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Here's what was intended as our governemnt: To protect the people from the other who threaten their life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This is to say that our only purpose our government was intended to have was to protect us. That is all and nothing more. The homeless deserve nothing. Their need does not superceed another person's rightto property. This is my way of saying that income taxes should not go to help the poor with the welfare program. To have freedom, you first must have economic freedom. There is rational proof that the idea of survival of the fittest is the right one. Now, in the past, that may have meant the fittest body, but what is always was the fittest mind. The fittest minds succeed despite what things may happen. But, this treads upon people's belief that we must sacrifice people to the betterment of others. This is, for all respect due, probably the second greatest evil you may act upon. Too bad that a mod rules the individual by means of force. So, what happens then, if all the people who support the world just stop? Then what?
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