here… I uhh got sent down to OVW”

Stephanie McMahon: Not this time Dolph, today’s meeting is to fill you in on what the current plans are for summerslam.

THANK GOD!! I’m not getting fired!! “Oh okay, good.” “So what are the plans?”

Stephanie McMahon: Right now we have you facing Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship. The current plans are for him to drop the belt to you.

Holy crap, im going to win my first title under the Ziggler persona. WOW! This is great! “Alright, sounds good to me”

Stephanie McMahon: Dolph this is big for you. This is your first title under this character. You know were looking for new stars to push to the main event and headline this company for years to come. Daddy and I think you can do it. This is your big chance…

Vince McMahon: Don’t screw it up kid. You could be performing in the match perfectly and one tiny screw up could ruin your career. This is the second biggest Pay-Per-View we have. This makes us A LOT of money. I think you can be a big player in this business. Don’t prove me wrong… Now get out, its lunch time.

“Yes sir, thank you so much for the opportunity.” “I won’t let you down.”

This is my first big break. I know I can do it. Time to hit the road; I have a house show tonight in Boston. I’m still in shock. Oh shit I gotta call pops, he’s gotta see me win the belt.


Rhodes Presents: - The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary


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