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Re: Diva Chaos

I like the introduction of the International Title Tournament. You've included the right females for the job as well and it seems like a very worthy title, and that means the right diva better get the championship. Taylor/Michelle to open the show was nice, and I liked it that Taylor got the victory even though as a viewer, I am more interested in Michelle's roughneck style. I can't believe McCool got suspended...I'm picturing what is next for her, you're either going to eliminate her completely from the broadcast (which would suck) or I'd love it if she came back with a completely original gimmick and no one realised it was her. Like Hulk did with Mr. America. That's be ace!

One thing I had a problem with was the Sky/Martinez match. I feel cheated for Shelley and I hope Velvet doesn't have it so easy in the next round. As for the next match, Eve/Layla, this was essentially a squash and I know you want to get Eve over but that isn't really the right approach in my eyes. I'm glad she won but Layla barely gave it a shot. It seemed like as the show continued you may have given up on the mid card matches, maybe due to time constraints I don't know, but it just left me feeling a little flat. This can be said for the SHIMMER Tag Titles too. There was just too much screwing over and not enough action in my eyes.

But that can't be said about the Main Event. You really kept me interested in this match and the return of Melina was carried out so effectively...I didn't see it coming at all and I love surprise returns. I also liked how Mickie just kept kicking out, move after move, and that it took interference from someone else for Maria to get over...it made Mickie sound the better woman which she is in terms of wrestling. A Melina/Mickie feud is going to bring a smile to my face, but I feel it may keep Mickie away from the World Title, which I hope Maria drops some time soon to someone more worthy.

Overall, it was a good show and kept me hooked as per usual. Some matches were too short and I didn't like the screwy finishes either, but nonetheless, it really picked up by the main event and has got me geared up for more!

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