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Re: Diva Chaos

Another title’s a good idea. Is it going to be sort of like the Intercontinental belt, and you’re going to give it to people who are just on the brink of breaking into the ME? Let the right girl win, I say. Someone with credibility who we know can go.

McCool being suspended? That’s a good way to get interest into what could’ve been a bit of dull angle (Taylor Wilde and Michelle McCool aren’t exactly the most charismatic pair}.

Kelly Kelly and Stephanie’s warring GM angles is great – though I still can’t buy K2 as a mega heel. She just seems so utterly sweet and nice. It would be like turning Maria into a genius psychopath.

Eve going over Layla = good choice. Layla just brings nothing.

Finish to Traci/Katie was a lot like Beth/Candice’s Two out of Three Falls match.

Love Daffney’s diatribe. However, we’re four matches in and we’ve had a ref beatdown, a suspension, a fortfeit and a post-match attack.

ANOTHER BEATDOWN?! Seriously?! Wow. Maybe you could have some more promos, some more buildup instead of trying to cram so many matches into the show and put SO many new angles over.

HAHA! Kelly Kelly sticking it to Steph by making her own executive decision!

Huh?! New tag team champions? Really?!

Sweet little match between Serena/Daizee and the Homewreckers. Good to see such a great tag-team going over someone like Daizee.

Wow, another attack?! You know, with so many random run-ins and beatdowns on just ONE show, it really cheapens the whole thing. It’s hardly shocking when it’s been done for what must be the fourth time in the show.

Awesome to see Melina back, and Melina/Mickie is a fantastic feud that we all know can produce great matches.

And I know you used to have a thing for Maria so you decided to stick the World Title belt on her, but when you book, you’re supposed to be booking according to one’s real life abilities. She’s probably the worst wrestler in the WWE by a long shot, and she’s been in the company for three years now, and she still hasn’t REMOTELY improved.

Everyone who’s come in since like Layla, Maryse, K2, Eve etc. while not ring technicians, have quickly surpassed her. The WWE doesn’t even seem to trust her in the ring which is why she’s stuck managing, so why you’d put the FLAGSHIP belt of the company, the belt that is supposed to represent the company, on probably the worst wrestler IN the company (Ashley could probably give her a run for her money though) is beyond me. It makes the company/your BTB look bad if that is you’re champion. Her finishing move is bulldog, for God’s sake! Don’t get me wrong, I like Maria, but she should only be used for jobbing and doing interviews. She’s just clearly not, and never will be, a great wrestler.

She should drop the title as soon as, and pass it to Melina. Imo, your World Title scene (excluding Shimmer competitors) should be Melina, Mickie, Kong, Beth, and you should build up Gail and Natalya to that level.

Btw, can Shimmer women hold the World Title?

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy the show. I think you overbooked a lot of things, with almost every segment/match having some sort of screwy ending. I think the only thing that didn’t was Eve/Layla and Daizee/Serena vs. IHWC. You try and put over Melina’s return to screw over Mickie as a BIG THING, but it’s hardly that when every single match has already had that or a similar ending. Too many run-ins, not enough promos. Thought everything but Kelly/Stephanie and the Daizee bout was a bit of mess, tbh. Very dissapointed, considering I LOVED the last show I read.
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